Twilight Intervention: Step 2 You Need Accomplices…Lots of Accomplices!

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Hillywood: The Trailer and Future Parody Plans

Hillywood reacts to the Eclipse trailer

Hannah and Hilly from the Hillywood Show sat down with Clevver TV to discuss the new Eclipse trailer.

Hillywood and Candace Charee on Seattle TV

TY to TwiExaminer for the heads up.

Clevver TV Reviews the Hillywood New Moon Parody

Check out the Hillywood show site and the site of their fabulous costume designer John Henson.

Hillywood: The New Moon Parody

The wait is over. The masters of parody, the Hillywood Show, have come out with their New Moon parody. They wrote in to tell us that:

“This production will have you howling! NEW MOON PARODY by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW™ soars to a whole new level! Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob this production (actually filmed in LA PUSH & FORKS, WA) takes you through a ride of exciting, different moods without the help of Jasper! See for yourself why NEW MOON PARODY by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW™ has been the most anticipated parody in all things TWILIGHT.

NOTE: Bella’s truck in this production is the OFFICIAL screen-used truck seen in SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT’S: TWILIGHT! Special thanks to Sterling Beigert!”

Hillywood Show on Blogtalk Radio

This just in from the Hillywood Show:


As fans wait for the premiere of The Hillywood Show’s ™ New Moon Parody, Hilly and Hannah will answer some of your questions during a live interview with Blog Talk Radio , Dec. 30th! Fans can call in to ask questions or chat live in the chat window!

SPOILER PICTURE:  Today is also a special date for Hillywood™ fans to visit the site!  Come back to the site tomorrow during the live interview to see the FIRST inside look of New Moon Parody with an exclusive leaked photo from the set!

WHEN: Wednesday, December 30th , 2009
TIME:  8:00 – 9:00 pm EST
WHERE: Blog Talk Radio

HillyFans Runs Contest

This in from HillyFans, the Hillywood Show fansite:

We all know the New Moon Parody is coming up. We also know that THS funds their own parodies. Well, did you know that John Henson is costuming it, and that HE also funds his own ventures? He has to buy a lot of couture items, and it tends to cost a ton of money (we have an interview with him on the site, if you want to check it out).

HillyFans.Com is running a Costume Donation Fund! All the money will go directly to John to help make the Parody look as authentic as it can, and we’re just the medium to get the donations to him. Plus, as an incentive for you guys to donate, we’re just giving away tons of memorabilia (some isn’t listed on the site yet, but trust me, it’s FABULOUS). We have things donated by various artists: me, jewelers on etsy… and John Henson himself! These are things from his personal collection! We can’t announce everything we’re giving away just yet… but you’ll see why soon!

Here’s where you can check out one of the only ways to say that you helped with the NM Parody!

We (HF.C, THS and John Henson) would really appreciate if you just took a few moments to check out the donation page! Please keep checking back with HF.C to see the winners of the raffle PLUS a new contest to celebrate the release of the New Moon Parody!

Audition For the Hillywood New Moon Parody

“You’re hot then you’re cold, it’s yes than it’s no…” sorry, got distracted there for a second. Everytime someone says Hillywood, that song gets stuck in my head.

Anyway, the Hillywood staff is having auditions for their upcoming New Moon parody.  If you have never seen their videos, check out the Twilight parody and its behind the scenes outtakes below.

You can also see the Hillywood players in person October 2-4 at the Official Twilight Tour in Chicago. (Actually, you can see us there too.) Hannah, Hilly, Jacob, and Drew (AKA Alice, Bella, Edward, Jasper)are incredibly talented and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!

Check out their website for full details on how to audition!

The Hillywood Show: Behind the Scenes

This past summer the Lexicon staff has gotten to know the Hillywood Show main cast members, AKA Hannah and Hillary Hindi, Jacob Jost, and DrewLorentz who play Alice, Bella, Edward, and Jasper in their parodies. Aside from being incredibly talented, the Hillywood cast are some of the nicest and most down to earth people you are ever going to meet. Kim Sherman, the Parents Examiner, interviewed the group:

“In the meantime, a gaggle of Twilight fans spurred the girls to parody Twilight, a book with which they were completely unfamiliar at the start of production. “We saw the movie three times before going into production. The rooms we filmed in were smaller than the originals, so I had to be tighter on the shots,” said Hilly. “We have a crane, but it doesn’t rotate 180 degrees, so we had to take it on top of the building…”

Cue a screeching halt to my barrage of questioning. “You have a CRANE?” I asked. Blankly, like their porcelain faces, they dryly answered, “Yep. The crane was an investment. We saved up for it for a year and bought it with money from jobs we’ve had.”

Further questioning revealed that these quality, remarkably copied parodies are the sole work of two young women who have a wealth of experience in nothing other than… dance.”

See the rest on Parents Examiner.

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