Finance Foodie Interviews Michael Welch

Michael Welch is going to be attending a fan cruise that leaves from Seattle and goes to Alaska. The Finance Foodie blog got to talk to Mike in advance of his departure:

Q: Will you talk about filming Eclipse–was it tougher than filming the other two in some way?
MW: Yeah, filming Eclipse was definitely challenging. Each film definitely presents its own challenge. The main thing to really figure out is how to work with these same characters with different directors. That has really been an interesting challenge because these three directors, they are all brilliant but they are all very different in how they approach filmmaking and working with actors…so that has been kind of interesting. And it’s also been kind of interesting for me to deal with the character challenge of Mike Newton–because at this point, in Eclipse, he is not really going after Bella anymore. He has finally come to terms with the fact that he and Bella will probably never work out romantically and I think that anybody going after a girl who is being courted by both Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson would come to the same decision! It is no shame losing out to those guys!”

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Michael Welch Spends a Week With the USO

The USO is a special organization. It provides, among other things, entertainment for our troops and their families. Anyone who is in the military can tell you that money is tight; servicemen do not make tremendous salaries. So, to have a Hollywood star come and entertain is quite the treat, especially when you are a continent away from home!

In talking about his visit, Michael Welch said  “Traveling with the USO and meeting military families has been a new experience for me, and one that I will never forget. Hearing firsthand what it’s like to have a loved one deployed is humbling and it makes me realize how much military families sacrifice, and how grateful I am for their service.”

See more at the USO site.

One of our favorite stories of all time, is when Peter Facinelli signed Twilight DVD’s at Fort Lewis and missed his plane because he refused to leave until every military family who wanted to see him had that chance.

Kudos to both Mike and Peter!

Michael Welch Performs for the USO in Germany

Michael Welch just finished an appearance at the French Twilight Convention. instead of coming home, he’s in Germany performing for the USO.(Photo from a New Moon Utah event)

Here’s what Michael has on his plate for the servicemen and their families:

* Youth Programs
* Movie Camp
*Talk with the youth ages 6-12
*School Age Program
* Meet and Greet Centers
*BBQ Lunch with Teens
*Tour Hospital Wards (to include Pediatrics)
* School Age Program Talk with the kids Lunch/Visit with WTU wounded

Hats off to Michael for taking the time to be a part of the USO.

Michael Welch Interviewed By The Actor’s Reporter

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Check out behind the scenes with Charlie Bewley, Michael Welch, Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon. Photoshoot for Seventeen.