Pel’s Spoilerific Eclipse Review

Ok, let me start by saying that Eclipse is my favorite book in the series. So if anything, I think I was more inclined to be picky about this one. I’ve now seen the movie twice: once in IMAX about three weeks ago in LA with a bunch of movie critics and last night in NYC at midnight with fans. Stop reading here if you don’t want spoilers

Overall I think the movie had a nice balance of action and romance. It did a particularly good job of bring a book that is loaded with Bella internal monologue the screen. I also really like the expanded universe point of view segments such as the transformation of Riley, the Volturi watching, and especially the Cullens in fighting mode.

I’ve had various people ask, “Should I see it in IMAX?” Let me start by saying, I’m not really an IMAX person. It makes me dizzy. This was the first movie I saw at an IMAX in almost a decade. The first 5 minutes was just really hard to watch in IMAX, so fast too intense, but keep in mind I don’t do well in IMAX and maybe that’s exactly what another person would like. I also feel some of the intimacy is lost in IMAX.

So let’s break this down into the pro’s & the cons:


  • Acting was on a much better level than the previous movies. Overall much stronger performances enhanced by direction and expanded dialogue.
  • Stand out performances by minor actors who in the book are for me neither here nor there. Kudos to Billy Burke and Gil Birmingham who I feel transcend in performance what is on the page. Dying is easy; comedy is hard and Billy Burke nails it without forcing it. A lesser actor could look ridiculous telling the legends tale, Gil didn’t. Also the scene where he is hearing Jacob’s anguished cries…wow…just, wow.
  • Newbies Xavier Samuel perfectly menacing, Julia Jones just the right amount of chip on her shoulder with everything to prove, Booboo Stewart has corned the market on adorable.
  • Stronger performances overall by the wolfpack, notably Alex Meraz is a standout and Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman are great as Jacob’s wingmen in scenes when they don’t speak. They are anchored and engaged in the scene and I didn’t always feel that way in New Moon.
  • Action sequences are fabulous from Riley’s transformation, teh gorge chase, and especially the newborn battle.
  • I particularly liked the Esme/Carlilse tag team approach and the almost Legolas/Gimli vibe of the Paul/Emmet sequences.
  • The tension in the tent was right on.
  • The proposal was fantastic with Bella commenting to defray the cheesy moments.
  • Rosalie and Jasper’s backstories really came alive. Jackson Rathbone in particular was a standout for me. Loved Jasper the military leader doing the training and the dry humor “Don’t turn your back on your enemy.”
  • Howard Shore’s scoring was superb
  • Kristen Stewart’s final monologue on she did what she did for her was excellent.
  • Cons
    None of these are of they “it ruined the movie for me” quality. It was more like “damn, 5 more seconds, a hat, or a car would have solved that.”

    • The pace was just a little too fast for me. I get the action is needed but it was too quick at times.
    • The one part of the book I missed was Bella seeing the possibilities of life with Jacob flash before her mind. We don’t get that she really considered the alternative so much as feel like it’s one impulsive kiss to save a friend from death. You don’t get the full weighing of choice.
    • The wolf telepathy isn’t adequately explained. You understand that they communicate telepathically, but not that there are no secrets. The non-book person isn’t going to grasp that they cannot hold back a single thought.
    • Our mod Shelley (Something Blue) said it best. “Bryce isn’t feral enough” She doesn’t look like a nomad, you don’t get that sense of wildness. Victoria was dressing in cast offs with leaves in her somewhat bushy hair now looks like she’s now shopping in Armani exchange and coiffing with high end hair product. Even in the battle with Edward there is barely a hair out of place.  It doesn’t visually work which impeded the acting. Bryce does a good job manipulating Xavier’s character, but when the embrace leads to that over the shoulder shot you needed much more of that “I’m only putting up with this cretin till I have my revenge.” look. The scream is good in the battle with Edward but you don’t get the consistent crazed murderess who will stop at nothing(we get that from Xavier, but not from Bryce). I wanted to really see her lose it. Not sure if that was a directorial, actress or both choice, but for me it fell short. Didn’t ruin in, but it didn’t live to potential.
    • The Volvo continues for me to be utterly laughable. They blew the chance at doing the iconic car. At the very least, since the exact model Stephenie cites is no longer in production, a bright silver sedan should have been used. To repeat myself from New Moon. “The car is forgettable. It blends into the background, and that’s exactly what you DON’T WANT when you are talking iconic car.” It’s like hooking James Bond up with a Caddy instead of an Astin Martin, or giving KnightRider an Impala. It doesn’t take me out of the story, but it doesn’t enhance it. I don’t notice it and I doubt that’s what Volvo was gunning for. Granted Bella’s truck is slightly off, but it has the flavor of what was intended, there is NONE of that flavor when you swap from a sports car to a SUV.
    • Kristen’s wig in the battle training scene is horrible. The pinned back look screams flattened wig. She would have been better in a hat or hood.
    • You miss the wounded feeling that you have at the end of Eclipse, that each party a la Wuthering Heights has been rotten to each other on more once and that their actions have come at a cost.
    • I couldn’t put my finger on it until I saw today’s MTV discussion with Phil Tippett, but I really liked the looked of the New Moon wolves better. They were richer, deeper coats and colors. I also really liked the human eye aspect. These wolves looked like they went on a diet. they didn’t look like they were going to pound the earth. If the human forms are built, shouldn’t the wolf forms be built too?


    1. the hair ,I 100% agree with you in that fight scene.its terrible.

    2. Sebrina says:

      That was exactly my feeling about the Jabob/Bella kiss (that she asks for), I would have loved to see her possible future flash before her eyes, if she chose Jacob, I think that was a very important part, because it finally reveals that she does love Jacob more than she has allowed herself to admit she does. Hopefully it will be something that will be in the DVD, that’s if they even filmed it and it just got cut. Fingers X’ed

      • I agree, I was waiting for the flash. I thought this could have been fixed in the dialogue between her and Jake when he’s heart. All I needed to hear was the “what’s the worst part?” from Jacob and Bella’s response about wanting to stay and make him happy and wanting that life with him. Instead the scene fell short and I didn’t feel her deep love for him.

        • I actually think this is part of a misconception on Kristen’s part. She’s been saying that Eclipse was about Bella choosing Edward instead of it being a need. But Bella actually chose Edward over Jacob in New Moon when she chose to go to Italy. Eclipse is about Bella coming to grips with what she is actually giving up. I think that showing her daydream about a life with Jacob would have pushed this theme much better.

      • I agree with all who missed the “what’s the worst part for you” aspect which was left out. Additionally, I would love to have heard Jacob say he could not contend with an Eclipse, so those who are non-readers would have understood the title as well. I would also add that Edward and Bella’s exchange post-kiss was inadequate. Bella suffered so much for her action, and recognized it as such. It should not have passed with so little comment or discussion.

      • lEEsmee says:

        The hard cut to black from Brie’s death then strait to the meadow was just Lazy editing ! The fast choppy flow of the entire movie was again Sloppy Rushed Poorly thought out editing. Conclusion dump this editor before BD. The hair and makeup folks should line up for the door as well 3 strikes ans you’re out! Big budget means hire the best pleazzz ! Last and most importantly for BD fire the script writer and let Stephanie Meyer adapt her own work to film….My job here is done….Quo Clouteley *itches..xoxoxo

        • I completely agree. This movie had a lot of potential but the editing was horribly choppy. Melissa Rosenberg totally messed up the book. She cut out important parts and focused on too much stuff that didn’t matter. It was really rushed.

