Video: Kristen Stewart on Today Show

Kristen is making the rounds of New York talk shows today.  She started on the Today Show this morning.  Even though she mentions several aspects of playing vampire Bella, its her answer to the last question that will keep everyone talking.  “Are you back together with Robert Pattinson?”  Watch the video and find out! 

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  1. can she never wash her hair and listening to her , my ears are bleeding. She has the personality of a cow

  2. I thought she did really well on this interview for the time alloted though she did seem less enthusiastic probably because she knew they were going to ask “that” question. How unfortunate that they feel it’s anybody’s business about her personal life. I wonder if they will ask Rob and Taylor the same question when their turn comes up.

    • Rob was asked the question several times while promoting Cosmopolis and handled it with class and grace. At least time has passed so she should be prepared but he was dealing with finding out about her cheating and getting it from the media. There are ways to handle yourself, Rob has proven that, but yet again Kristen has scoffed, rolled her eyes, and looked annoyed even in interviews when she is not asked about her personal life.

      • Well they have always had a different approach to their interview styles so that is nothing new. However, he was not the one caught in some “scandal” and didn’t have to face the horrible so-called fan backlash that Kristen has had to endure. I’m not saying she was rightt in what she did, however if I was thrown into the studio with these people I would be waiting for them to pounce on me and maybe she was too. That would make most people a little hesitant and uncomfortable. I guess you and I just see her reaction differently.

        • I understand where you are coming from. I guess for me after watching her interviews for the past 4 years I am just tired of seeing her roll her eyes and scoff and act like she is so burdened by promoting the films. This isn’t the first time she has looked like she has an attitude. This stems from that perception of her since Twilight was being promoted and I used to give her the benefit of the doubt. After a while though it just gets old.

  3. She didnt look enthusiastic because she was probably tired. Do you all have any idea how early the stars need to get up to do an interview on that show LOL. Plus she has been doing a lot of press lately. Im sure it’s wearing on her and all the others.

    • True, but the others smile and are gracious during interviews. Kristen rarely has ever been that way so it is hard to chalk it up to being tired. Rob is tired. He still smiles and acts like he is okay being there. Taylor is tired, but the boy’s smile can light up a room. Nikki just did an interview on the same show and has been flying back and forth. They are all tired. Some just know how to handle themselves professionally.

    • I agree that she is probably very tired as are all of the cast members. Given that, she was alot more personable on smiley on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I really think the difference was this particular show because they are known for not being respectful when it comes to others personal lives. That’s one of the reasons I don’t watch it anymore. They just ask the questions that make their guests uncomfortable and I don’t think that’s good journalism.

      • I agree that the Today Show is known to be rude but Kristen is also known to have an attitude with reporters and look very uninterested during interviews, even back during Twilight promoting, so it isnt just the Today Show that is the problem. So I think a lot of the frustration from fans is that she looks so unenthusiastic in a lot of interviews during a time when things are wrapping up. It would be nice to just see her smile and finish on a high note, even if she doesn’t actually feel that way. Be professional, do your job….which has always included promoting…and then go about your business.

  4. I am sure she is ready for promoting and this experience to be over. I just wish it wasn’t written all over her face in so many interviews. By the way, her attitude and the way she acts while promoting was something brought up by fans even before the cheating scandal so this is nothing new.

  5. Brandi Peel says:

    I always try to be fair to the actors, but I tend to agree with the other comments, the others are always gracious and kind. Kristen is obviously reserved, but she has to know that this comes with fame. I try to respect their privacy, and I agree there is a line, but she’s in the public eye, she has accepted this way of life by being an actress. She obviously has no problem taking the money associated with it. The others seem more well adjusted and able to handle the balance. Rob is awkward, but adorable and gracious. Taylor is just suave. Nikki and Ashley, as well as the others are just amazing. I wish them all the best!

  6. Mella Cullen says:

    I have always liked KS, but she has been coming across as pompous and a bit bratty in alot of her recent interviews. Maybe her form of humor doesn’t translate well in interviews or something?

  7. Geesh I know, she is not a team player, and not doing what she should, I mean…

    How about she juggle 20 plates, or balance a monkey on her head, damnit! Or wait…how about she dress more demurely, (no more black and leather), make her hair look…well however WE think it look right, and force herself to pretend to be SO EXCITED, while running on little sleep, to be asked such a personal question, regarding such an embarrassing, and difficult time in her personal life! Then, then…answer it exactly like people want you to, and be fucking happy about it!!

