Michael Welch to appear at Star Trek film festival

There are many fandom crossovers within the cast of Twilight, but none that make Alphie’s sci-fi loving heart leap with joy more than the fact that Michael Welch was in Star Trek: Insurrection. (He was in a really cool episode of Stargate SG1 too, but that’s for another post…) To refresh your memory, Michael plays Artim, the little boy who teaches Data how to play like a child. If there are any other Trekkies out there in the Twilight fandom, here is your chance to mix the two fandoms in a really fun way!

Michael Welch will be appearing at the Laemmle Royal Theatre off of Santa Monica Blvd in West Los Angeles on August 21. The event is a midnight showing of ST: Insurrection as well as the parody short Brokeback Enterprise, which I have never seen but sounds rather comical! Tickets are $10. For more information, visit Laemmle Theatres’ website.


  1. *pulls out autograph picture of Patrick Stewart*

    I miss the Next Generation

    *happy sigh*

  2. Yes i know he was in Star Trek: Insurrection the movie when he was a child, and when he was a teenager he was Stargate SG1 in one episode becouse i have see it and he was prity good in all of them.

  3. Omg….that was Mike???

    I’m digging out my Insurrection dvd asap to check him out!! 😀

  4. OH I loved him in that episode of SG1. It is very fun when actors act in the different sci-fi shows/movies. I am very sure Jewel Staite played a Wraith on one of the Stargate Atlantis shows, (before she played the doctor character of Jennifer Keller) even with all the makeup it just looked like her :).

  5. LOL, it makes me laugh, all the reactions to him being the kid in Insurrection. I figured that out over a year ago when I was watching it. Its actually a pretty big role for non-recurring character of Star Trek. Later in the movie, he gets separated from the group to go after a pet and Data has to go after him.

  6. You think that’s funny… How about Billy Burke as a Cardasian? Precious.

    • LOL! That happens a lot, these actors that you’re semi-familiar with show up on random episodes of Star Trek, but you’d never recognize them because they have a crap load of alien makeup on them.

      Its kinda like how there is this really big guy that played an Orc in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (the one that killed Boromir) and he also plays a totally different Orc who is a commander the army that marched on Minas Tirith (He kills Faramir’s right-hand man in Osgiliath) in Return of the King. But they look nothing alike, because of the magic of make-up.

  7. switzy4ever14 says:

    hahahaha he still looks great, even young and dressed in those clothes.

  8. AliceKikiCullen says:

    OMG!!! I NEVER REALIZED THAT!!! Okay totally going to get the dvd out and watch it!! Heehee….I was trekkie long be4 a Twilighter this is so awesome! Mike keeps showing up in my other fave things Star Trek, NCIS, Stargate…Lol! Mike is the man!

  9. I remember him! I’ve been a trekkie for about 25 years.

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