    3. Three things I’d hoped to see but didn’t:

      1. Jasper say his “I felt hope” line. It crushed me (in a good way) in the book and I so badly wanted to see him say that to Alice in the movie.

      2. Felix’s “play” with Bella. Just because I loves me some Daniel Cudmore. Seriously…why can’t a girl find Team Felix gear?!?

      3. Bella’s future with Jacob (as mentioned above).

      All in all, this is BY FAR my favorite movie of the saga. David Slade is a genius – the action, the CGI, the balance of levity and lethality…it just all worked for me.

    4. Danielle says:

      When she punched Jacob I couldn’t help myself from laughing the whole theatre laughed. I even said mind you while I was watching the film ‘oh that was stupid’. I do not ever talk during movies (pet peeve)so it really wasn’t great. The sound was weird when she hit him and it was so quick and from a weird angle, but the next scene Jacob and Edward arguing so great. The movie was amazing def the best of all three by far. KStew was good. Taylor was great, and Rob was good too. No huge complaints.
      Anyone notice when the Jacob wolf gets hurt and shifts back to actual human Jacob he is totally nakey!?! I mean I realized that happens but awkward, guess they didn’t want to piss of us hard core fans by giving the poor man some shorts lol.

      • Ha ha ha… I was thinking the same thing about him being naked. “Hello, he is naked, Bella would be red… He would be horrified…” ha ha ha

      • I thought “Jacob is *nakey* too…!!

        • Danielle says:

          lol my best friend literally leaned over to me and was like is he? and I was like “naked?” good times it was pretty funny. But I totally understand the whole point of showing his pain and whatnot.

      • Thank you Pel for putting in your two cents on the Wuthering Heights scene at the end. I thought I was the only one who thought that it should be in the movie. To me, that was one of the MAJOR scenes in the whole entire book. It is when we, the readers, got into her mind and really saw and understood Bella’s train of thought that she could not *exist* without Edward.
        I also was saddened that they did not show Bella’s *alternative life* if she would have chosen Jacob instead of Edward.

        I loved the training/kissing scene with Jasper and Alice. One of my all-time favorite scenes so far.
        I do appreciate that they did put the Yellow Porche in the movie. I also have to say that The Ring, IMO, looked smaller and better than on the previews we all saw.

      • Caroline says:

        Yeah I totally noticed that. I laughed.

      • In the first shot when he’s on the ground surrounded by people you can definitely see the skin colored speedo taylor was wearing lol

      • I loved how the score had “I’m All Yours” through out the movie. It is such a great song!

      • Also in the book, Jacob couldn’t phase back immediately, so I thought that was odd. I got why they did it, to show his pain more prevelently…

    5. I’m glad someone besides me thought that it was really fast paced!! The movie flew by! I never had a chance to digest what just happened!

      I’m so upset that they didn’t show what Bella’s life could have been! And also they didn’t show Rosalie with her friend’s baby. This is all very important, people!

      I thought the same about Bryce. Not scary enough.

      • yeah i felt the same way the scenes were to fast as soon as i started getting in to them they were over and some thing else was going on.The movie needed to be longer there were to many scenes for a 2 hour movie i liked everything else though

      • I completely agree that they needed to show Rosalie with the friend’s baby. The movie did not portray how desperately she wants kids of her own. That would have helped explain to people who haven’t read the books why she cares for Bella so much while she is pregnant with Renesmee.

    6. jennifer says:

      They did film the flash forward with bella and jacob. Kristin talked about it in an interview. Guess it got cut. I wish they would have had the almost fight in the tent. I wanted that so bad! I also felt the move went too fast. I was like what’s its already over I thought it was 2 hours kind of a feeling. And where was riley in the end? Why did he not get burned? Oh and taylor did an awsome job pretending to be in pain.

    7. Brittany says:

      Great review! I couldn’t agree more with all of your points. I do wish that there had been more sadness at the end of the book. I feel like it wasn’t very hard for Bella to “break” Jacob at the end of the movie. I wish that scene could have been a little longer too.

      I also wish that the conversation between Edward and Bella about him sitting out of the fight was more in depth. It didn’t feel to me that Bella was being selfish and it didn’t seem like it was very hard for Edward to sit out.

      Overall, the movie was EPIC! Sure, I could be nitpicky and point out things that were different from the book, but the overall story remained in tact.

      • Allison says:

        Re: Edward/Bella talk about sitting out the fight, this was a nit-picky thing for me too, in general. In the book, Jacob makes a comment to Edward that basically went something like, “You left, I was there to out back together what you broke and now you have to deal w the consequence of leaving which is me.” They didn’t really talk about that in the movie, or her anxiety about being away from him! In the book, Bella totally plays the “You left” card in order to get Edward to sit out, he essentially offers to do it in the movie.

      • I agree, I wish more time could have been given to all these key points in the movie, I could have sat through a longer move FOR SURE if they had extended some of these scenes.

      • I honestly feel like Melissa Rosenberg completely missed the important points of the story. I will be the first person to admit I was excited about the action, but not in replace of the story line. I do not feel the story was left intact at all.

    8. Kassidy says:

      The movie is now my favorite. That’s the way it’s been with all Twilight movies. I agree, the pace was a little too fast. At some points I was thinking “Woahh slow down, we shouldn’t be that far yet.” Then again, Eclipse takes place over the shortest span of time, and what seems like forever when you’re reading pages and pages of description doesn’t take as long to project visually. However, I felt really involved in the movie. I think they played from Bella’s perspective really well. It seemed like we were a part of her decisions and sacrifices as in the novels. I also really liked the way Jessica’s speech kind of tied in with Bella’s situation, and her own monologue at the end of the movie. And Jasper… Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. How I love him so. I really liked the way his character stood out as it should have. All of a sudden, the Cullen that always seems to be in the back of the picture is now in charge. His humor is great. Jackson told his story well. I really liked the “sex talk.” It was a nicely placed for comic relief, and both Billy and Kristen were hilarious. I loved when Edward said “Oh trust me, I want to.”
      In the bedroom scene. Favorite part was a tie between the last meadow scene, and the bedroom scene. Though, I’m leaning towards the bedroom scene… it’s so adorable.

      • I absolutly loved when Edward said “Oh trust me, I want to.” Im glad they are showing that Edward does really want it as much as Bella….It just makes him more realistic.

      • Mella Cullen says:

        That is absolutely one of my favoite lines in the movie. It seemed like everyone in the theater made a giggle/squeel/sigh combo sound at once…including me!

    9. I think the movie was really well done, it was my fav book too. I did miss somethings that were left out that could have showed the relationships between Bella and Edward, and Bella and Jake. The “Angery Bears are nothing compared to whats waiting for you” voice message that Bella leaves for Edward should have been there to show that Bella stands up to Edward. And Edward saying that he’s Not going to let Jake and Bellas friendship “drive a wedge” between them.

      I will say that I LOVED the tent scene, it was perfect! I’m happy they did the re-shoot and got Jake cuddling Bella. The dialogue was right from the book in many places in the movie and I was most happy with it in this scene! 🙂

      I LOVE Edward telling Bella how he would have courted her 90 years ago.

      I’m sad that Edwars did not say “Don’t Watch” when Jane has Bree killed.

      I love Bella’s monologue at the end, Kristen did an amazing job with that!

