The Hillywood Show: The Runaways Parody

We are big fans of Hannah and Hilly Hindi, the two sisters better known as Hillywood. They just filmed their parody to the Runaways that has a few Twilight related mentions in it. The group’s next project is their Eclipse parody that the girls told us will be out in the fall.


  1. PixieCullen36 says:

    Kinda disappointed… I dunno, guess I expected more. Still love Hillywood though. =)

  2. Eh, I didn’t care for where they took it…I was kinda thinking it was going to be The Runaways orientated then The HillyWood Show Orientated. Still love them though.

  3. I thought this was great.

  4. I’m sorry, that was absolutly hillarious! These girls have an amazing talent towards parodys…not an easy thing to accomplish!!

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