American Idol Contestant Colton Dixon Sings Paramore’s Decode

The 3:18 mark is where you want to look.

Haley Williams, Paramore’s lead singer remarked on her twitter, “Did someone just sing “Decode” on American Idol? AHHH!!! Tell me it’s true….Dear Colton, I would’ve voted for you 😉 Thanks for playing our song! See ya around Nashville!


  1. I thought he was awesome! So bummed he got cut!

  2. He should have made it over the guy in the middle that was picked. Very disappointed. Colton is a talented musician and singer. I think he has much more to offer vocally than the other guy. Oh well, another favorite that didn’t make it.

  3. wow, I really liked Colton. glad he’s a parawhore(; I thought jaycee sounded a lot like Justin beiber…

  4. Colton is going to be on Ellen Degeneres Wed or Thursday this week. Watch to see if he sings Decode there.

  5. Colton Dixon is SUPER COLT HOT and surpasses the rest contestants. Geez, I think JLo, Tyler and Randy must be blind! I banned the show already since.

    He is the kinda modern alternative rock singer im looking for and im very very devastated he didn’t make it to the top 12 which i think he deserves it.

    Nevertheless, I hope Colton will try another show like American Got Talent etc. I look up that dude ^_^

    Way to go, Colt lol ^_^