      Overall I very happy, and I feel really lucky that I got to see all three movies back to back in the theater last night. I’ll be seeing Eclipse again in about 8hours…lol

      • Oh, I agree with the “Don’t watch” part… It shows how protective Edward is of Bella, even in those ways.

        • Yes for protecting Bella, but also that it was meant for Bree. That whole scene I would have liked to have been much closer to the two books.

        • That was one of the first things I said when we left the movie. Edward would have told her, “Don’t watch”

          Overall, it was great, but I feel it was rushed and probably could have used another month of editing.

    10. I completely agree with you about the Jacob/Bella kiss too. That was the one thing we brought up when we left. It is so heartbreaking. They really missed that moment. I am hoping it makes it into the DVD. The other thing I thought they missed was Rosalie’s love for her best friend, Vera’s little boy Henry. I think they should have mentioned that. I would have set for another 30 minutes of the movie to get those two parts in!!!!

      Otherwise, it was great!!!

      • Vanessa Nekuda says:

        you’re exactly right. It was heart breaking cause I had been looking forward seeing what Bella’s life could have been with Jacob and they really missed that boat!

    11. I loved how they gave us a alternative perspective this time! It was nice, but it moved too fast for me. I could have sat there for 20 more min for a little more detail. A would have loved to see the sleep over from the book were she see’s the bed for the first time. A little more of the seduction, proposal scene from the book. But, overall its a home run! Love it and will see it again.

    12. I agree w/Beth the Jasper line not being there was just wrong!! (I kept waiting for it.)

      Also I wish they had the scenes w/Alice trying to convince Bella to let her plan the wedding. And then when Bella tells Alice she can Alice already has a dress for Bella. Those oare my two favorite Alice moments in the whole saga!

      I liked the NM wolves better too. I had read in some reviews that they were better here. I don’t agree.

      I wish Jacob was more cocky after the first “kiss”. And that he “attacked” her more like in the book. That was one reason I hated Jacob in the book.

      Loved the newborn fight. It was pretty awesome. (Except why didnt Edward tear Victoria apart? Just cutting off her head should’t have done killed her. Oh well at least he burned her.)

      The proposal was pretty good but I felt like there was something missing. I’m not sure what since it’s been a while since I’ve read it. Hmm……

      Loved Rosalie’s & Jasper’s backstories. Although Rosalie’s seemed kind of short (especially in comparison w/Jaspers.) I really felt for Rosalie there & almost cried while she was getting attacked. And I was glad the wolf legends were shortened. I always have a hard time reading that in the book & usually skip over it.

      That’s all I can think of right now. Just got back from seeing it & mostly I loved it. I definitely want to see it again! I was at first really nervous about it when I found out DS was the one directing it. So I’m glad he did a good job.

      • I agree with the Bella/Jacob kissing scenes. In the book he attacked her with the first kiss, and the second kiss was nowhere near as intense as it seemed to me in the book, he practically crushed her and she was pulling him into her. Even without a flash of their future, the kiss should have been way more intense.

    13. lolly12 says:

      I totally loved the movie. Thought it was by far the best in the series. I agree that it felt rushed a bit with a fast pace, but that also kept for a very entertaining movie. The scene that I missed was Alice kidnapping Bella. Everything was there, but missed the little pout from Alice when Bella got away and she thought she might lose the new car and Bella’s line about Angry Grizzly’s looking tame…
      Agree that the choice of car is wrong, but they just carried it forward from New Moon. Hope they get the cool cars for Bella in Breaking Dawn. The wig thing just didn’t bother me, guess I wasn’t looking that closely.

      • I agree with you about the wig. I don’t know why everyone is so hyped up about it. With all this talk it’s almost like the thing is its own character! I seriously didn’t even notice it at all; when you’re focused on the movie little things like that don’t even matter. Overall the film was great in my opinion, I really hardly have anything to complain about.

    14. Allison says:

      Like Pel, Eclipse was my favorite book in the series, as this was the book for me where a lot elements hinted at in the first two came together! I absolutely loved the movie, and some of my nit-picky things were already mentioned (pacing, order of events, etc.), as well as some of my favorite things (Proposal, backstories, fights.) Here are a few things not mentioned:

      The inclusion of elements of Bree Tanner: Loved that David Slade showed this as well! even though we all knew that it wouldn’t end well for Bree, watch that scene w the Volturi still made me cringe!

      Dakota Fanning as Jane: Inspired casting! When reading the books, she was the actress I pictured to play Jane!!!

      So many one-liners in this film! “Face it; I just hotter than you.” — Jacob 🙂

      The one GLARING omission that I’m actually shocked was not included was the Eclipse epilogue when Jacob leaves. That’s something I felt needed to be in there. Fingers crossed that it’s a deleted scene on the DVD!!!

      • I completely agree! “…but I can’t compete with an eclipse…” I was waiting for him to say that!! KEY LINE PEOPLE! I was also waiting for the “don’t watch” right before they killed Bree. LOVED the movie, but definitely too fast paced, and there is never enough Edward for me to be happy since the first one. Hopefully the next movie will be back to LONG scenes of Edward and Bella. But really, I loved it. I would have sat through a 5 hour movie if they’d make it.

    15. i totally loved the way emmett and paul looked at each other during the battle! it instantly reminded me of the competition between legolas and gimly throughout the battles! yes, sometimes the story and the scenes were kinda fast but little moments like this were also really fun to notice =)

    16. I agree 100% with everything that was said, both the pros and the cons.

      I’m also glad to see that someone noticed that the special effects for the wolves went down a notch and even the running effects for the vampires seemed to have dwindled in my opinion.

      Everyone I had spoken to had disagreed with me, but this review is a refreshing clear explanation of all the thoughts in my head. Kudos.

    17. Pel I was at the 34th street theatre in NY. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet you or get any goodies that were given out

      I agree with your review, the movie was really fast paced. One min you were in a scene with Edward & Bella then the next it jump to a scene with Charlie and Bella. It felt so rushed. I thought the fighting scenes were awesome it was better than the first two. However, I felt a lack of romance with Bella & Edward, I thought she had more romance with Jacob. I felt Edward was to focus on the fight and Victoria. I agree with the break up scene of Jacob and Bella, there wasn’t enough heartbreak. When you read the book you felt their pain in the movie it was so fast and not all emotional. Plus they didn’t add Jacob’s line “I can’t fight with an Eclipse” I think that line was esscential. But all in all it was good. I loved that is was funny. The tent scene was great. I think Xavier did a great job playing Riley.

    18. sdRogers says:

      The movie switched from scene to scene at a break neck speed – one moment I was in Bella’s bedroom, I blink, and then I found myself in the Cullen’s living room. I never had a chance to enjoy each scene fully, but it was a treat to see soo much covered in the movie. Eclipse is by far my favorite book in the series. Didn’t find blood hungry newborn Bree or Bryce’s rendition of wild, scornful Victoria particularly scarey. Overall – best movie of three. Wished they would have added phone call of Bella telling Jacob she was kidnapped and the Alice inspired sleepover, along with her leaving Edward threatning voicemail.

    19. I feel that overall, Eclipse is the best of the 3 movies. I will say there were a few things that bothered me… other than the little girls in the theater screaming the first time Jacob is seen…

      When Edward “kills” Victoria, he bites her neck and her head falls off… it just looked weird. Visually, I would like to have seen him tear her to shreds. And where did Riley go? He is suppose to be burned too.

