Noel Fisher Talks Ten Years in the Business & Breaking Dawn to Deadbolt

As part of The Battle Los Angeles PR swing, Deadbolt interviewed Noel Fisher. Noel talked about his current movie and Breaking Dawn”

THE DEADBOLT: What’s it like to read the books and get so much imagery in your mind from that experience and then step onto the set?

FISHER: Well, that’s the best part about filming and the different aspects of taking the book and turning it into a movie. All of the different people, from wardrobe to the set designer and having all of these different things come together in something you can touch and feel, it brings it up to a whole different level. I think they did a really good job of interpreting Stephenie Meyer’s books and turning it into something you can watch.

THE DEADBOLT: What surprised you most about working with Bill Condon?

FISHER: Just that he is maybe the kindest person I’ve ever met. He’s just super excited to be working on this. I’ve said this a couple of times, but I just love that he will take the time for anyone. He’s just genuinely interested in hearing your ideas and talking about whatever is going on in the scene, even if you’re not a huge part of the scene. He just wants to layer this and layer this into something just beautiful and I think that’s a very wonderful thing in a director to find.”

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Twilight Connected Movies Dominate Weekend Box Office

According to Gossip Cop Battle Los Angeles, Rango, and Red Riding Hood should place 1, 2, and 3 this weekend:

Battle Los Angeles co-starring Noel Fisher is predicated to take in 40 million

Rango, co-starring Gil Birmingham (his character is the bird with the red and grey striped poncho seen above) is predicated to take in 25 million

Red Riding Hood, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and co-starring Billy Burke, is predicated to take in 15 million

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Check out the trailers under the cut. Have you seen any of the three movies? What did you think? [Read more…]

Noel Fisher is Platinum Blonde For Breaking Dawn

Noel Fisher who plays Vladimir in Breaking Dawn is a natural blonde; however, looking at the red carpet videos from Battle LA that were shot on Tuesday night, Noel is now really, really blonde…like platinum. He flew to the Battle LA premiere directly from the set of Breaking Dawn.

So what do you think of the look? Noel is at the 3:30 mark in the first video.

Movieline Interviews Noel Fisher In Airport Car Ride

This has to be one of the more unusual locations for a quickie interview.

“Beneath the wanton, CG-aided destruction caused by invading alien hordes in this week’s sci-fi actioner Battle: Los Angeles there lies a deeply human core: the bond among soldiers under siege, banding together in the face of certain extinction. And as the naive Pfc. Shaun Lenihan, 26-year-old Canadian actor Noel Fisher is the face of Battle: LA’s humanity — a too-young Marine thrown into the harrowing chaos of war, separated from his unit, with only his rifle to cling to as terror sets in.

Movieline caught up with Fisher (who has a recurring role on Showtime’s Shameless) to discuss Battle: Los Angeles, his one-time brush with Charlie Sheen, and other highlights of his fast-developing career as he was literally making his way back home to Vancouver for his biggest job to date — playing the ancient Romanian vampire Vladimir in Bill Condon’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. How much can you discuss during a car ride to the airport?”

Check out the full details on Movieline.

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Urgent! Reelz Channel Needs Your Questions For Noel Fisher (AKA Vladimir)

Reelz Channel wrote in to tell us that:

“ReelzChannel will be interviewing Breaking Dawn’s Vladimir of the Romanian coven, actor Noel Fisher, and we wanted to give fans a chance to get in on the Q&A.

Fisher, who also has a role in the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles and is known for his appearances on The Riches and Shameless television series, will be speaking to Hollywood Dailies correspondent Stephanie Simmons tomorrow afternoon.

So if you’ve got a question for Vladimir/Fisher, post it in the comments on Reelz Channel before dawn breaks on Tuesday.”

Daemon’s Movies Talks Breaking Dawn and Battle Los Angeles With Noel Fisher

Noel Fisher is playing Vladamir in Breaking Dawn. He has a key role in the upcoming Battle Los Angeles. Many fans of Law and Order will recognize him as the quirky and frequently inappropriate lab tech Dale Stuckey.

What can you tease about what you’ve shot so far?

Noel Fisher: I can’t really tease much. We shot some really cool stuff. I know that there’s going to be some really good sequences. I can tell you that. The visual aspect of a movie like that is pretty outstanding and the team that they have to do all the stuff: Bill Condon and everyone else, it’s going to be really cool. You’ll have to wait and see.

I understand the visual and special FX are actually being taken up a notch for ‘Breaking Dawn’ compared to the other ‘Twilight’ movies. Is that fair to say?

Noel Fisher: Absolutely. This is the end. This is the end of this world, at least for now, and they really are going out with a bang. There are some big things in the works, some very big things.

Bill Condon and the producers have released little photos to keep fans excited. What do you think they should release a photo of next?

Noel Fisher: I don’t know. I think one of the really cool things about the book and the movie is the different, all these different covens, all these new covens that you get to meet. It really expands Stephenie’s [Meyer] world in a way that hasn’t happened up until now. It’s been kind of isolated to just Forks, the ‘Twilight’ town and this really blows the whole world wide open. I think getting to see some of the other covens might be cool.”

