Anna Kendrick on Craig Ferguson

TY top Eliza


  1. she’s sweet!
    Anna even played along with Craig’s trend mark “awkward pause” at the end of the interview before he even got to mention it! 🙂
    she did great!
    actually, the whole show was hilarious last night)))

  2. LOL. Anna was so great in the interview! She obviously watches Craig sometimes because she was right there with him. This was one of my favorite talk show interviews EVER! BTW- Craig is awesome. Better than any of those other dorks of late night. Give Craig the 11:35 slot! 🙂

  3. I LOVE ANNA! She’s sooo cute and funny, not to mention she rocked in Up in the Air. I hope she at least gets nominated for an oscar.

  4. Very impressive — played right along with Craig with great comedic timing. I was very pleasantly surprised. I think Anna is really going to come into her own.

  5. Wonderful interview! She’s so cute and funny and played along great with Craig. No awkward moments, just fun stuff. So happy she’s getting all the props for this movie. She’s got a fantastic career ahead of her.

  6. Amy Darlene says:

    wow…they should do comedy! Kendrick and Ferguson,,, a little music some dancing and balloon animals..

  7. I LOVE ANNA!!!! she are so funny and fantastic! i really think she are more beautiful than kristen s. now!! she are SOOOOOO cute!!!

  8. She’s charming. I like her.

  9. switzy4ever14 says:

    craig and anna, i love them both. what a pair.

  10. gina snow says:

    Great interview, I hope Anna’s talent manager Kim Eva Matuka will be reading one of my post. IF you are please reply & give me your contact info. I’m 17, really talented, and can be your next star. If you had the eye to discover Anna, I hope you will love me too. I’m dedicated, can sing & act and and many say I have a cute look.

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