      I agree with the person that said that they missed the Alice/Bella wedding “begging” (on Alice’s part) and the wedding dress scene. But at the same time, I am worried that they will not get the look of the dresses right.

      There are some big things that were left out, but it makes me wonder if they are going to use some of it in the last 2 movies?

    20. Courtney says:

      I LOVED the movie but there were a couple things I wished would of been in the movie.

      -Alice kidnapping Bella and her leaving the nasty voicemail on Edward’s phone

      -They never show that Bella has a job in the movies…a small part but shows some of her independence

      -When Bella realizes at school how close it is to graduation and Edward freaks out cause she is so quiet the whole day

      Those are small things that I would of LOVED to have been in the movie but I still Absolutely ADORED the movie and can’t wait to find someone to go see it again with! :]

      OH!!! And I have to mention this because I haven’t seen anyone say it yet but I LOVED when she pulled out the note from Jacob out of her dresser drawer…such a small part but was EXACTLY from the book!!!

    21. Things I wish would have been done differently..

      1) I wish they would have shown how torn Bella was at the end. She cried and cried over Jacob, and this hardly showed her love for him.
      2) The “what ifs” if she chose Jacob
      3)I agree the wolves looked scrawny. More like coyotes lol. Beef them up. Make them look like monsters.
      4) Rosalie’s longing for a child. That makes up a huge part of why she thinks Bella is choosing wrong. They should have done a flashback scene of her playing with Henry.

    22. Ok here is my take on the movie. I said i was not going because i was so ANGRY after seeing the “I kiss Bella” scene and seeing how out of character Edward was. But i got talk into leaving work early and going to see it. First can someone at Summit please take Breaking Dawn away from MR. She is a disaster. I can’t blame the movie on the actors or director. They were just adapting her script. Bella and Edward were just fine they had good chemistry. All three main actors did a great job with a very bad script. I had no problem with them not showing Bella seeing her future with Jake when she was kissing him . I never believe that Bella was really in love with him because she got over it to quick. It was like she cried all night and then it was like she woke up and she was over it and the next thing we knew she in the meadow having trouble breathing why making out with Edward. I do agree however that the last scene of her and Jacob was lacking.She did not look heartbroken at all. I don’t think Kristen has the talent to pull off something like that so that is probably why it is not in there. Bella speech at the end made no sense to me. What other reason would she want to be vampire except to be with Edward. So she would want to be undead without Edward? What happen to “everything in my world is about him”I don’t know why they keep missing the mark on these movies. I don’t have much hope for Breaking Dawn. I hope in the next couple of months we hear that Summit has parted ways with MR

      • Thank You…about the ending.

        I didn’t understand her whole speach. In the book, her whole life is about Edward, how she can’t exist without him… and all we get is: I don’t belong in this world, I fit better in yours…(or something like that.) Did MR not remember Bella’s Wurthering Heights scene where the universe will cease to have meaning if Edward was not there??

        • I agree and disagree on comments about Bella’s monlog at the end. To me it explains in a way why Bella was initially attracted to Edward, why / how she saw through the Cullen facade right away. This is another thing that she comes to realize along with her love of Jacob. It does not take away from Edward being center of her universe. It does strengthen her choice of becoming a vampire. At least for me it works and adds to the story.

      • Tammy V. says:

        I totally agree with you, I’ve said it since I’ve seen Twilight, she sucks get someone new. New Moon has been the closest to the book. I was hoping for so MUCH more last night, but walked away disappointed.

        • I agree, Tammy. After seeing Eclipse I have to say that New Moon remains my favorite of the 3 movies. It adheres best to the book (one of the most faithful adaptations I’ve ever seen) and, for me, it flowed so smoothly. Eclipse was fine, but it felt horribly rushed and it didn’t grip me emotionally like the first two movies. This was especially noticeable since I saw the full Trilogy last night.

          MR has been a nightmare from the beginning; she may be a female, but she doesn’t have a clue what fans love about the books. Unfortunately, it looks like they are never going to take this series away from her. My only hope is Bill Condon; he’s been nominated for Oscar for screen writing, so we know if he understands Breaking Dawn he can fix the script MR is bound to produce like Chris Weitz did.

      • I agree with the writing,but the one thing i question is how much more is she writing in that gets cut . when someone writes a script it gets edited tons of times during meetings before the movie and even sometimes during, because the visual or dynamic is off. But i’ve said it since the beginning though that too much of the important details are left out. I got bugged at bellas end speach. he was supposed to be like no i’m giving you want you want right now because your trying to please everyone but yourself. Well it ended up being “bella” i’m just not meant for my world and i fit in in your blah blah. NOt that she can’t live w/o him stuff. Also i’m blazing mad about the jacob scenes with no flash of the fututre and the feeling like she was never hurt over anything she told him. There was so much more hurt and pain in the book that did not come thru on the movie for me. But thats what happens when books are turned into movies i guess the book fans always lose .

      • I agree completely. First they made it look like Edward needed Bella to distract the other vampires or Riley and Victoria were going to kill him. Edward easily took them out in the book and was frustrated with Bella for trying to cut herself because he did not need help. I am so tired of these movies making Bella strong from the beginning and Edward weak. Bella becomes stronger as the books progress and in Breaking Dawn comes into her own when she is a vampire, but not in the first 3 books. She is uncoordinated, clumsy and learning a lot about herself.
        I too did not get the speech she made at the end. It belonged in Breaking Dawn after she has been a vampire and done so well. She only wanted to be changed so she could be with Edward!!
        I too missed her emotion and they did not let you know why she chose Edward over Jacob and how hard it was for her. I miss the line in the tent where Edward points out that Jacob could also end up leaving Bella if he imprinted on someone else. That was an important insight to me.
        Overall though it was a great movie and so, so much better than the first two. I wish David Slade was doing Breaking Dawn. His mixture of action, comic relief and romance was great.

      • Mostly Silent Fan says:

        You are exactly right!

      • I agree with you , like I’ve said before thats where the problem is with the moviess M.R

      • I was angry with Edward’s character after the “I kiss Bella” scene too! In the book Edward was a silent furious, he is always so in control, he would’ve never lashed out like that.

    23. Vanessa Nekuda says:

      I felt like they got the whole ending of Eclipse wrong. Bella didn’t really feel like she was in love, and yes, we didn’t see the flash of what could have been. One thing that really bothers me is that Bella doesn’t even feel any pain in Breaking up with Jacob. It’s like she just doesn’t want to hurt his feeling and not like she was in love with him too. She didn’t even shed a tear.
      I also really wish that Jacob would have gotten the wedding invitation for Edward. It sort of makes it final when Jacob runs away to be alone with his pain.
      In general I didn’t feel the weight of Bella’s choice. It didn’t feel like she was really giving up everything to be with Edward and therefore sort of down played this epic decision that Eclipse was all about.

    24. Thank you for that! I agree it was tooo rushed! Also, as I mentioned in the “middle of the road” review on the forum… Edward opened up to being around Jake TOO QUICKLY an there was no kidnapping and Bella running off to Jake–Eclipse is my favorite book too and those are important to the growth of Bella and Edward’s relationship! And Bella and Jake’s!

