Hillywood: The New Moon Parody

The wait is over. The masters of parody, the Hillywood Show, have come out with their New Moon parody. They wrote in to tell us that:

“This production will have you howling! NEW MOON PARODY by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW™ soars to a whole new level! Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob this production (actually filmed in LA PUSH & FORKS, WA) takes you through a ride of exciting, different moods without the help of Jasper! See for yourself why NEW MOON PARODY by THE HILLYWOOD SHOW™ has been the most anticipated parody in all things TWILIGHT.

NOTE: Bella’s truck in this production is the OFFICIAL screen-used truck seen in SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT’S: TWILIGHT! Special thanks to Sterling Beigert!”


  1. OMG!!! That is sooo f-king COOL!!!! Wow, the guy they picked to play Jacob almost looks like Taylor. Goog casting(though Taylor is hotter and buffer).

  2. Awesome! That was so good guys. Great choice of songs. And the Costumes, OMG! It looks like you shot on the New Moon set and used their clothes, lol.

  3. Amazing job on the costumes and locations! You had me wondering at times if some of the actors were the real New Moon cast! I loved it-can’t wait for your parody of Eclipse!

  4. As always, the Hilliwood does a superb job that literally puts all the other parodies to shame. I can’t wait until she starts producing actual movies!!!! She and her team are freaking geniuses! I still hold that the Twilight Parody was actually more entertaining than the Twilight movie! 😀

  5. Loved this! Costumes and props left me wondering if you stole the stuff right off the actors’ backs. Love it when Jacob and Edward are in the ring, and Edward gets distracted and Jacob clocks him. All in all, great job!

  6. Loved it! They always do such a great job! I loved how they incorporated Kristens dress and Chucks from the award show. Too cute! To me the guy who plays Jacob reminded me a little of Michael Copon at times, which I thought was really funny. I loved the tattoo parlor scene. Oh, and I kind of like there sparkles better! Really pretty! lol I loved watching them recreate the cheesy running in the meadow scene from Alice’s vision! Two thumbs up!

  7. Love it – just love it! 🙂

    The red dress looks like something Kristen would wear. 😀

    • The red dress is an almost perfect copy of the one Kristen wore to the MTV awards (remember the infamous “non-kiss”?). They did an amazing job. Only the belt is different!

  8. well… hilly does a superb job of imitating kristen stewart, but i thought the parody was a little on the raunchy side. the underwater photography was really good. and i liked that they included “alice’s vision” of bella being a vampire. i loved that part of the movie. so… i’m not sure what i think of the parody. raunchy, but it looks like someone had fun making it. “A” for effort. 😉

    • MrsLautner09 says

      I loved it!! And I don’t get what you mean by raunchy..I mean I know what the word is…I don’t know why you compared it to the video though..um please explain! 🙂

  9. Wonderful!

    I actually liked this Jacob better because Taylor is still a minor and this is a man. Though the wig was horrible.
    Loved the end the ring really made her make her mind in the end…Not like Bella did but its funny if you see it that way.


  10. I loved this! It was so funny, and they used great songs for it! They also did a wonderful job with the costumes and how they made it look like the movie sets. The Hillywood girls did a great job!

    loved it!

  12. You guys are amazing!!!! I have never been so entertained. I think that parody was almost better than the movie. I loved Alice’s dream sequence……amazing job. You guys are talented and I pray that God blesses you more than you could ever image:)

  13. I also loved the fact that Bella went all raunchy….I think we all have a little raunchy in us and if the love of our lives left us, there’s no telling what we’d do…..we might go a little crazy:) LOVED IT!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

  14. TurkishPrincess65 says

    what is the name of the song when this video is to end

    • the song is Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke…it’s from the New Moon movie (part where the wolves chase Victoria and Bella goes to teh cliff to jump.

  15. Bella Cullen says

    I love badass bella totally awesome!

  16. hahaha the guy that plays edward is hotter than robert pattinson.. he should have auditioned!

  17. Why do people like this stuff? I’m not trying to be a jerk, I just thought this was really horrible, and I don’t understand why people would do this. Is it suppose to be a joke?

  18. I loved this. It wasn’t as funny as the Twilight parody in my opinion, but the cinematography was simply amazing. I really thought most of the cast looked like the actual cast in the movie. Especially the Volturi. It was just phenomenal. I wish Hilly and Hannah all the best in their endeavors in the future.

    • I agree. They did a good job matching the actors, costumes, sets and everything… but it felt more like a music video than a parody. It was cool to watch, but really not funny. I liked their Twilight Parody better.

  19. KSmithGray says

    WOW! That was incredible! Spot on!

    The girl playing Bella, I can never remember which is which, looked SO HOT and showed SO much personality in this parody! Good for her! She looked like a rock star!

  20. I liked it, but didn’t think it was as funny as the Twilight parody… maybe this song wasn’t as catchy, I am not sure… they definitely do a good job at recreating the costumes/scenery though

  21. Hahahahaha! I LOVE it when Bella turns bad girl biker chick!!! LOL So funny!! With the skin tight black leather! Funny…

  22. I liked the Twilight Parody better because the song was just so amazingly perfect. I also think the lip-syncing was better.

