Paramore Talks Twilight & More On EW

EW talked with Paramore lead singer, Hayley Williams about how the group got on the soundtrack, the new demographics for teh band’s music, and their future plans.

EW: Oh, really? I thought from what I’ve read that [Twilight author] Stephanie Meyer sought you guys out and wanted you specifically to be on the soundtrack. But it’s more like you auditioned?
HW: Well I read the books, and when they were working on the soundtrack, I was finishing up the third book, Eclipse, and I was really into it. I thought this was a great art, a really good story, and really relatable, but I’m always into vampires and all that. So we were touring and writing and jamming out new things every day, and I was like, if they’re putting that soundtrack together this could be great, let’s figure out if we could be a part of it. So yeah, we kinda fought for it. And if you look at the rest of the album, it’s Muse and Iron and Wine and Linkin Park, which really isn’t our demographic.”

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  2. I love Paramore! I had never heard of them before Twilight but I love both their songs on the soundtrack & instantly became a fan. I have since bought one of their cds & will most likely buy the other one soon. They’re a great band & I REALLY wish they would do a song for NM.

  3. Devon061381 says:

    I love Paramore and was so glad to see them on the soundtrack! The thing I like so much about the soundtrack was that it a) appealed more to “rock” fans (sorry, I just don’t see rap/hip-hop as “vampiric” and it gels more with Stephenie’s musical tastes) and b) it didn’t fit one particular “rock” demographic – you had your prog rock with Muse, punk rock with Paramore (although they were less punk-ish on the soundtrack), Iron&Wine for your folkier taste, along with several other alternative rock styles (Mute Math and Blue Foundation anyone?) and Rob’s bluesier stuff.

    This is why it was such a brilliant movie soundtrack. I love it! I hope the NM soundtrack is just as kick-@$$ as this one was 😀

  4. IloveVampires says:

    Is Gwen Stefani singing for Twilight ?

  5. Twiligher14 says:

    i heard the jonas brothers might also either write or sing or write& sing a song for NM. I think that’d be cool because nick is a very very talented writer and they also were saying how they rly like twilight. but they were just saying they’d like to do a song not that they’re going to be. Personally, i hope that they do.

  6. I loved having Paramore on the soundtrack! Especially since they kinda wrote the song for the movie, they didn’t just use a generic song and try to make it fit.

    As for the Jonas brothers on the soundtrack, I’m seriously hoping with all my might that they don’t end up there. Nothing against them personally or their band, but they absolutely don’t have the right sound for a movie like New Moon at all. They have their certain genre and that’s fine, but I don’t see them fitting at all in this saga. The voices, the style…none of it really compliments the tone of the movie (for me, at least).

  7. I have always loved Paramore before I even knew about Twilight. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out they were on the soundtrack.
    I love many different kinds of music, but typical rock, r&b, hiphop,(You can tell I watch VH1 & BET) pop a little country.

  8. Thparkle says:

    Before all this Twilight business, I heard Paramore’s Misery Business and really liked it. Then I discovered they were on the soundtrack. Needless to stay I fell in love with decode and Caught Myself. Haley has such a magnetic voice. I’ve listened to their acoustic version of Decode and it shows how beautiful her voice is. Plus Haley seems really grounded and just a really cool chick. Even though she’s successful she seems really relatable, plus she loves Twilight…how can you not love her?

  9. Thparkle says:

    Haley wanted to be on the Twilight soundtrack because she liked the books. This was before all the hype and the mega success of the movie. But I can not stand artists who now want to get involved, especially who didn’t have any interest in the books. The Jonas Brothers are a NO for me when it comes to the NM soundtrack. They said they really Twilight and want to be on the soundtrack, translation, they want to be a piece of the Twilight action, they had no idea what it was, but now that its a money maker they want a piece of the pie.

  10. When I heard they were writing songs for Twilight, I was so thrilled. I saw them back in ’05 for the first time…I think they were around age 14-16 at the time? They were so amazing was incredible that such young people could rock out so hard. I bought the CD right after the show (All We Know Is Falling) and have supported them ever since. They deserve all the hype they get, and I really hope they get to do more music for the Twilight series!


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