    25. heather chilsen says:

      the movie seemed very flashy to me as in *flash* heres one scene *flash* oh looks its the new borns *flash* back to the cullens *flash*! the pace was just a bit too fast but it was still good at portreying individual events and i LOVED the flasback sequences and jasper was amaizing. i missed the intimicy that you should feel between bella and each of the cullens, especially edward. the only time i felt like i saw him was when they were making out which dont get me wrong was hot but still, you didn’t get the same feeling of the deepened relationship. it felt like they put too much empahisis on jacob. i dont know i guess you have to take into account that its a 600 page book put into a 2 hour movie and you cant acomplish everything. i loved it and eclipse is my favorite book but i still think that twilight the movie will hold a special place in my heart for the closeness that you feel to the characters.

      • blueyedbella says:

        too much “flash” -that’s a really good way to put it!
        I’ve been trying to explain to people all day what I was disappointed with in Eclipse, and all I could think to say was that the first half was just too fast and jumbled. It felt like they went through the book and picked out all the scenes they needed and then just kind of tossed them together. To me, it didn’t flow as well as New Moon (I may be a bit biased though, New Moon is my favorite book of the series). The second half had the same pace, but maybe it felt more appropriate because the second half of the book IS action packed and fast paced.

        That being said, there were some things that were absolutely wonderful in Eclipse. The tent scene. It was exactly as I’d hoped it would be. It was wonderful. The proposal, the Edward/Victoria fight, basically all the best and most important scenes were done amazingly well. And, in the biggest shocker of all, Rob’s acting really impressed me. For the first time, he seemed to portray a bit of the book Edward, who I have thus far completely separated from the moody, sullen, lackluster character Rob has portrayed in the first too movies. Kristen really improved as well, and Taylor continued to shine. Overall, it was not a disappointment, but due to the fast pace, I can’t decide if I love it. I feel like a haven’t digested it yet. Maybe after I see it the 2nd time, or 3rd, or 4th… 😉

        • Yes Rob got to do a much better job in this movie. I think that was because of better directing. In the fist movie they did such a bad job of conveying his ability to hear voices and his deepening love for Bella. They just had him look like he was in pain all the time. You get some of his emotion in New Moon but he was not in the movie enough to really see much. In an interview Rob said that D.Slade wanted to change everything from the first two movies and Rob felt like he was playing a totally different character. I hope the next director helps keep the “new” Edward in Breaking Dawn.

        • I totally agree about Rob’s performance in this movie. Much better. He looked better to me than he did in the New Moon scenes as well, healthier almost.

        • Maelina says:

          Rob’s portrayal of Edward is different in Eclipse because Edward IS different in Eclipse. It’s all about the script, if Melissa writes scenes where Edward is more upbeat and light, Rob’s acting is more upbeat and light. Edward was sulking in basically every scene in NM, because the scenes that made the cut were the ones where he’s moping. It’s really pretty simple.

      • I agree about Twilight the movie. That holds a special place in my heart too just because it is ALL Bella and Edward and that’s what I want to see the most. That’s why I hope the next movie is like that again with them getting married and the honeymoon.

    26. Mrs Lee says:

      DUDE, right on Pel! Exactly. Took the words right out of my mouth (and rearranged them eloquently as well!) I came home wondering what happened to Bella’s flash of a future with Jacob, and the crush of the feelings afterwards. I mean, not one single tear to shed? Come on. The Jacob/Bella scene in Jacob’s room needed so much more. Everything else – Rosalie and the baby, not enough Jasper, Victoria not feral enough, the movie being a little too fast. I really did have fun watching it, but I was a teeny weeny bit disappointed too. I know it’s impossible to squeeze everything in, but some important scenes set up Breaking Dawn (like Quil imprinting on a 2 year old.) The wolf telepathy seemed really unexplained.

      I thought the same thing about Quil and Embry, really great. Bella’s monologue at the end was possibly her best part of the whole movie. Loved “I kissed Bella” and the “sex talk” scenes with Charlie. I still can’t help being disappointed about the missing scenes, the important ones with Bella/Jacob. Bummer.

      • Vanessa Nekuda says:

        I think you got it right. Leave out some stuff so that the movie isn’t so long but don’t leave out the stuff that’s seriously important to the story line!

    27. I agree with the review and most of the comments. My big beef was with the end of the fight scene. I was hoping Bree’s part would be bigger in the movie after reading the book. Bree is crazy and wild from Bella’s scent… screaming with thirst. Bella see’s her future as a newborn and it freaks her out as she thinks about her own transformation. We got nothing.

    28. Mrs Lee says:

      P.S. Does anyone know where the interview with KStew is that talks about filming the “glimpse of future” scene with Jacob?

    29. destinytwimom3 says:

      Here’s what i want to know…it’s Forks…wetest place in US…did it ever rain in Eclipse? It seemed every scene was sunny…other than that and Bella’s wig…loved it

      • Heather says:

        And sometimes when it was sunny there was no sparkling. Although the sparkle effect we did see was done well. Leaps and bounds from Twilight lol

    30. cullenlover says:

      All about hair…
      Please…someone give Jasper a hair makeover !!!
      Rosalie..go back to your Twilight hair
      Bella…wig…enough said
      Emmett…how about giving him some curls
      Esme….where was her hair??
      Carlise…too blonde
      Alice…I like it
      Edward…were his side burns always that long?
      Wolves…re visit New Moon for pointers
      Still LOVED the movie

    31. I agree with all of the Pros and some of the Cons. I don’t know if it’s my history with films/ sympathy as a writer/ or what but I don’t understand some of the anger. I mean yeah there were a few things I wanted in the film that weren’t but hey that’s why they have DVDs. For me the film was perfect. Had the right amount of romance and action. Every scene that should have been in there was by far high above my expectations. The bedroom scene…need I say more. I was completely undone by the proposal scene(which I can not seem to get out of my head).
      There were also the little things like the consistency of the Cullen house and Bella’s scares. The bracelet which was perfect. The note from Jake I mean they could have left that out but NO they gave that to us. This had the most book lines in the movie.
      And if you have a problem with MR then you go write it WITH another writing job on the side. She has given us the best adaptions. If you have a problem with her than you must have one with SM because they are so similar. SM has given her stamp of approval and that’s more than enough for me.

      • We don’t know that MR is giving us the best adaptations because we haven’t seen anyone else’s adaptation. I have seen MUCH better book-to-movie translations than what she’s done with Twilight. HP comes to mind, Pride and Prejudice, the Narnia books, Lord of the Rings, I could keep going.

        Being in the entertainment industry, I too have sympathy for the hardships one goes through in the process of filming a movie. But I have seen very little or no improvement in her Twilight work, and I haven’t seen Dexter but I’ve heard many people say her work there is substandard as well.

      • I actually didn’t have a problem with the well-dressed Victoria. That was a Catherine Hardwicke thing that was dropped in New Moon. I didn’t think she looked the least bit feral in that one, either. I mean, she was wearing nice jeans, a jacket and a scarf. My two issues with this movie are the same issues I’ve had with all the Twilight movies.

        1) Kristen playing an emotionless Bella. From the first time I read Twilight I thought of Bella as being a very passionate girl. She loves hard, plays hard, stands firm behind all of her decisions, and cares deeply for everyone she knows. I have yet to see this from Kristen’s portrayal. I didn’t believe that she wants Edward as much as she says she does, or Jacob for that matter. I mean that kiss…UGH!

        2) I don’t understand how, from book to movie, Edward became such a weakling. In the books, Edward is practically invincible because of his ability to read minds. Yet he has barely escaped being beaten up by James, Jane, Felix, Victoria, Riley, Jasper and Carlisle. Good grief, who next?

