Paramore’s DeCode Beanie For Sale

Lexicon reader Courtney wrote in to tell us the following:

“Just thought you might want to know that Paramore is having an online yard sale to raise money for Japan. And one of the things they are selling is actually what they are calling the “other” decode beanie. As you know Hayley wears a purple beanie in that music video but originally she had also bought a grey one to see if that would work but they ended up going with purple. Just thought you might want to post about it since its kinda Twilight related and it is to help support Japan. Hope you are all doing awesome!”

Check out the Beanie here.

American Idol Contestant Colton Dixon Sings Paramore’s Decode

The 3:18 mark is where you want to look.

Haley Williams, Paramore’s lead singer remarked on her twitter, “Did someone just sing “Decode” on American Idol? AHHH!!! Tell me it’s true….Dear Colton, I would’ve voted for you 😉 Thanks for playing our song! See ya around Nashville!

MTV: Why Paramore Doesn’t Have New Moon Regrets

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Paramore: Proud of DeCode a Year Later

Paramore had an interview with their local newspaper The Tennessean, and supported their decision to take part in the Twilight soundtrack.

” ‘Decode’ is one of our favorite songs that we’ve written as a band. It’s so simple, but the feeling isn’t really matched by anything else we have,” the singer said. “Not that it’s better than the rest of our songs, just different. We loved being able to be a part of a movie soundtrack at all . . . the fact that it happened to explode and become one of the biggest movies of our generation was like, ‘Wait a minute, what!?’

“I think a lot of people expect us to be a bit embarrassed, or something. But we’re extremely proud of it. I think that we got lucky that we were able to gain so many fans by contributing to the soundtrack, but we still aren’t defined by Twilight and ‘Decode.’ ”

See the rest on the Tennessean.

Paramore Talks Twilight & More On EW

EW talked with Paramore lead singer, Hayley Williams about how the group got on the soundtrack, the new demographics for teh band’s music, and their future plans.

EW: Oh, really? I thought from what I’ve read that [Twilight author] Stephanie Meyer sought you guys out and wanted you specifically to be on the soundtrack. But it’s more like you auditioned?
HW: Well I read the books, and when they were working on the soundtrack, I was finishing up the third book, Eclipse, and I was really into it. I thought this was a great art, a really good story, and really relatable, but I’m always into vampires and all that. So we were touring and writing and jamming out new things every day, and I was like, if they’re putting that soundtrack together this could be great, let’s figure out if we could be a part of it. So yeah, we kinda fought for it. And if you look at the rest of the album, it’s Muse and Iron and Wine and Linkin Park, which really isn’t our demographic.”

See the whole story on EW.

Paramore Makes MTV Award Plea

According to MTV:

“We’ve already broken news about the release date of their new album and critiqued their basketball skills. And now that Paramore are officially MTV Movie Award nominees — their “Twilight” song “Decode” is up for Best Song From a Movie — we decided it was time to get their take on the big show too.

It’s no secret that the band — or, more specifically, frontwoman Hayley Williams — is an avowed “Twilight” nut. Since “Twilight” landed a whopping seven Movie Award noms, we figured it would be interesting to have them handicap the film’s chances in one of those categories: Best Kiss.”