Stephenie Meyer reveals which Twilight Characters would survive the Host invasion

Since we were sure everyone is tired of the same old questions, we decided to do something different and ask Stephenie Meyer which Twilight characters would be taken in by the Souls and who would be part of the resistance.


  1. YEAH! go Bella! (:

  2. Great question!

  3. I would love to see a fan fiction (or even better, something written by Stephenie herself!) where Charlie comes home after insertion and Bella realizes Something’s Not Right…

  4. So the sound would not work for me, who survives? lol Seriously, I don’t read lips???

    • Charlie is too oblivious; doomed.

      Bella is quiet, observant, hangs to the back. She’d notice and would be really tough to get.

      That’s all she talked about.

      I think all the other humans are toast. Werewolves… hard to say? And I think the souls would be in for a nasty surprise when they tried to get a vampire. Would the vampires resist? Souls could make for easier prey??

  5. DishclothRioter says

    Ah, but the question was which Twilight characters, if they were regular humans, would survive the souls’ invasion.

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