        • Kathryn, I think Edward is coming across as a weakling because Melissa Rosenberg doesn’t like his character – and it may be unconscious. Everyone says she likes Jake better and that’s why Taylor gets more to work with, but I really think Jake looks so good because she makes Edward look so bad!

        • I don’t understand why the make “movie” Edward so weak either. Let’s face it: of all the Cullens, Edward is the most powerful, both because of his speed and his mind reading ability. His only close match would be maybe be Alice. James slamming Edward into a mirror? Would never happen! The whole Felix vs. Edward thing? If none of the other Volturi stepped in, Felix wouldn’t get a hold of Edward…he’s too fast and he knows what his next move would be. Lastly, there is NO way, Edward could be killed by Victoria/Riley. That scene really bothered me. Killing Victoria was really a piece of cake in the book especially with Seth taking care of Riley.
          Edward is STRONG and one of the most powerful vampires in the world. That is why Aro wants him so much. It’s time the movies start portraying him that way.

          • Totally agree! That really bugs me, too… Edward is tough. I think Edward is too old-fashioned for MR & she doesn’t “get” him.

    32. DaniBrook says:

      5 things that annoyed me:
      1. I hated that the movie didn’t close off with that distraught Bella Steph gave us in the books. She was supposed to be crying so hard that she couldn’t even drive, and then crying throughout the whole night. Kristen just doesn’t do well with ‘crying’ scenes, I guess.
      2. Where was the “Does my being half-naked bother you” line?????
      3. They kinda messed up the parking lot scene.
      4. I wanted to see the Angela/Bella scene.
      5. I’m sorry, even though Kristen has gotten better, her acting still annoys me in some scenes(not all)

      • I so wish there were some good actors in this movie (and btw, there are some.. I love Billy Burke and Anna Kendrick because they stay so true to the books).

        I HATE it when they have to change some scenes because the actors are that bad (like bella crying at the end – also in NM she did a horrible job into the woods after the breakup too – kristen is beautiful, and i can imagine bella looking like her, but as an actress.. I just have to stop before I say something that will upset someone)

        I watch this movies just because of the story, I don’t like the acting and I hate the stupid scrips.. and I hate the fact that I can’t stop watching them because I always hope that the next one will be better (and they are but not enough) and I always get disappointed in some way.

        don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching them because I love so much the Twilight saga, but I can tell that these movies are not good, and they are so popular only because of the fans of the books.

        I just pray for a wonderful cast for The Host, and wonderful movie adaptation 😐

    33. I have to detach myself better from the book…I was heartbroken at all the HUGE differences. When I remember that this is still a movie and has to be made for a non-bookreader, I will love it more.

      The acting was much better. There really should have been the flash forward scene as you said. I REALLY MISSED not having the “vampire sleep-over” and “hostage” scenes. I have to say that I nearly peed my pants–they did the “I’m a virgin” scene MUCH BETTER than I expected!!
      The reason I could not feel the mountain victoria/riley fighting was the stupid background that looked like a blown up picture they were standing in front of. I could not take the great acting seriously when it looked so FAKE behind them. And yes, the wig on Kristen in those scenes…I know…you don’t have to say it! The music score was OUTSTANDING!

      • Heather says:

        Also, Bella just spent the night shivering to death in the tent, then the next morning she comes out in a rolled up flannel shirt. She should be dressed a little more warmly. It made the snow seem fake.

      • I thoought the same thing I kept on having flashbacks from wizard of oz when they kept showing the tent and the howling wind! I was thinking wtf is wrong with these people. Then when they come out of the tent its so fake its like their in that poppy field! I just have to wonder wtf is summit doing with all the money they make from twilight? its sure not on these films.

        • lEEsmee says:

          You ae 100% correct my friend…what is Summit doing with the money? I feel like they are just waking up to the fact that they could be GREAT …they set out for mediocracy and thought noone would notice. BD and Bill Condit is ALL of their chance to make the bigig league flick we all want. Here’s a thought let Stephanie Meyer write the screen play…DUH a no brainer. It would be perfection!!! by the way Bella’s speach sucked What happened to “there’s no point to forever with out you Edward “!!? … I also miss the kidnapping scene…The ire that would put angry grizzlies to shame… I like that she went all 3rd wife but did Edward have to get emasculated by riley and vicky like that? Brice needed better wardrobe less Armaniesq I agree but she was good just too clean . The Makeup and wardrobe dept need to be Fired!!! The worst wigs and costume interpetations in any Big budget film.Use the money hire the top Makeup, Wardrobe and hair people. Roses wig in twilight looks like it was from beauty school students. Jasper looked good.. WTF did they do to ESmee???? her hair was awful too dark …!!!Attenion to detail folks. Lastly Edward needs the longer big hair from the cafeteria. He is so damn fine !!! love this sight. Going back to see what I missed yesterday , can’t wait for the DVD or Itune video!

    34. Why did they make Riley’s character a missing person from Forks? That never happened in the book. And we never know his name until he and Victoria come during the battle.

      I really missed the scene in the kitchen at Bella’s house when Jacob cuts his hand and then when Edward comes back, he asks Bella why she stabbed him. lol That would’ve been a brilliant scene.

      Absolutely loved Jasper’s part, but I wished there would’ve been more. Like other’s said, the line “I felt hope” was missing. And also when he’s sparring with Alice, that was really cute but I wished he would’ve said, “You truly are one frightening little monster.”

      And during the training scenes, it’s supposed to be super late and dark. Why is it like high noon? Bella’s supposed to be struggling to stay awake.

      Rosalie’s backstory was missing the part with Henry. It’s needed to understand her character better.

      Bree shouldn’t have been just a scared little girl. She’s supposed to be screaming and very intense about wanting Bella’s blood, but instead she’s just standing there silently. LAME.

      I’ll stop being picky now. lol Overall, I loved the movie and it’s definitely my fav of the 3. I have high hopes for Breaking Dawn. I hope they stay more true to the book and pace themselves a little better next time.

      • Gina L. says:

        Oh Laura, your right. The kitchen knife scene was great & I missed it too. They coould have axed the Volterra stuff & put that in there. Didn’t really see the point of that scene anyway. And the Bree thing too. She wasn’t scared at all in the book. She was crazed with blood lust. And it was over so fast.
        Lets just hope now that SM is one of the Exec. producers that the next to will stay closer to the books.

        • yes the first scene with with volterri cracked me up it looked like something you would see on snl, the way Jane spoke her lines was very wtf to me

      • Heather says:

        They also needed to put in the Rosalie-Henry thing as a foreshadowing to her being possessive about Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. I wish they had mentioned the Quil-Claire imprinting also so the audience could be set up to accept it when Jacob imprints on Nessie.

        • Oooh yeah, I forgot about the Quil/Claire thing. I like the way they had Jacob describe it, but it wasn’t enough. Just like they should’ve gone deeper in the pack-mindset.

    35. I have seen it twice, and I have to say I love it in IMAX. It really sweeps you in and puts you in the moment, but the camera is really not forgiving, you see every hair out of place, every pore. I also like the fast pace, it kept it from feeling boring and the time flew, leaving me wanting more. In the other movies there were sequences and dialog I felt went on a beat too long.

      Rob and Kristen and Taylor I felt nailed Bella and Edward and Jacob so spot on. In TW and NM I really felt like it was them acting, in Eclipse it felt like they really morphed in the characters.

      Xavier was wonderful and menacing as Riley. I was somewhat disappointed with Bryce after being spoiled by the wonderful Rachelle, but eh whaddaya gonna do?

