Team Switzerland Day

It’s Friday, which makes it Team Switzerland Day,and this week it’s Novel Novice’s turn to sponsor. Check out the fabulous video made by the founder of Novel Novice Tiffani Truitt. Also check out their site for contests and prizes.


  1. Oooh! That was intense! One of the best fan made trailer-thingies I’ve seen yet!

  2. salem1377 says:

    Can I just say that this is a COOL video? I love it…and the ambiguity at the end. I assume “Her” is Renesmee, though a lot of casual viewers will assume it’s Bella. Woo-hoo!

    (Does anyone know what the music is?)

  3. AliceElizabeth says:

    impressive !

    cant think of another word to be honoust…


  4. nice video. it was really good. one of the best i have seen.

  5. OME!!! Where did she get that extra footage?! Was it on a specific bonus disk?

  6. You know, Im not a team jacob fan…. but this video was AWESOME!! Beautiful…. and yea where the hell are those extra scenes from?

  7. wow that was really good. but i’ve never seen those extra clips before! i’m dying to know where that person got them from!!

  8. Sweetdevil says:

    Omg yes, the part where Edward actually bites Bella in Biology. Where the hell does that come from ?
    But the video is very nice. One of the nicest fan made things I’ve seen so far.

  9. riddleinside says:

    Oh my gosh!!!this is just awesome!!!!! There are no words! Iove it. Good job!

  10. VERY nicely put together! Kudos. 🙂

  11. i was just looking on the internet and evidently those extra scenes are from the target dvd. i wish i had that one now, lol

  12. found a video with the clips

    • Yeah!!!!! Thank you sooooo much…

      Wow. Talk about full ‘OME’ factor. And Carlisle…wow.

      I verified that this bonus stuff is on the Target copy. You know it is so not cool to give different stores different copies. Really not cool.

  13. Where in the world did those extra scenes come from??

    • i think if you go to target and get the 3 disc special they have on disc 3

      i know its somewhere on their cause iv seen it.

      but i cant be positive


  14. heatherh says:

    Okay… Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did Catherine Hardwicke cut out that part of Edward daydreaming about biting Bella in the biology classroom! That would have been so intense onscreen and actually would have helped EXPLAIN so much to viewers who hadn’t read the books!!!!

    Ugh, she angers me… she angers me so much. The parts she kept in the movie and the parts she edited out. It’s been six months and I’m still so angry at how she butchered this story.

    Pllllllease Chris Weitz DO BETTER!

    That’s all.

    • When I saw that I got a mad too, but then when I started to think about I think I know why it got cut. For whatever reason, I don’t think they wanted the viewers to know he was a vampire right off (whatever!) cause in their minds that would have decreased the impact of the forest scene when she says ‘vampire’. This is only thing I can think of and it is to their own shame cause that was an amazing part that sooooo should have been included.

      At least we got to see it.

      Does anybody have the Target 3 disk version so that I know this extra stuff is on there for sure? (If so, I hope Target is prepared for all of Border’s customers to buy another DVD copy!)

  15. that was amazing,intense,and impressive.

    one of the best

  16. CaughtMyself426 says:

    Wownes! cool

  17. Wow! That was great! I wish those extra scenes had been on my DVD.

  18. I am not actually Team Switzerland, but this video is great!!! Impressive!!! It`s special…

  19. How come the better scene (Biology) was not put in the movie? It was a great scene on Edwards part..What a shame!

  20. It gave me chills!! Amazing!!!

  21. WannabeMrsCullen says:

    I have those extra scenes!!! Cos I live in the UK and those scenes were on the two-disc special edition I bought. I WAS SO EXCITED i think i silentscreamed for ages! (silent cos I didn’t want to wake my family up). I am not a Jacob fan but this video is amazing, intense and well made. One of the best I’ve seen so far. I REALLY wish Catherine had left in ALL of the extra scenes. The BxE wood scene, the kissing dream, the Emmett(I love him!), the Nomad vampire scene, more of the diner scene on her first day, biology scene….Wow I think i got them all. I hope that Chris does way better with New Moon. I can’t put into words how excited I am!! I wouldn’t be surprised if i get chucked out of the cinema for causing disturbance.

  22. I wish I had that deleted scene too.That video gave me goosebumps! It was really amazing! Good work and fantastic creativity!

  23. Noureen Shallwani says:

    WOW. <3 it! It’s really cool! And I liked where it was Edward killing Bella, that was how it was “supposed” to be like in Midnight Sun!

    Fantastic job!!

  24. Safina, I’m sitting here with goosebumps too! Fantastic job Novel Novice

  25. Wow! That was simply stunning! Incredibly emotional and powerful!!!

  26. Those scenes came off of the target special 3-disc thing..

  27. wow.. I loved it, think I have to go watch Twilight again

  28. Yep, it’s from the Target version – the third disc. I stood in line for that one, having decided that was the one I wanted and forgoing having the DVD the night before. It was definitely worth it. The scenes are from Catherine Hardwick’s “Kiss Montage”.

  29. SO amazing! I can die happy. Thanks! 😀

  30. .Insomnia says:

    Wow, I hope every Friday is just as good if not better than this.

  31. Very good, I applaud you with double kudos!

  32. WOW! Awesome fan trailer!

  33. WOW!! That was amazing… Great Job on the Video!!!

  34. Does anyone know what music was used, it is so powerful!!! I love the extra scenes, Target has another one with Bella kissing Edward in that was the first night I dreamt of Edward!!!

  35. Awesome video!!!!! I got chills!

  36. Never mind, I found the song, it is also used in the Star Trek Trailer #3, it is by Two Steps From Hell, name is Freedom Fighters.

  37. ectwilight88 says:

    Wow! that was amazing! i love how it is kind of like a small synopsis of all the books! Best fan made trailer i have seen!

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