Photo: Filming Continues in Baton Rogue and Rachel St.Gelais Confirmed as a Duplicate Renesmee

Over on Twitter Saints Nurse managed to capture the actors as they moved from building to building. You can clearly see Robert Pattinson, Stephenie Meyer, Kellan Lutz, and producer Wyck Godfrey in the photo. We cropped the photo and blew it up so you’re not looking through the iron bars so much. There are also two, bright silver Volvo SUVs in the parking lot in some of the shots that some are speculating might be Edward’s car this time out. When we first saw the photos, we commented on Twitter,”Ah I can it’s time for the inmates to take their daily recreational walk at Stalag 17″. It’s a bit like playing where’s Waldo behind bars. See more photos on SaintsNurse’s Twitter

Also Rachel St. Gelais (who we first reported out here) is confirmed as being a part of the production. We are assuming she is a younger version of Renesmee. She apparently had a good time filming according to her Twitter. She chatted back and forth on Twitter with Erik Odom and Valorie Curry who play Peter and Charlotte.  You can follow her on Twitter here. The Twitter is run by her parents.

Additional Actresses to play Renesmee

His Golden Eyes discovered that two other actresses are now listed next to the role of Renesmee on the IMDB. Lexicon reader Sarah also pointed out to a Facebook page that backs this information up( you have to scroll a bit to find it, and warning creepy picture from a movie on that page).

Check out the full story and speculation on how these actresses will fit into the process on His Golden Eyes.