Team Switzerland Day

So for this weeks Team Switzerland Project we are going to look at some music that represents Team Switzerland. We are also asking that you post your favorite songs that represent Team Switzerland in the comments!! The two songs below represent different aspects of of the ever evolving relationship between Bella, Edward, and Jacob.  The first song is Falling Slowly by The Frames and the second is Human by Jon Mclaughlin 

Please send any contributions to Team Switzerlands to  We would be happy to feature any artwork, poetry, or music you think fits the Team Switzerland ideal.


  1. Swiss songs:

    The Lion and the Wolf by Thrice
    When the Day Met the Night by Panic at the Disco
    Bizarre Love Triangle as covered by Charlotte Martin
    Where I Stood by Missy Higgins

  2. First!

    Anyway, I love Falling Slowly. What a beautiful song! And the lyrics to Human are really good too! Great choices.

  3. How about “Switzerland” by The Bella Cullen Project!

  4. I first heard of Jon when he sang on the soundtrack for the movie “Enchanted”. I would love to see one of his songs on the soundtrack for New Moon or any movie in the series.

  5. Mary Jane says:

    Take a look at “Broken” by Seether featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence.
    A great song for Bella’s inner struggle of wanting to hang on to Edward while realizing that ‘Romeo isn’t coming back’ and that she needs to move on would be “Lithium” by Evanescence. It also goes along nicely with the idea that Edward is a drug to her as Jacob states towards the end of Eclipse.

  6. Brittany says:

    Um, Falling Slowly is originally by Glen Hansard and this other chick and I like that version better for Team Switzerland. It’s more acoustic guitar and piano and it’s like a duet. Definitely more intimate for Team Switzerland

    • @Brittany – that would be “The Swell Season” you’re thinking of. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Glen Hansard wrote the song and he’s the lead singer of the Frames so he can pretty much do whatever he wants with it.

    • Twifanatic Amanda says:

      What Tessa said, but man I love that song. In the Once Soundtrack and played by The Frames.

  7. I think ‘Bring Me To Life’ be Evanescence would be great for New Moon. Alot of songs would be good for New Moon because Edward leaves.

  8. Falling Slowly was on So You Think You Can Dance this season (two nights ago).

  9. I love Jon Mclaughlin! I saw him in concert twice and he is simply amazing. I would love to hear any of his songs on New moon! Also, Paolo Nutinis first album, These Streets, has really great songs on it. Last request is so beautiful

  10. This is off topic,but I wanted to know what happened between Peter Facinelli and Robert Defranco? Did Peter win? Did he find 500,000 followers?

    • Safina, I think he did win. Twitter was messing up all week though, and the number of followers kept changing. Sometimes it was at 100,000 then the next day it would be back up to 400,000 and what not.

      This is a twitter Peter left though some 14hours ago….”Based on the Twitter email, and screen snapshots proving we’re over 500,000 I am waiting for Rob D. to concede. Concede, Mr. Defranco…”

  11. Mr Brightside – The Killers
    Brighter than Sunshine – Aqualung

  12. I was so thrilled to see that someone other than myself thought “Falling Slowly” was a good song for Twilight/Team Switzerland. The first time I heard was when Kris Allen (American Idol) sang it. I posted on the music section in the forums but nobody commented that they liked it. Now I don’t feel so much like a goofball for making the suggestion. I do prefer The Frames version much better.

    I also think Chris Daugherty’s song “Crashed” would be a good song.

  13. yorokobi says:

    A good song for the feelings shared by all 3 of them is a song by Anthony Hamilton – The Point of It All

    Sample: My days seem long whenever we’re apart
    It’s like someone had thrown away my heart
    You’re a major part of my life
    And no matter what the storm may bring
    I’m fine with you,

    And the point of it all
    Is I love you

  14. monique says:

    The frames are amazing. I had the privilidge of hearing them perform at the royal albert hall, Glen and Marketa blew us away. Falling Slowly is literally an oscar winning song(best song in a film-Once)and I love it.



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