Facepunch Trailer Winners!

We had tons of entries for this contest and deciding was really hard. All we can say is a lot of you have friends and family who are really good sports about being fake sucker-punched.  We were laughing our heads off at everything from montages of re-cut Buffy episodes to live action running all over town.  In the end there were three that stood out.

First Place!

Second place!

Third Place!

Winners check your inboxes for an email on how to receive your prize of autographed New Moon merchandise.

We’d also like to recognize these two honorable mentions:

Honorable mention 1

Honorable mention 2


  1. Kimberly says:

    Pretty hilarious, great work guys!

  2. darn it! hahahahah I wish that i did something for this!

  3. I hope you guys liked ours we came in third place 🙂

  4. AdArcana says:

    I just lost brain cells.

  5. Sindred says:

    You realize that these are gag trailers right?
    Sounds like we have a sore loser 🙂

    Good job to all the winners, I want to watch all those “movies” 😉

  6. Martina says:

    I loved the “gold medal” winner. One thing I really don’t understand, though. I know it’s meant to be just a reference to the Saga, but how can the girl own a copy of Twilight (and presumably of all the other books as well) and not notice her boss’s rather… odd surname?

  7. ed amaral says:

    The judges are crazy. Thes are the ones I thought were the worst. There funny because they are so badly done. It was sapposed to be as if this thing were a real film. The sliced flim clips were so much better. What a joke.

  8. Did you guys not see mine?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdhlrHYCWGE and
    I made two of them. Congrats to the winners.

  9. ed amaral says:

    I just watched honoralble mention 1 and now I know the judges are retards.

  10. Sindred says:

    Actually, judging by the work people have to do to actually plan and shoot a trailer, as well as edit their own work, I wouldn’t call the judges retard for rewarding original work, over taking someone’s film-shot footage and editing it together.

    I could take a couple of Cameron movies and make an awesome trailer, but it wouldn’t be my work. Planning your locations and lighting and coming up with a concept is a lot more involved than digitizing movie footage and forcing it to work for your concept.

    • I completely agree with you. It is much better to be original, than to just mess around with someone else’s work.

      Here are mine! ^_^ I made two!!!


    • Sure I agree with you on some points but you also gotta recognize that cutting scenes and making them fit is also stressful work. I think everyone worked hard and the bashing should stop. oh and ps it wasnt just cutting one movie and making it look cool it was like 2 different tv shows and some movie scenes that I used and I’m quite happy with how honarable mention numero 1 turned out for me.

      congrats to the winners!

  11. KSmithGray says:

    I’m all about being positive and supportive… But these are BAD. Really bad. There must have been some slip pickings. Nevertheless, congratulations to the winners.

  12. They’re supposed to be bad. That’s the whole idea of Face Punch!! I thought they were hilarious, especially honorable mention #2 :). Thanks for the laughs guys!

  13. Sindred says:

    I agree with Ellen.

    I mean if you listen to the dialogue in the Twilight movie, Facepunch a cheesy action movie. I don’t think people were expecting the trailer to Precious.

    I think some of the negative nancies are being critical of the winners because A) they didn’t win themselves or B) because they didn’t submit anything and feel that they can do better, but by the nature of being unable to come up with something better and actually follow through with the idea, they actually show that they really can’t 🙂

  14. Carmen C. says:

    I enjoyed all of the winning entries and the honorable mentions. I think Honorable mention #2 was rather hilarious with all the punching going on. I could just see me and my siblings beating each other up that way, so funny! =)

    It’s all meant to be fun so I see no point in all the negativity.

  15. Twilightrobsessd says:

    Geez ppl…Some one’s bitter. Lol. I know I could’ve done better but the fact of the matter is I was lazy and I didn’t. I’m not griping about it. And they shouldn’t be either. Every one likes different things.

    Example: I love New Moon and don’t like Twilight as much. My twin likes Twilight and hated New Moon.

    So just chill out. Haha but I do write fanfiction better than her. Tee hee ;P

    • hahaha!! The twin thing is pretty awesome, I guess i would have to agree with you and not your twin!

  16. These were fun! LOL I’m getting a kick out of Honorable Mention 2’s “Facepunching” in the baby aisle at WalMart. Epic! haha
    Good job all around! =)

  17. I din’t win anything! I’m so sad!! What was the last day of updating?? I think I post it late… Well… I expected it…

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFwvyx59Jzc See my trailer and please leave your oppinions! I want to know what did I do wrong! Please, tell me!

  19. mama23 says:

    it was just for fun lighting up guys

  20. Twilibrarian says:

    Sometimes people just like to complain for the sake of hearing their own voices. My grandmother had a saying, “Some people just open their mouths to hear their belly rumble.”

    The contest was to make a trailer for FACE PUNCH. It is supposed to be bad. It’s supposed to be awful. It’s a joke, folks. Listen to the horrible FP dialog in New Moon during the Jacob/Bella/Mike at the movies scene.

    I think these amatuer movie makers did a terrific job! Bravo. Standing O!

  21. Aww yay well at least I got an honarable mention and I had tons of fun editing the video

    xoxo lulu

  22. I’m not sure what was going on with 2nd Place…some random girl whining about people being on a website? Didn’t make sense at all. I know they’re supposed to be so bad they’re funny, but this one was just plain bad. Liked the rest!

  23. anonimous EJ says:

    I disapprove ! Number 2 should have been the first winner ! the face(book)punch thing and video game lines are hilarious ! No real link with twilight or new moon ( except the you can’t run with vampires production ) but at least it is about life in a borring small town.:)

  24. Wow those were great ! Good job guys and I really loved the second one with the guys hehe …

  25. Pamela says:

    You know what? My first reaction when I watched the first video (the only one I watched) was that it wasn’t very good. But then it dawned on me. If I think I could’ve done a better job, why didn’t I submit a video too? So in short, big kudos to all the winners & to everyone who took the time to create & submit a video.

  26. What did you guys think of the third video though?
    no one has said anything about it

  27. santis reno says:

    Why am I the only one who finds these videos oddly distrubing?


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