Montepulciano Preview

Blogger Maggie is back with her report on Montepulciano. She’s describes the city, scouts some possible locations, and has fabulous pictures.

“I made my father pull over at one point so I could get a picture from the road as we approached the city, as I’m sure it’ll be an establishing shot in New Moon. The city sits on top of a hill and while it’s gorgeous in hues of orange, red and brown amongst the greenery, it is rather ominous and forbidding. That’s the point of these hill-fort towns though, to protect them against invaders and be forbidding; that’s precisely what Montepulciano does. It certainly ‘sets the scene.”

Get the rest on Maggie’s blog.

Blogger Maggie checks out Montepulciano

Blogger Maggie is currently visiting Italy and happened to visit Montepulciano.  She also got the inside scoop from the locals about the filming and the towns excitement. Be sure to check out her blog as she will have picture updates soon!

So I’m sitting in the Grand Piazza in Montepulciano having a glass of Noblie (a wicked nice red wine here), and I notice a sign next to the information center with ‘New Moon‘ in bold. Of course I have to look at it. It’s a notice about casting for extras for the film (I’ll upload the photos as soon as I’m back in the UK, Monday, but will post the info here). So I notice the New Moon casting, and go into the info center to chat to the staff about it.

Twilighters Meeting in Italy

The Italian counterpart of The Twilight Lexicon is hosting a get-together for Twilighters from around the world who are Italy bound this May. This is the same group that organized a bus tour to see Stephenie in Volterra two years ago. The group was also able to interview Stephenie at that time.

According to their site:

With approval from the Municipality of Montepulciano and a partnership with the tourism association and the city press office, we’ll be glad to invite all of you  on

Saturday May 30th in Montepulciano

for an unforgettable day among fellow twilighters!

The group has info on hotels and transportation. Check them out!