    The costumes and settings were perfect though. Several look like they went to the real locations they were so perfectly matched.

    Naughty Bella was funny.

    I wish there had been more synchronized dancing like in the first. There was some, but not nearly enough! That was one of the best parts about the Twilight parody.

    More Volturi!

    The underwater cinematography was gorgeous. They did a good job.

    Alice’s vision! Yay! 😀 Very nicely done.

  23. They did a great job. What I love is they even copied how the actors were acting in the movie. The same facial expressions and movements. Love it! So many things are EXACTLY like the movie, they did a great job!

  24. I think that their sparkles are spot on. They should have just done that in the movies instead of using CG.

  25. So freaking funny!

  26. OMG! I totally loved it! The guy playing Edward is super hot and when he smiled in the Volterra scene I absolutely melted!!!!!!! Totally loved “BadAss” Bella. She is a beautiful girl and I think it was tasteful not raunchy! Can’t wait for more!!!!!

  27. They did it again!!! WOW this was awesome!!! Great job Hillywood!!!

  28. Why does this Edward sparkle so much better than in the movie?
    Great parody, i so loved the “angry” Bella ^^

  29. Twilight Nymph says

    Wow, this was freaking awesome. I so loved how they used “Thinking of You” and “So What”, especially the bad biker chick part. That was hilarious. Loved it!

  30. Yep, I agree with some on here. This Edward sparkles so much better. And the “rebel” Bella. LOL!

  31. these guys have done it again!!!! so cool this parody….. specialy the part of pink´s song (so what) great work!!!!I can imagine how breaking dawn parody is gonna be… LOL

  32. Oops, they did it again! Bella with a chainsaw was hysterical; much funnier than a “papercut.” The dance at Volturra was pretty good, too, with Alice’s red gloves and the headbanging Volturi. It jumped around from Twilight to New Moon, to Runaways. I especially like the Cullen Rock Band. Great job.

  33. That was AMAZING!!

  34. So good!! It was funny, amazing, and clever. Good job guys!:D


  36. I love how they included the Vanity Fair photoshoot, too.

  37. VERY awesome!

    The chainsaw and the boxing ring were a perfect touch.

    The guy who played Jacob… wow…Taylor is very handsome, but still boyish – buff but boyish. This guy looked like a grown man, and that’s what Jacob is suppose to look like.

    The underwater scenes were beautifully shot, and I’d love to see them put up a little something on how those were done.

    Alice’s vision was perfect. Even though it was a redo of the movie, it was shorter, and you got the idea. New Moon actually played it out for too long, so that it became cheesy. This was great.

    I know that this was suppose to be a funny parody, but there were a few scenes that were equal in quality, or even better, than the original.

    Brilliant job ladies. If you’re this good before you go to film school, I can’t imagine what you’ll be like after.

    Oh, and the way you make your Edward sparkle is better than the first movie. lol

  38. this is the BEST parody I’ve ever seen! wow this is amazing. it blew me away with all of the costumes and the location was perfect. If i didn’t know any better I would think summit was part of this too! incredible. I liked this alot better than Twilight parody. love the song selections! everthing! I will stop blabbing on again. there are not enough words to describe this video!

  39. I also think the Twilight parody was better-probably because of the song-but this one was still hilarious! The girl playing Bella’s role was just simply fabulous! Hillywood rocks!

  40. love2dream says

    How many times did they go to the theater to watch this–they copied it amazingly. It was great. Biker chick Bella was hilarious, and I loved E’s tongue stuck out at the end. LOL
    Only too bad there wasn’t one song that fit the movie all the way through like their Twilight Paraody. The songs they did use fit, though.
    One question. When does the Cullen Rock Band come to my city?!!!!

  41. Oh. my. gosh. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! Best parody i have ever seen! I think im gonna watch it again!
    *,,* hehe vampire smiley

  42. The scene with Edward and Bella running through the woods together was actually better shot than in the real movie!!! And the way they blended it with the underwater scene was amazing! Maybe they should have been consultants to Chris Weitz!! LOL

    Great job!

  43. That was amazing!… although the only funny parts were the dancing lol. But these are some talented people, seriously! Just add a bit more humor…

  44. They did a great job matching right down to the exact camera angles and shots. I can tell they worked really hard to make all of their gestures and actions as exact as possible. Did anyone else think that the guy who played Felix looked exactly like the actor who plays him in the movie?

  45. I LOVE The Hillywood Show!! I saw this parody in the morning when I woke up and I’ve watched it at least 15 times already! I found the songs extremely catchy. I was singing them all day even though I don’t know the names.

    Can anyone list the songs they used? Please?

  46. Wow, a job well done! I especially love the “bad” Bella with a chainsaw and leather pants and their dance sequence.

  47. Awww, I was hoping to laugh! the parody wasn’t really FUNNY per se, but the piece itself was VERY well done! Loved the sparkles!

  48. This parody made me realize something that I have missed since I first read the books. Bella really is a Rock Star!!! People don’t give her enough credit.

  49. The guy named Dane above me is my 31 year old husband who is also a huge fan of the Saga. Jealous ladies? hehe

  50. the songs were “Thinking of you” by Katy Perry and “So What” by Pink.

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