Paramore: Proud of DeCode a Year Later

Paramore had an interview with their local newspaper The Tennessean, and supported their decision to take part in the Twilight soundtrack.

” ‘Decode’ is one of our favorite songs that we’ve written as a band. It’s so simple, but the feeling isn’t really matched by anything else we have,” the singer said. “Not that it’s better than the rest of our songs, just different. We loved being able to be a part of a movie soundtrack at all . . . the fact that it happened to explode and become one of the biggest movies of our generation was like, ‘Wait a minute, what!?’

“I think a lot of people expect us to be a bit embarrassed, or something. But we’re extremely proud of it. I think that we got lucky that we were able to gain so many fans by contributing to the soundtrack, but we still aren’t defined by Twilight and ‘Decode.’ ”

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  2. I really loved the songs that Paramore did for Twilight, but I lost some respect for them when I read a recent interview. Apparently they were asked to contribute to the New moon soundtrack and declined because they didn’t want to become known as a Twilight band. Thought it was an interesting move to make.

    • Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with you on that one. If it wasn’t for Twilight, I would have never heard of Paramore. And after hearing Decode, I really started liking them. I was disappointed to hear they weren’t going to be on the New Moon soundtrack also. I don’t think they would have been known as a Twilight band. They already had a good following. I think, if anything, more people would have become aware of their music. Oh! Well! We still got an awesome soundtrack without them.

      • Thats not what i heard,, when they were on mtv that halloween show cant think of the name..They said they declined to be on n.moon b/c they were working on there new cd and that they wanted to give another band a chance to shine with the n.moon s.track… hope it helps…bye twifriends

    • Sadly, there are many ‘pre-Twilight Paramore fans’ who don’t like the fact that Decode actually introduced this band to so many more people all around the world….I mean, shouldn’t they be abit more welcoming and inclusive of new supporters, rather than hating on them? After all, Hayley herself is a Twilight fan…that’s why she wrote the song!

      I’d also have to say it was their loss that they declined to continue their association with New Moon. Support for them from the Twilighters would have been TREMENDOUS!

      But they’re a young band and sound like they don’t want to be ‘typecast’ or maybe their Twilight-hating fans got to them…sigh…

      • I have to say, as a ‘pre-Twilight Paramore fan’ it does annoy me when people don’t like how Decode made Paramore so much more popular. I think it’s great if people are listening to Paramore because of Twilight, it was a great opportunity for them. However what DOES annoy me, is when people claim to be big fans of Paramore having listened to the meagre 2 songs on the Twilight soundtrack, and not even bothered to listen to the rest.

        I was gutted when I found out that Paramore weren’t going to be on the New Moon soundtrack, especially because there’s some great demo songs that are unreleased that would be perfect and I know they did an incredible job with Decode for Twilight, they would have done equally as good either using an unreleased song, or creating a new song. I guess, like you said, they didn’t want to be typecast, or as ljc said above, they wanted to give other bands a chance. After all, look at the chance it gave them 🙂

        Paramore FTW =D <3

  3. I love paramore, and have been a fan pre twilight when I heard misery business on the radio, then bought the riot cd. Brand new eyes is an amazing cd as well.

    I was disappointed when I found out no paramore songs would be on the nm soundtrack. They have tracks that would have gone perfectly with nm like “misguided ghosts” and “all I wanted”. I also disagree with the notion that they would be typecast as a “twilight” band. Look at Muse, they are awesome, on the twilight and nm soundtracks but recognized beyond twilight.

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