    Geesh Kristin, stop acting like you have a right to be…yourself or something! Couldn’t you be a little more, fake? Ya, know? For our sakes…

  8. All these comments are ridiculous, rude, or just plain wrong. I could go into more detail with each statement but the overall negative attitude on the article is overwhelming. I hope most of these comments and opinions are the minority of the people who visit this site.

  9. DishclothRioter says:

    I sometimes think Rob looks bored during his interviews, too. It’s like he’s asking himself why they’re asking that question (again) or why people take him/Edward/Twilight so seriously. I tend to think that is why he often uses humor, saying absurd, mocking, and suggestive things. I don’t blame him and I don’t blame Kristen for acting the way she does. I didn’t really sense any annoyance from her until the last question they asked in this interview and I think annoyance is justified in this situation.

  10. CameoKaren says:

    Wow, she was REALLY mad about that question, wasn’t she? But if she didn’t want to have their “relationship” scrutinized by the media then maybe she shouldn’t have issued a very PUBLIC apology for screwing around and simultaneously proclaiming her love for Robert Pattinson. Plus, I’m sorry, but there are much classier ways to duck a question and say “none of your damn business” without showing such outright contempt for the fans.

    Oh, and would it kill her to brush her hair?

  11. I actually think Kristen has been doing great in all her interviews lately, much better than in the past. She has had descriptive, interesting answers for almost all the (redundant) questions I have seen asked of her. She looks beautiful, even when her hair is messy. She seems more relaxed and happy than before, not ungrateful for her success at all, and comes across as very devoted to her role. I thought it was unnecessary to have three people interviewing her at once on the Today show, and to try and squeeze it in between all the election coverage. And finally, I thought Savannah Guthrie had a hell of a nerve to ask her the Rob question. Everyone else has managed to avoid it, so what makes her so special?

    • I totally agree with you, LeeLee. The reporters should not have the right to ask her that question.

    • I am so with you on this. I don’t doubt that she is on her guard waiting to be ambushed and this show so far has been the only one that has put her on edge and I think that’s because they always push. I remember an interview Rob did with Ann Curry and she kept pushing about his relationship with Kristen. I am a fan of the series and always will be and wish the actors the best in their lives. Rob and Kristen brought these characters to life and I’m just grateful that they stuck with it all these years.

  12. Are you guys serious? She does smile. She does have fun on interviews. She is just not as out there as Rob or any of the other cast members. Did you watch the MTV interview? She doesn’t act like she’s better than this. I think she is just reserved and quieter than the other cast members. I think that she is doing amazingly well. If I were her in this situation I would do the same thing.

  13. oh come on just tell us.

  14. I remember when Today was a “news” show and not a tabloid. The interviewers’ questions were stupid, and I think Kristen handled herself with as much grace and poise as could be expected while still being polite to the interviewers. Her fans are not who she was referring to when she said what she did about “people” watching their own little movie about her and Rob’s lives. I think she was referring to the idiot reporters and paparazzi. She obviously looks nervous in interviews, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and not be so harsh. How well would anyone do three on one with their track record for dumb questions? Did you all see her on Jay Leno? Literally like night and day–she looked beautiful and seemed much more relaxed due to a good host.

    • I agree with you. I think she was just tired. She had a long day of interviews in LA then quickly fly to NYC with Rob on election day. And have to talk to this really rude invasive reporter who has no idea what she is talking about. The reporter did it again with Robert and had the nerve to ask not once but twice. And the interview asked a really weird question in beginning, Rob completely ignored her and she pretended like she never said anything. Ughh, the Today Show really irritated me. After Taylor’s interview I’m not watching their show again.

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  16. If you all want to see Kristen let loose during an interview watch the Jimmy Fallon clip. She was very relaxed and had a lot of fun with him. She has always been shy with interviews and has very quirky habits like pursing her lips and stuff and but this interview was very relaxed and fun to watch. I think it depends on who is giving the interview and who she feels more comfortable with. It was fun to watch.

    • Exactly. Her Kelly and Michael along with her JF appearances were cool. They kept the interviews fun and didn’t make her feel uncomfortable,by asking her personal questions. As long as the current line up on the Today show,remains,no one is going to watch their boring show.

  17. DishclothRioter says:

    I agree with those of you defending Kristen.

    I think it’s strange that everyone thinks Rob’s messy hair is so sexy, but if Kristen’s hair is messy, they tell her to brush it. People are so critical of women’s looks.

  18. Uh Hello?! Who are we to judge.

    Kristen just like many other people get annoyed of getting asked the same questions.

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