MTV: Which New Breaking Dawn Actors Have Breakout Potential

With so many new actors, many of which are hardly household names, joining the Breaking Dawn Cast, MTV examines which have immediate big potential to use the PR from Twilight as a PR launch.

“Last summer, no one knew who Xavier Samuel was. Then he was cast as the vampire Riley in “Eclipse” and suddenly found himself an object of fascination in the “Twilight” community.

Now a new crop of actors, many of whom are largely unknown, have joined the franchise for “Breaking Dawn,” the two-part finale of the supernatural series. Summit Entertainment announced on Wednesday that the studio had cast the members of the Amazon, Egyptian, Irish and Romanian vampire covens and the American and European nomads. Following on the heels of Samuel in “Eclipse,” which of these folks might become the fresh breakout stars of “Breaking Dawn”?”

MTV’s article picked their top four:  Lee Pace, Noel Fisher, Judi Shekoni, and Lee Anderson.  Check it out on MTV. Do you agree with their choices?


  1. It is “Joe” Anderson, not Lee Anderson.

  2. Noel Fisher <3.

  3. It depends on how close to the books they are and who they “pull” forward. I hope Bill Condon helped MR out on the writing using HIS Oscar winning writing skills and teach her TEAM-ORIENTED- Award like WGAs not Emmy -WINNING(Peabody)-MOSTLY- NOMINATED- WRITING- SKILLS a few things to take with her back to her writing TEAM on Dexter and on other projects. Breaking Dawn had issues and majority of book critics hated it and tore it up with negative reviews and I believe it’s the fan’s least favorite among most fans myself included. BD is a hot mess and many film oriented people believe it is unfilmable. That’s why Summit hired Bill Condon an Oscar winning WRITER not Direct he has never been nominated for his directing for any major awards. I still have faith in him and thank goodness it’s not someone like Drew Barrymore. The script for BD took a long time considering the cast just got them. I am so glad they casted unknowns and semi-known it gives them a chance at achieve the Hollywood dream. But Xavier hasn’t landed a role since Eclipse according to IMDb. He did film one movie right before the release of Eclipse and nothing since so…..who knows. Neither has Bryce “The Help” was booked before Eclipse’s release with the Victoria recasting with her with mixed reviews and “Hereafter” got mostly negative and mixed reviews from critics to viewers so her career may stall for awhile then again probably not she is Ron Howard’s daughter. Then there is Ashley Greene it took not only Twilight but her movie “Skateland” to get the acting creed enough for more roles including a lead in “Apparition”, Twilight probably got her the audition but her performance in “Skateland” sealed the deal. She was good better than her small Twilight films performances. So it depends on the size roles and how the actor’s pop off screen and make it remember-able.

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