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Here’s to hoping Noel gets on Twitter. He seems like a fun guy.

Noel Fisher Talks Battle Los Angeles and Breaking Dawn to

Noel Fisher gave a great interview to talking about his new film Battle Los Angeles and Breaking Dawn.

“I know you’re not allowed to say much about Breaking Dawn, but have you shot your scenes yet?

Noel Fisher: “Yes, actually. I’m back in Los Angeles because I have a two week break. We are done with the Louisiana portion – we’re all done with that. The biggest part of my character stuff is done. We have some more stuff; I get to go back home to Vancouver for the first time to work. That will be kind of fun – it’s a nice way to go back home. So, we’re going to go up and shoot a couple more things up there. That’s been a lot of fun. Everyone’s really cool.”

The returning cast all know each other well, but there’s a huge group of new actors for Breaking Dawn. How are you being accepted by the veterans?

Noel Fisher: “Oh, completely. Completely. That’s the really nice thing about that set is that everyone is really inviting. You hang out with anyone that happens to be on the set with you at work, you get advice some of the veteran Volturi, you know what I mean? It’s just a big hang out. We took over the Hilton in Baton Rouge downtown. It was literally like 60 or 70 people all staying at this one hotel. It was just a big frat room.”

What advice did they give you?

Noel Fisher: “Like where the coolest places to go are for, say, conventions. You know, because a lot of them have gotten to do some great traveling, they’ve traveled the world to visit all these wonderful fans all over the place. Just cool things to do in different cities. They’ve been part of this whole kind of really big world that the Twilight phenomenon is and they just wanted to welcome the newcomers and say, ‘Hey, here are some of the things that you might want to check out while you’re here.'”

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And TY to the fabulous Eric Odom who plays Peter who gave us the heads up.

Looks Like March is Twilight Actor Movie Month

There are a bunch of movies opening in March that have Twilight actors/directors in key roles.

Skateland with Ashley Greene

Battle Los Angeles with Noel Fisher

Rango with Gil Birmingham

Red Riding Hood directed by Catherine Hardwicke and co-starring Billy Burke.

Don’t worry, April isn’t boring. That’s when Water for Elephants releases.

What movie do you want to see the most?

Twilight Tweets: December 17 Update

Here are the latest batch of Tweets from the twilight stars. A big TY to Maddie for making the banner for us! We will round up the best Tweets of the cast every week in our Twilight Tweets feature!

First off it looks like the food in Louisiana is a huge hit. Mia Maestro who plays Carmen Tweeted, “Yes… I’m paid to be in New Orleans :). 1 beignets, 2 beignets, 3 beignets, 4… 5… 6… At this ingestion pace Carmen Denali is gonna be unrecognizable. Someone has to stop me!” She also gave us a picture of the local atmosphere.

Gil Birmingham seems to have found the local crepes. He tweeted “Where in the world is Gil Birmingham? Let’s see if you can guess my latest adventure location. Where in the world can you get a pancake like this. They told me it would be big…but wow!” and he gave us a photo of his food! He then Tweeted, “And yes I ate it all!”

Judi Shekoni tried out a local fried food hit, “Quiet day – tried the famous Louisana “Po Boy” today – very tasty!!”

Judi also talked about transforming into her role as Zafrina, “Gud morning All!! Its Bright & early here… realized I need to find some nail varnish remover!!! there are no nail salons in the amazon!”

Lisa Howard who plays Siobhan(It’s pronounced Sh-ah-von for you non-Gallic folks), “I’ve had my costume and wig fittings so far and now I’m off to the make-up dept. So cool:-). Chillin’ with my coven waiting to get into hair:-)” Her coven mate Marlane Barnes who plays Maggie agrees with Lisa and Tweeted, “Having a great great great time!”

Angela Sarafyan who plays is also enjoying her castmates, “I met almost all of the vamps — pretty cool bunch of bloodsuckers :)”

Erik Odom who plays Peter is also enjoying Lousiana, “There is no substitute for southern hospitality” As a North Carolina boy he should know!

Guri Weinberg who plays Stefan Tweeted on behalf of his coven mate Noel Fisher who plays Vladimir, “Hi all. hello from Noel to all of u. Sorry I haven’t tweeted back to u guys.”

MTV: Which New Breaking Dawn Actors Have Breakout Potential

With so many new actors, many of which are hardly household names, joining the Breaking Dawn Cast, MTV examines which have immediate big potential to use the PR from Twilight as a PR launch.

“Last summer, no one knew who Xavier Samuel was. Then he was cast as the vampire Riley in “Eclipse” and suddenly found himself an object of fascination in the “Twilight” community.

Now a new crop of actors, many of whom are largely unknown, have joined the franchise for “Breaking Dawn,” the two-part finale of the supernatural series. Summit Entertainment announced on Wednesday that the studio had cast the members of the Amazon, Egyptian, Irish and Romanian vampire covens and the American and European nomads. Following on the heels of Samuel in “Eclipse,” which of these folks might become the fresh breakout stars of “Breaking Dawn”?”

MTV’s article picked their top four:  Lee Pace, Noel Fisher, Judi Shekoni, and Lee Anderson.  Check it out on MTV. Do you agree with their choices?