      Absolutely loved Alice and Jasper. And loved the training scenes.

      Ang holy golden bed/leg hitch proposal! So good!

      My only complaints were the “kidnapping” angle and Alice getting her porsche were among my favorites in the book and that got left out. Also in the movie Edward should have noted to Jake in the tent the very important possibility of Jake imprinting and leaving Bella. Other than that this movie lived up to my fave book and it was superb.

      • Some quotes I wish made it into the movie:

        Bella and Edward passing notes in English class, and talking about what he would do if the plane going to Florida went down.

        “You are in trouble…, I said slowly, emphasizing each word. “Enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home.” – Bella to Edwards voicemail

        “And if you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her,”.

    36. ” I’ll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me. Look after my heart – I’ve left it with you.”
      One of my favorite quotes
      I wish they would’ve included it =(

    37. Gina L. says:

      So Pel is reading my thougths becasue that is just what I said when I left the theatre at 2:15am.

      This Victoria just wasn’t feral enough for me. She was way too glammed up and tame with no bite at all. I could go on & on. But Pel stole my thunder and she owns the site…so. One other scene that really missed for me was the proposal scene. I just didn’t feel it at all. Bella’s nerves because she trying her damnest to seduce Edward & he’s trying to protect both their virtues all the while trying to get her to marry him. And the end…she wasn’t trilled that Edward one again got his way and she ends up engaged, him paying for school & not 1 but 2 new cars. Hello, I understand they can’t put everything in the book, but some stuff in important becasue it is the lead into the next 2, yes 2 movies.

      I also had a beef is with Riley & the new borns stuff. Didn’t really care about them(gonna die anyway) & it took away form other scenes that should have been slowed down & made alittle longer.

      Have to say, I was pretty disapointed in the movies flew as well. Hurry up and slow down was too much for me. I felt like I was sprinting just to get to a slow part and then the end hit the screen & it was over.
      So, thats my input. Just sayin’

    38. Rose Black says:

      I love Jaocb Black! Team Jacob! I’m so mad my mom hasnt bought tickits for me 2 see eclipse yet but one of myy friends parents might buy one for me and my friend might bring me.
      Reply to this comment if ur TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!

    39. I loved the movie and I really liked the fact that Edward smiles a lot in this one.

      IMO Edward’s line “I love you. I want you. Right now.” should have been in the meadow scene at the very end. Well not just that line but you know what i mean.

      All in all it was amazing though.

    40. I agree with everything you said. Especially the thing about us not seeing Bella consider the possibilities of a life with Jacob. My friends that I saw the movie with hadn’t read the book and they were calling Bella some not very nice things because she says she loves Edward and then goes and makes out with Jacob. I don’t think the movie explained well enough the impact of that kiss and how much she was really torn between Edward and Jacob.

    41. I saw it in IMAX as well, and thought it was great. I do agree that it was a little fast paced, and I wish they put in when Bella thought about the possibilities if she chose Jacob. I do think it was pretty close to the book (which is what is most important) The acting was much better. Like you said, I’m glad they put in Rosalie and Jasper’s stories. The fight scene between the Cullen’s/Wolves v. the newborns was excellent in my opinion, though I guess it could’ve gone on a little longer. I did like the fight between Edward, Riley, and Victoria. Overrall, I think Eclipse was the best out of the series (book and movie wise) So kudos to David Slade and the cast!

    42. Heather says:

      I agree about how fast it was. No one else in my group thought it was, but it was especially muddled the first thirty minutes. They kind of assumed the audience would understand, and I kept thinking, “If you hadn’t read the books, you would be pretty confused.” The wigs on Jasper and Bella were ANNOYING. I was so distracted by how awful they were that I actually missed some lines here and there (like whatever Jasper said in the cafeteria scene where everyone in my theater laughed). I also felt that the whole movie was very close. Like David Slade made all the shots close ups and I couldn’t breathe. I would have loved some more wide angle shots to get the scene more (like Rosalie’s wedding dress in a wide angle). And then there were times when it was wide and it needed to be close, like Bella punching Jacob. It was a little staged because the angle and shot were weird. I also felt the movie was too Rah Rah Jacob. The book there is the perfect balance of Edward and Jacob. You saw all about Jake and his pain (although not enough about what an ANNOYING JERK he was, which is why I became such a solid Team Edward supporter while reading) but not much about how much it was killing Edward. I wish they had done the conversation with Edward and Bella after she kissed Jacob. And if they were to put the Jacob future scene in there, they should also put Bella’s Anne of Green Gables vision in there.

      I was one of those “BRING BACK RACHELLE!” people, but I thought Bryce did a pretty good job. Granted her wig was also horrible but it didn’t distract me, because her eyes were perfect and she portrayed so much with them. And she had the one thing Rachelle didn’t have – the light, sweet voice that was described in the books for Victoria. I wish we had seen more Bree POV stuff rather than general Riley things. It also creeped me out to think that Bella has been seeing that missing person ad for Riley the whole movie, then he walks into the clearing as vampire. That was really creepy and awesome.

      LOVED the flashbacks and the fight/training scenes. I only wish we had gotten as much Rosalie as we did Jasper and a wide view of the wedding dress, and then to see Alice and Jasper meeting in the diner (even though that scene with them two was amazingly sweet and I aww-ed). I liked how they extended the training and showed a bunch of the Cullens fighting each other. Very cool. The proposal scene/merging of the two bedroom scenes was very well done. I feel like that’s the first time they have captured Edward and Bella’s relationship correctly. I also loved how they made Edward angrier about Jacob kissing Bella. I always wanted him to react like that in the book. Jessica’s graduation speech was amazing. I LOVED Bella’s speech at the end. That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people who argue that Bella and Edward have an unhealthy relationship. Bella doesn’t fit in with the human world; she belongs to the vampire one. That’s why they work. It was the perfect monologue (although I do wish they had played out the “I love you. I want you. Right now.” scene).

      Overall, excellent job. I can’t say if it’s the best because all the movies are so different. It’s easier to say which is the best with the Harry Potter’s because they are basically the same story arch. But Twilight has a completely different feel to each installment and its hard to compare. However I need to see it again because it was fast and I didn’t get to absorb a lot.

      • “I would have loved some more wide angle shots…” Heather, I agree. What is with all the extreme close ups?

        • Heather says:

          I don’t know but it was driving me CRAZY. At one point I saw Kristen Stewart’s nose hair. That’s when you know you are too close.

      • I totally agree w/ the rah-rah Jacob part! I felt like Edward was almost villianized by Rosenberg. I really feel like she doesn’t “get” Edward … how wonderful, sweet, generous & tough he is. In the movies, Bella is always rescuing him! Edward in the books is practically invincible & in the movie I don’t get that impression at all. My husband doesn’t understand why I like Edward so much because all he’s seen is the movies … I just tell him he needs to read the books! 🙂

    43. Gina L. says:

      So, one more thing. The relationship that developes between Seth & Edward didn’t even happen in this movie. And it is a huge part in the next two. They didn’t skim over it, it didn’t even happen. They fight on the same mountain was aas close as the two got. I think they focused on relationships & interactions of other characters that didn’t even matter and completley forgot the most important ones. Not really happy!

      • Agreed… just like they skip the Angela/Ben relationship and make it Angela/Eric.

        Which reminds me, I wish they would’ve showed Bella and Angela doing the graduation announcements.

