Additional Actresses to play Renesmee

His Golden Eyes discovered that two other actresses are now listed next to the role of Renesmee on the IMDB. Lexicon reader Sarah also pointed out to a Facebook page that backs this information up( you have to scroll a bit to find it, and warning creepy picture from a movie on that page).

Check out the full story and speculation on how these actresses will fit into the process on His Golden Eyes.


  1. I like the girl on the right. The one on the left looks like a younger version of Jane.

  2. Nether of them realy match the description of them

  3. Rachel St. Gelais is not credited on IMBD Filmography for either BD I or II.
    However, Eliza Faria is credited as “Little Renesmee.”
    So the original… “Renesmee” Mackenzie Foy and Eliza Faria “Little Renesmee” are currently filming.

  4. The picture isn’t not from a movie, it’s from “The Walking Dead” on AMC.

  5. *isn’t

  6. i love the girl on the right! SO cute! I think it’s good that they are getting some younger actresses, because Mackenzie (sp?) does seem a little old for Renesme.

  7. well its gonna be hard to find someone who will match the description but the one on the right is the bet for the part

  8. their looks dont matter, only their bodies are being used for the “benjamin button efect” mackenzies face will be transfered on to their bodies. this was also used for the twins in the “social network”

  9. Love the brown hair brown eyed girl. matches the book better than a blonde

  10. Figured they’d have multiple girls and a older baby/toddler to show the aging.

  11. I think the Ciara Bravo should play Reneese. She fits the description of her so perfectly. She has brown hair that hangs to her waist and big brown chocolate eyes’ but shes only 13. But shes short, so she could play Reneese . Shes quiet a good actress. Shes plays the sister of Kendall from BIG TIME RUSH.

    Picture of her:

    • They are just using their bodies. McKenzie face will be put on their bodies. Renesmee has bronze color hair and has edward facial features so i dont know how they are going to pull that off.

  12. Twilight dreamers says:

    @Kristin No offense but I’ve seen that girl and I feel shes a little to plain to play renesmee, she more girl next door, than Edward&Bellas daughter, plus she looks to old to play the part.

  13. Girl on the left is perfect,but blonde.But it doens’t even matter because their faces will be replaced 🙂

  14. Obviously irrelevant at this point, but little blonde girl looks like she could be related to Rob. Especially those lips!

  15. not sure how they will be doing it but for the movie the social network they didnt use some guys body and cgi someones face in it was one actor playing a double role cause he was supposed to be a twin but the rachel girl if u go to her imdb page u will see pics of her with brown hair that make her look like a better fit for renesmee the other girl i think still looks better but we will have to just wait and see

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