Noel Fisher Talks Battle Los Angeles and Breaking Dawn to

Noel Fisher gave a great interview to talking about his new film Battle Los Angeles and Breaking Dawn.

“I know you’re not allowed to say much about Breaking Dawn, but have you shot your scenes yet?

Noel Fisher: “Yes, actually. I’m back in Los Angeles because I have a two week break. We are done with the Louisiana portion – we’re all done with that. The biggest part of my character stuff is done. We have some more stuff; I get to go back home to Vancouver for the first time to work. That will be kind of fun – it’s a nice way to go back home. So, we’re going to go up and shoot a couple more things up there. That’s been a lot of fun. Everyone’s really cool.”

The returning cast all know each other well, but there’s a huge group of new actors for Breaking Dawn. How are you being accepted by the veterans?

Noel Fisher: “Oh, completely. Completely. That’s the really nice thing about that set is that everyone is really inviting. You hang out with anyone that happens to be on the set with you at work, you get advice some of the veteran Volturi, you know what I mean? It’s just a big hang out. We took over the Hilton in Baton Rouge downtown. It was literally like 60 or 70 people all staying at this one hotel. It was just a big frat room.”

What advice did they give you?

Noel Fisher: “Like where the coolest places to go are for, say, conventions. You know, because a lot of them have gotten to do some great traveling, they’ve traveled the world to visit all these wonderful fans all over the place. Just cool things to do in different cities. They’ve been part of this whole kind of really big world that the Twilight phenomenon is and they just wanted to welcome the newcomers and say, ‘Hey, here are some of the things that you might want to check out while you’re here.'”

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And TY to the fabulous Eric Odom who plays Peter who gave us the heads up.


  1. Evan Berman says:

    he looks like Riley

  2. He’s one of the Romanians,right?? 😀

  3. BellaMarieSwan87 says:

    MAN! I wanted to get in on that action (the Louisiana filming) as a extra! I am a resident of Louisiana and live about 2 hours from the reported filming location! Missed yet another opportunity!


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