Eastern Conference Champions Release Eclipse Video

ECC A Million Miles an Hour was featured on the Eclipse soundtrack.

Eastern Conference Champions With New Album in December 7

This press release in from ECC:

“Things have been looking up for Eastern Conference Champions, and they keep getting better. After parting ways with their major label, ECC embraced their new-found independence and got back to work. The trio, consisting of Joshua Ostrander, Greg Lyons and Melissa Dougherty, recently made waves when they were tapped to contribute an exclusive song for the third installment of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The unsigned act was chosen from more than 400 bands competing for the coveted soundtrack slot, and the resulting song, “A Million Miles An Hour,” is receiving rave reviews. ECC is busy working on their full-length record SPEAK-AHH, slated for release in Spring 2011.

ECC has broadened its scope and embellished its arrangements, arriving at a tough-to-pigeonhole sound that spans barbed-wire folk, funk-flavored rebukes and wall-of-guitar anthems. – BuzzBandsLA

To hold you over until their full length release next year, ECC has gone back into the studio and produced the beautifully intimate AKUSTIKS EP.

“When we started the project the idea was just to record acoustic versions of some of our songs for the fans to have, but it’s always more fun for us to write and record new stuff, so once we got into the studio we started fleshing out some new material as well.  Recording acoustic was something we’d never done before and we wanted the challenge.  It really ended up being a lot of fun, and hopefully listening to it will be the same.”

Soundtrack Band Eastern Conference Champions to Play Benefit

This just in from Eastern Conference Champions:

On Friday, July 16th, Space 15 Twenty will be throwing a benefit concert in association with Urban Outfitters to support the non-profit organization ‘Music Saves Lives.’ The show is free and open to all ages, although donations will be encouraged at the door. Doors open at 7:00pm, and the music starts in the courtyard at 7:30pm. Three bands will be playing throughout the night. LINKS will start the night off, followed by Sol Giant, and finally Eastern Conference Champions, whose song ‘A Million Miles An Hour’ was featured on the Twilight: Eclipse Soundtrack. Alcohol will be available for purchase to guests 21+.  Click here for more press information!

The Band also has some upcoming tour dates:

* 07.16.10 Urban Outfitters Space 15 Twenty (Benefit show – Donation suggested) Los Angeles, CA
* 07.20.10 Piano’s New York, NY
* 08.01.10 Troubadour Los Angeles, CA
* 08.16.10 The Continental Fullerton, CA
* 08.18.10 Beauty Bar Las Vegas, NV
* 08.19.10 Brixton Redondo Beach, CA
* 08.21.10 Sunset Junction Los Angeles, CA
* 08.23.10 Crepe Place Santa Cruz, CA
* 08.24.10 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, CA

Check out the band performing live at a recent Nordstrom sponsored  Twilight event.

Meet the Soundtrack Musicians: Eclipse Premiere Interview

Lori and Kallie loved getting to talk to the guys who are now being thrust into bigger recognition because of the Eclipse Soundtrack: Metric, Eastern Conference Champions, and The Bravery. Which band is your favorite?

The Eclipse Soundtrack Concert LIVE: Metric, Cee Lo Green & Eastern Conference Champions

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Order the soundtrack here.

Eclipse Soundtrack Review

We were lucky enough to get an advanced listen to the Eclipse Soundtrack and let me first start by saying that is in my humble opinion the best of the three.  I know that is a big statement to make but this music is incredible. There is a very clear vibe to the soundtrack and it fits with that of Eclipse.  Shelley (something blue) and I (Jen/be my escape) both reviewed the soundtrack and have created a favorite’s list.  Essentially we each chose the songs we liked the most to talk about in detail.

Jen’s Choices

Heavy in Your ArmsFlorence + The Machine– This is my absolute favorite song! The music, the lyrics, everything about it is just perfection.  From the heavy drum and piano beats to the haunting voice of Florence Welch this song is intense and IMHO a fantastic Bella song.  The lyrics just speak to Bella and what she is going through in Eclipse. I have absolutely no idea if it is a Bella song but to me it is.  Listen to the second verse when you get it and let me know what you think! If you want to get a feel for the sound of the song check out Cosmic Love, so good.

My LoveSia– Strings and piano, two of my favorite things, comprise the back drop for this beautiful song.  I know Twilighters have been a fan of Sia for long time and they will not be disappointed.  This song has a similar feel to Breathe Me but with a completely different meaning. Sia’s soulful voice brings the emotion of Eclipse to life.

OursThe Bravery– This is the epitome of a graduation song or for some reason it reminds me of the song that would play over the credits of a movie, either way it is fantastic.  I loved the tempo of the song

Shelley’s Choices

Fanfarlo’s Atlas is a fun and light song that reminds me a little bit of Shooting the Moon by Ok Go on the New Moon soundtrack. This song seems like the best fit for a more light hearted scene in the movie.

Eastern Conference Champions’ A Million Miles An Hour has darker tones as well, but with a more bluesy tone to the voice. I could definitely see this as a dangerous newborn tune.

The Black Keys Chop and Change is funky and a little creepy, kind of a funk mix. It just struck me upon my second listening that this must be a Rosalie after-the-change song. I really hope so! It certainly has that bad girl vibe. I love this song. (I loved this one too!)

Overall the Soundtrack is amazing and I can’t wait to see where all the music fits. Don’t forget for today only you can listen to the Eclipse Soundtrack check it out and tell us what you think. Which is your Favorite song??