Craig Ferguson Mentions Twilight Again

It’s a brief mention around the 5:35 mark or so. Looks like Craig now knows about the werewolves too. It will be fun to see if Robert Pattinson ends up on his show as part of the remember Me PR.


  1. Ms.Sparkle says:

    lol! I love Craig Ferguson. It would be awesome to see Rob on his show.

  2. HAHA I loved it. I hope Rob’s on it. They’d have great comedic chemistry.

  3. creepy twink he is! holy crap! that was funny!

  4. I’m curious why the lexicon isn’t posting about the fan letter to Universal saying the Wolfman movie copied New Moon. That misinformed person is making us all look like idiots. Not all of us only know the Twilight world. I really hope she’s (the girl who wrote the outraged letter) the only one that thinks werewolves didn’t exist in films before New Moon.

    • Twilight_News says:

      I don’t need to give an idiot that incidentally wrote /Film or maybe the Latino blog (I forget which) and not Universal more press time. The site that ran it did it to make fun of fans because we’re an easy target. Believe me Star Wars, Stark Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter…fans have had their dumb moments. Have you heard of the guy who named all his kids Luke Skywalker? or better yet the wackos known as the Snape wives. They think they are meeting with Serverus Snape on an astral plain and having sex with him…the Harry Potter fan in me wishes that I just made that up, but alas, I didn’t. Seriously, Google “Snape Wives” and you’ll get an eyeful.

      So at the moment I might want to choke the idiot and say “Thank you so much for making my fandom look stupid. Could you please crawl back under your rock now?” One idiot does not a groundswell make. Plus if I had a dollar for all the morons who insist that Twilight copied: vampire Diaries, Anne Rice (insert novel of choice), and my personal favorite The Covenant. I’d be really rich.

  5. why is this news? Craig makes fun of twilight like every episode… its not that hard to do.

  6. Erm, yeah. Like Bart said, this isn’t news. He makes fun of Twilight around every other joke.

  7. YouAreMythicalAfterAll says:

    Has anybody said/write that it was news? It doesn’t have to be, she or he who posted it just showed us one clip, and thats allright (:

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