Clevver TV Reviews the Hillywood New Moon Parody

Check out the Hillywood show site and the site of their fabulous costume designer John Henson.


  1. What they didn’t realize is that the Hillywood show also uses a Katy Perry song in their New Moon parody. By the way….who doesn’t love those HillyWood girls?! They are awesome!!!!

  2. I’m glad that they liked it as much as we all do! The Hillywood cast is amazing, funny, and they are all so adorable! Great job to the all of them Hilly, Hannah, Drew, Jacob and the rest! Can’t wait to see an Eclipse parody!!
    p.s. I link it to even my “non” twilight friends and they love it too!

  3. MTV movie awards last year… with the red dress?

  4. First off all, the red dress “Bella” wears in the parody is a replica of a dress Kristen Stewart wore at some function. Next, at first I didn’t really like the video. I thought it was too long but after watching it again, I like it more. I still like their first parody of Twilight better but this one is still pretty good. Especially the very end with “Edward” sticking his tongue out at Jacob. So funny!!

  5. I absolutely love the Hillywood show!

  6. CARLA CULLEN says:

    I had the pleasure to meet the “Hillywood” cast in the Twilight Convention in Miami just a week ago when they (exclusively before it hit You Tube) screened a extended version of the New Moon parody. I LOOOOOOVED!!! I watched 4 times while in the convention and I think since Twilight parody (which I simply adore)it only got better. They are very talented and very down to earth in person. And the similarities w/the actors are disturbing. They are phenomenal!!!

  7. Does anyone know if the hillywood will be casting for the eclipse parody during this summer? Maybe it’s too early to tell but I’m kind of excited for that parody as much as I am excited about the actual Eclipse movie!

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