Michael Sheen Talks with the LA Times

Yesterday’s LA Times Entertainment section featured an article on Michael Sheen and his diverse career choices.  The article highlights the diversity in role choices from playing David Frost to Aro.

He’ll reprise the role of the menacing vampire leader later this year with the release of the first installment in the franchise’s two-part finale “Breaking Dawn,” and Sheen noted that the majority of his time on the shoot was spent on a single battle sequence, which should promise to be a showstopper.

Check out the whole article at LATIMES.COM


  1. CullenCoven says:

    More with the “showstopping” battle sequence! I hope its just Alice’s vision and not the real battle. That would be so far from the book we would have to kill someone.

  2. Of course, my mind immediately says “what battle sequence”…I asked this same question when KS mentioned filming a battle sequence. There is no battle sequence. There’s an almost-battle-sequence…what have they done? Certainly they can’t stray THAT far from the book…or kill anyone…can’t imagine SM agreeing to THAT.



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