Video: Taylor Lautner Jimmy Fallon and Alligators…yes you read that right

You have to hand it to Jimmy Fallon he certainly brings out the wacky fun with guests.


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Taylor Lautner On Jimmy Fallon, football, famous fans, and more

At least it wasn’t non stop abs questions

Robert Pattinson Talks With Jimmy Fallon About Breaking Dawn 2 and Gets Wet

Kristen Stewart was on last night, now it is Rob’s turn. Oh…and there’s wet Rob…yes, you read that correctly!

Video: Kristen Stewart Plays Giant Quarters With Jimmy Fallon and More

Kristen Stewart had a blast hanging out with Jimmy Fallon last night.

Ashley Greene on Jimmy Fallon for Breaking Dawn Part 1: Video

Last night Ashley Greene talked Breaking Dawn With Jimmy Fallon

Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Fallon on Breaking Dawn…He’s Armed

Given Rob’s legendary lack of eye-hand coordination, how smart was it to hand him Legend of Zelda inspired darts?

Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson is Bothered by Christmas

So what do you think of Jimmy Fallon’s latest spoof?

Jimmy Fallon Back in His Tree as Robert Pattinson on Monday

Jimmy Fallon sent out this picture from his Twitter account.  He promises a new episode of his “Robert Pattinson is Bothered” series on his show on Monday.

Our personal favorite is the episode where Jimmy actually got Rob to climb into the tree with him.

You can see the whole collection here. Which is your favorite?

TY to Pat for the heads up.

Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson in Bothered by World Cup

Jimmy Fallon is back in his tree again spoofing Robert Pattinson. This time World Cup is the target.

Jimmy Fallon: Robert Pattinson Is Bothered By IPad

Jimmy Fallon is back again spoofing Robert Pattinson in a tree.