    44. ok so the movie was amazing but i have to say that i was a little bit dissapointed with some of the bella jacob scenes.
      I agree with you guys that they should have shown her really considering her life with Jacob during the kiss because in the movie it didnt really look like she was considering it, it just looked like she was kissing him so that he wouldn’t die.
      Also, I thought that the “breakup” scene should have been slightly longer. Personally, that is one of my favorite scenes from the book and their are soooo many good quotes they could have used, like the King Soloman story and him saying that he cant fight with an eclipse.
      Finally, the ending was amazing and I really liked it but they didnt show Kristen sobbing about losing Jacob, which I thought would have shown how hard it was for Bella. After the breakup scene they went straight to Bella and Edward without showing any of the pain she felt. And not only did they not show her pain but they didnt show Jacob’s pain. At the end he’s supposed to be pissed at Leah, completely sad and alone and then getting the invite to the wedding. He was so sad and upset and I personally wanted the movie to end like that.
      Overall, it was amazing and I loved it…I just thought that maybe some of the Jacob scenes could have been more highlighted and improved upon.

      • arazcal says:

        I completely agree with you about the Jake/Bella scenes. New Moon was about Bella being completely devastated over the loss of Edward; Eclipse was about how devastated Bella would be with Jake being removed from her life. What I missed in the movie was the relationship between Jake and Bella that was featured in the book; Bella would have moved mountains to get Jake back into her life- and to hell with the consequences or how Edward felt about it. The movie needed to show Bella’s complete need for Jake and how his pain was her pain. We needed to see:
        1. a glimpse of complete realization on Bella’s part (while kissing Jake on the mountain) that yes, she truly loved him; acknowledging and seeing all the possibilities of her life with Jake and then seeing that by choosing Edward all that she would be consciously giving up- the consequences of finally making a choice.
        2. a goodbye(spoken in Jake’s bedroom).It was the first and last time that Bella came to Jake finally realizing that she loved him as he loved her. She also knew she was not only going to have to break his heart but hers as well. The line of dialogue where Bella tells Jake she wants it(a life with him) so badly leaves me devastated.
        3. guilt and heartbreak.(in Bella’s bedroom, with Edward, after leaving Jake)I think this scene describes the exact moment when Bella is FINALLY HONEST with herself and lets Edward in on all of it. I thought we really need to see that although Bella chose Edward there was a price to be paid.

        This time around I found Bella(a strong female character that i love)coming across as cold, callous and detached whether it be towards Jake or Edward- SELFISH as if it’s all about me.
        I’ve never thought that of her and it caught me by surprise.
        I hope that’s not what they were going for because it’s so far off the mark. All in all I enjoyed the movie or think I did after sitting thru the marathon in the theatre. I’m going to go again and see if 1st impressions remain the same.
        Pel- I loved your review and found it spot on 🙂

    45. mcwrixon says:

      I thought the movie was really great, and they each just get better and better.
      The acting by all was good, the chemistry with Robsten is amazing, very belivable. The love scenes we’re like wow and it makes me think that after BD we may all need to go home and take a cold shower.
      After reading all the posts I agree that it was rushed, but that is how to cram in all that they did. They did stay pretty darn true to the book, better then the rest. Missing items – i think that should have been in there, The comment by Jake, “that he can’t fight and Eclispe” and no reference to Rosalies friend Vera’s and her baby… both important and needed. The switzerland statement was just weird. But still love it love it love it

    46. Christie says:

      Eclipse is my favorite book and I was so looking forward to the movie. I saw it today and left the theater feeling deflated. I agree that everything was just too fast. It was like reading Cliffs Notes. Instead of touching on a bit of everything, I wished they would have invested in the main story, Bella being torn between Edward and Jacob. The scenes from Seattle were not important to me, I just needed the hint of the vampire army (Like the small hints of Victoia in New Moon). I did enjoy the back stories for Jasper and Rosalie. Just something to ponder…could they not just add a bit of time to the movie and not cut out so much? Maybe once the series is finished they will release an extended version of each movie on DVD. One can hope.

    47. oh my goodness says:

      I. Am. So. Sad!! I went to the Twilight Experience and our theater’s AC didn’t work, which gave me a bad migraine, so by Eclipse, I was done and missed most of the movie 🙁 I am going on Friday because I have the day off from work. Thanks for the spoilers, so I know what I missed and can anticipate for Friday. 🙂

    48. I was just thinking how cute it was when he called her “Mrs. Cullen” I didn’t like however that she was like this is the 21st century don’t I get to keep my own name. In the book she was caught off guard when he calles her that in BD, but she never considered not taking his name. Just a small nit-picky thing. Though it was sweet he said that!

      • I agree! Bella wouldn’t hyphenate her name! I don’t think Melissa has the right to change a character’s behavior in order to satisfy her own liberal POV. Hopefully, S Meyer will have a stronger position for BD since she will be a producer.

        • You are so right, having watched it for the 2nd time there are so many little details, (and some big ones) were you can feel MR own opinions have impacted on the story.

          I’m about as liberal as they come but I don’t agree with her changing the characters personalities to suit her own agenda.

          The name change thing is so not bella, the speech at the end about doing it for herself not for Edward, completely of base IMO, and the thing that annoyed me most was the fight scene between edward and victoria. She has some serious womens lib style obsession with making bella seem like she’s the powerful one and turning Edward into a weakling.

          He’s not weak he can read peoples minds for eff’s sake, there is no way he would be in that position were he needed Bella to cut herself to save him. It’s just annoying to watch when you know the in’s and out’s of the story clearly more than MR does.

          And for the sake of maybe 5 minutes more screentime they cut the set up for the ‘eclipse’ line and bella’s vision of her life with Jacob. Two integral parts IMO.

          And not MR fault but the kiss between Jake and Bella was no were near passionate and forceful enough, it’s supposed to be the heartbreaking culmination of an epically tragic love between the two of them and it looked like two teenagers snogging outside the cinema.

          Having said all that it is my favourite of the three films, it’s just let down in parts by sloppy screenwriting.

    49. Okay I’m going to be shredded for saying this but Robsten physically are perfect for the parts of Edward and Bella but Jeesh! They are so bad at acting as them! Their acting is just SOOOO annoying to me. Neither of them come even close to having the fervor and passion that the characters have in the books. Pretty much everyone in the film is guilty of that and is SO BLAISE in the film except for Taylor Lautner. He’s the only one who comes closest to portraying his character properly. I do agree that the acting is a little better in Eclipse but that really isn’t saying much. It’s still bad.

      As far as the film Eclipse itself, I thought it was very sterile in the way it’s told. No creativity. It does have a semi cohesive story line to it, which is more than the other 2 films can say, but I still think all the films fail horribly especially with the acting.

    50. I don’t know why but I’m totally bummed that they didnt put Jacob’s line in at the end about being able to handle the clouds but not being able to compete with an eclipse…I was sooo looking forward to hearing that and also seeing Bella’s depression that Edward witnesses in the book and the Wuthering Height’s line. I really wanted to see those things but it was still IMO the best one so far! And if they would have put in the vision Bella has while kissing Jake and Edward’s reaction it would have just tied that scene together perfectly.

      • Totally agree, that ‘can’t compete with an eclipse’ line just kind of brings it all together. Another thing I haven’t seen anyone talk about is the dead vampires, especially victoria… I just thought it was a little ‘cheesy’ I wish they just would have showed Edward biting and then cut it to show the back of her head on the ground. Less is more in my opinion, it just looked too fake to me.

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