Let Edward or Jacob Take Over Your Facebook Profile!

It looks like the Team Edward or Team Jacob debate has hit Facebook!  AfterTheBite.com has detailed instructions on how you can show your love for either Edward or Jacob on Facebook by doing what they are calling the “Edward profile hack” or the “Jacob profile hack”.  You download the images they provide and upload them into a Facebook album.  You have to tag the photos in the order they are given to you for it to work, so be aware that it might take a little time.  It also only works if you’ve changed over your home page to the new layout, so if you prefer the old style this isn’t for you.  But given that the Edward/Jacob battle still rages on we think there were soon be many facebook pages hacked by the Vampire or Werewolf!

Use this link for the Jacob layout!

Use this link for the Edward layout!

Thanks to Matt for the tip.


  1. Seriously? With all the hot pics of Tay taken in the last year or so…thats the pic they chose? What was he 15 there?..lol

  2. I am Team Edward all the way, but didn’t use the pic of him as there are much nicer ones that I would have chosen!

  3. You can easily switch out the Jacob or Edward picture with one of your own. The coolest part is that the smallish pictures are the perfect size to pull off this “hack”. Just follow the instructions in the post and you’ll see how easy it is. Have fun!

  4. how do you download them on to facebook when they are in .jpg form? thanks(:

  5. cant get it to work

  6. that is so cool!!! rotfl

  7. i love edward so yeah

  8. Didn’t work. Tried it twice.

  9. susan nesselrode says

    couldn’t get it to work either…any suggestions?…thanx

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