Metric Behind the Scenes of All Yours

Behind the scenes of the Metric video All Yours from the Eclipse soundtrack. Via Twilighters

Tonight Show: Metric Eclipse Soundtrack

Last night Metric performed on The Tonight Show. TY to BigHassleMedia

Metric Video “Eclipse”

Here’s the video for Metric’s “Eclipse (All Yours)”

Metric CD Giveaway

Many of the music fans out there already know the songs of the Eclipse Soundtrack.  So here is something exciting from Metric whose song Eclipse (All Yours) is the opening song of the Eclipse Soundtrack.  Metric is celebrating the release of the soundtrack with a special offer and a giveaway! Visit to purchase the Eclipse Soundtrack and you can get any Metric Catalogue album ½ price.  The offer also includes a free download of the Eclipse (All Yours) acoustic version which was only available with the pre-sale of the soundtrack.

And for the giveaway part!! Metric has given us a SIGNED copy of Fantasies their latest album to giveaway to one lucky winner.  This contest is only available only for residents of the US and Canada.  All you have to do is a leave a comment below and we will choose a winner at random. The contest will close on Monday 6/28 at 11:59PM EST.

Thanks and Good Luck!!!

Also you can see our Red Carpet Interview with Metric at the 1:45 mark.

Meet the Soundtrack Musicians: Eclipse Premiere Interview

Lori and Kallie loved getting to talk to the guys who are now being thrust into bigger recognition because of the Eclipse Soundtrack: Metric, Eastern Conference Champions, and The Bravery. Which band is your favorite?

The Eclipse Soundtrack Concert LIVE: Metric, Cee Lo Green & Eastern Conference Champions

Free TV : Ustream

Order the soundtrack here.

Metric Shoots Eclipse Video on Location

metricAccording to the Vancouver Sun:

“Following their two recent concerts at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, Canadian indie rock band Metric was in North Vancouver on Tuesday, shooting the music video for the theme song for Eclipse, the third instalment [sic]in the Twilight movie series.

The video for Metric’s Eclipse (All Yours) is being shot by director Brantley Gutierrez, 28, a longtime friend of the band who has also worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire and Band of Horses.

The video will depict singer Emily Haines writing the lyrics to the song inside a log cabin in the woods, a reference to both the invitation sent Metric’s way by score composer Howard Shore and to the films’ grey, wet and gloomy locales.”

See more on the Vancouver Sun.

Metric Blogs About the Eclipse Soundtrack Experience


The band Metric was one of the first reveals on the eclipse Soundtrack listing yesterday. What we didn’t know at the time is that legendary composer Howard Shore, who is doing the score, collaborated with the band Metric on their contribution!

On the band’s MySpace blog, Emily, the lead singer, writes:

“Yes … It’s official. Our song “All Yours”, co-written with the legendary film composer Howard Shore and performed by Metric, is going to be featured in the movie Eclipse, the next installment in the worldwide phenomenon known as the Twilight saga.

I’ve always wanted to write music for film, but I never expected to start with something on this scale, so you can imagine how surprised I was when out of nowhere I got a phone call from Howard Shore, who I’d never met or even spoken with before. Most people know him as the man who wrote the acclaimed score for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I grew up on Shore’s earlier works– his score for David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch in collaboration with jazz great Ornette Coleman still stands as one of the most ambitious & unusual scores out there.

To my amazement, Howard was calling to ask me to work with him on his latest project: scoring the next Twilight movie, Eclipse. He wanted Jimmy & I to write the theme song for the pivotal last scene in the movie,
integrating the music from his existing score into a composition that would express the emotional ending of the film. Seriously?!?! The lyrics would have to be in the voice of the main character Bella, and we had to stay within the confines of harmonic and melodic themes Howard had in mind for the last scene.”

Check out the whole blog entry here.

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