Michael Sheen Talks It’s a Wonderful Life and More

Michael talked to the BBC about what is favorite Christmas movies are. We can’t embed the audio here, but you can listen here. Michael Sheen is currently in Hamlet at The Young Vic in London in Hamlet.

A Very Special Christmas Video Message From Michael Sheen

Please help if you can. It’s truly a heartfelt message if you have ever known anyone in this position.

Michael Sheen Supports UK Salvation Army Christmas Drive

Michael Sheen is lending his name to the efforts of the Salvation Army in the UK. According to their press release:

Award-winning actor Michael Sheen has shared his favourite childhood Christmas present with The Salvation Army.

Currently appearing on stage in Hamlet at the Young Vic, Michael has taken time out of his busy schedule to reflect on past Christmas gifts – as part of The Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal.

Best known for his performances in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Frost/Nixon, The Damned United and The Queen, Michael said: “One year when I was 7 or 8, we had Christmas at my grandmother’s house, which I loved. I got an astronaut outfit and never took it off.”

Major Ray Irving, Territorial Social Services Secretary said: “Michael has proved he is a true star by brightening up our Christmas Present Appeal and sharing this special memory.

“The Salvation Army has a long history of offering practical support to people who are vulnerable or in need. This year, more children than ever before could face an empty space under the Christmas tree and we’re determined to stop that from happening – especially when just one present can make all the difference to a child.”

The Salvation Army’s Christmas Present Appeal relies on the generosity of others who are able to buy an extra gift for children aged 0-16. The presents can be dropped off unwrapped at local Superdrug stores or Salvation Army halls and centres from now until 16 December.

Salvation Army volunteers will then wrap the gifts and ensure they reach a needy child or young person this Christmas thanks to The Salvation Army’s own networks, local groups and social services.

Salvation Army UK Christmas Appeal 2011 Imagine Ad from The Salvation Army UK on Vimeo.

Michael Sheen Receives Theatre Award And Says Goodbye on Twitter

The Theatrical Management Association (TMA) has announced the winners for its Theatre Awards UK 2011, which honor creative excellence and the outstanding work seen on stages throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Michael Sheen and Bill Mitchell won for their direction of The Passion.  

Sheen also posted this to his Twitter on Saturday: Goodbye to Twitter. Thanks to everyone who has been generous and kind. I wish you the best with all you do. To the rest, you have to live with yourselves. What you put out there is what you make for yourself to live in, for better or worse. Share, inspire, connect. Good luck. x

We’re not sure if this means he’s leaving Twitter for good or just for the time being, but we figured you twitter-aholics out there should know.

Michael Sheen Does BBC Radio

Michael will be appearing in Hamlet in the UK. He chats with BBC radio about that project and his other work including Breaking Dawn. The interview is only available for a few days, so don’t delay! [Read more…]

Video: Michael Sheen: Breaking Dawn Has Depth

Do you agree with Michael Sheen’s assessment of the Breaking Dawn depth possibilities?

USA Today: Michael Sheen Proud of All Roles

Michael Sheen Talked to USA Today about being mistaken for a member of the American Sheen acting family, his latest movies, his daughter, and that he is proud of the projects he’s chosen to do even though they befuddle some people who want to categorize him.

“He’s had memorable roles in the Twilight series as a royal vampire, a werewolf in Underworld and as Tony Blair in The Queen and HBO’s The Special Relationship, and that kind of variety keeps him busy as well as entertained.

“The big stars in our industry are partly big stars because they’re recognizable for doing a particular kind of thing, and I’ve never really been that interested in doing that. It’s the difference in parts that I play that I enjoy the most,” explains Sheen, who appears in November’s Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and the indie comedy Jesus Henry Christ later this year.

“I’m not surprised that people might go, ‘Well, hang on. He’s the guy who plays the politicians.’ Or, ‘No, he’s the guy who does the werewolves and vampires.’ I’m not really looking to become the sort of actor who gets known for doing one thing. I quite like the fact that people don’t know what column to put me in.”

See more on USA Today

Michael Sheen Talks with the LA Times

Yesterday’s LA Times Entertainment section featured an article on Michael Sheen and his diverse career choices.  The article highlights the diversity in role choices from playing David Frost to Aro.

He’ll reprise the role of the menacing vampire leader later this year with the release of the first installment in the franchise’s two-part finale “Breaking Dawn,” and Sheen noted that the majority of his time on the shoot was spent on a single battle sequence, which should promise to be a showstopper.

Check out the whole article at LATIMES.COM

Collider Talks “Beautiful Boy” with Michael Sheen

Collider has a quite in depth interview with Michael Sheen about his upcoming film “Beautiful Boy.”  The story revolves around the tragedy of a family losing their son and how it changes them  Sheen speaks very candidly about the the process he went through in tapping into those difficult emotions.

Sheen said, “If you draw on your own experiences, certainly when it comes to being a parent, and you have to imagine your child dying, the danger is that you’ll get to the end of the day and go, “It’s not working for me anymore. I’m thinking about the death of my own child, and that’s not really doing it because I’ve gotten too used to thinking about it.” There’s a cost to that, as a person, to have to imagine the death of your own child. That’s not an area you really want to go into. And yet, at the same time, you’ve got to deal with it because otherwise it’s just acting and then it’s meaningless.”

He also speaks very briefly about his approach to Aro in Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2.

Said Sheen,”Well, what I love about that character is that I think he’s totally insane. Immortality – living forever – has driven him completely insane, or certainly into an area of sanity that is not really accessible to most people, and yet, part of his insanity is that he thinks that he’s a sentimental, little old lady. He thinks he’s this cuddly grandmother, somehow.”

Read the whole story at Collider.

Michael Sheen: Dramatic Reading of Twilight Fanfic

Twilightish has identified the fic and gives the background here.