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Clevver TV continues their discussions with the Breaking Dawn cast.

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Fansite Interview with Booboo Stewart

A few months ago several fansites were given the chance to interview Booboo Stewart and Julia Jones.  We have Booboo’s interview for you now and in two hours will be posting the interview we did with Julia.  We want to thank Summit for this opportunity and Booboo and Julia for being so great about talking to all of us.

Q: We’ve heard from several of the actors in the film about whose career they look up to; like Rob Pattison has mentioned Jack Nicholson, Taylor Lautner has mentioned Tom Cruise. Is there someone’s whose career you think ‘Wow, that’s something I’d really like to have 10 years from now?”

Booboo: I think Jim Caviezel and Heath Ledger. I think they always do different choices that people don’t expect, and that’s something I want to do.

Q: We talked a little bit with Julia [Jones] about the dynamics of the shift change that goes through the wolf pack in Breaking Dawn, and you are such a friendly person and ‘Seth’ is such a friendly person . . . How was it for you to go from part of this family of the wolf pack to creating the us versus them feel that we get, especially from clips that we’ve seen that were shown at comicon between the division of the wolf pack?

Booboo: I think it’s not like us versus them, he just wants everybody to get along and I think that’s what separates him from the rest of the wolf pack. doesn’t care if you are a vampire or a human or a shape shifter, he just wants everyone to pretty much get along that creates a little controversy.

Q: How is it for you to work with soo many more of the Cullen cast mates this time around?

Booboo: It was awesome- everyone was really cool, we would just hang out, Jackson he’s a really funny guy. We would just talk about music talking about like The Who and the Beatles. He’s really into his music and so am I; we just chatted about music and stuff.

Q: Since this is the largest franchise you’ve ever done, I was wondering how it’s helped you grow as an actor?

Booboo: It’s definitely has helped a lot. It’s definitely helped being on a set that big seeing how everything is done. Obviously, I’ve been on sets before but nothing as big as Twilight. You forget sometimes that you’re on set of one of the biggest movies ever- so when you just sit back and think about it its just so incredible. It’s such a great learning experience.

Q: You just mentioned you talked with Jackson about music do you plan for you and your sister to take your music career on tour anytime soon?

Booboo: Yes of course. In fact we just got back from Arizona for an organization called Child Help. They help children that have previously been abused. They’ve been doing it for over fifty years. I’ve actually learned that almost seven children each day in America die from child abuse. So, it was a really nice thing out there raising awareness about this organization and performing for them.

Q: During a recent fansite interview Bill Condon said that we get to see talking wolves this time around can you tell us about how that was translated onto screen?

Booboo: I actually haven’t seen a lot. I saw a little bit of it, but I haven’t seen the full edit of that- what I saw looked awesome. I think Bill Condon really has the right idea. He’s just translated them from the book to the screen amazing wolves from what I’ve see. I don’t think the fans are going to be disappointed at all.

Q: Speaking of Bill Condon, what was it like for you – since the only other Twilight Saga director you’ve worked with was David Slade and obviously he’s very different from Bill Condon – how much different was it for you stepping from Eclipse to Breaking Dawn with the two directors?

Booboo: It wasn’t too bad for me because on Eclipse I only worked a few days, rather on Breaking Dawn I got to really know Bill and hang out with him, talk about movies with him, stuff like that. So, it wasn’t that hard for me; I could imagine it was much harder for someone like Rob [Pattinson], who works with him every single day. I didn’t get to really know David Slade, so it was pretty easy for me.

Q: As one of the younger actors on the set, you are incredibly grounded and personable . . . What helps you stay so grounded?

Booboo: My family definitely always being around me, my friends who are really supportive of me, I’ve had the same group of friends forever. I just try to stay relaxed and have fun with it. Try not to take things too seriously. It can go to your head a lot. I just appreciate everything, really.

Q: You had said in the past when you got to do Eclipse that you were so excited because Seth is part of the big final battle and then you realized ‘Oh no, he’s in wolf form.’ This time around did you get to do any of the motion capture that we saw Taylor [Lautner] do a little bit in Eclipse. Did you get to do anything with some of the big battles?

Booboo: Unfortunately, no. As I said before, they all fight in wolf form, so I really wish I could have done that, but it’s really nice Phil Tippett, he invited me down to his studio to watch them do the wolves. So I think I’m going to take a trip down to his place to see how it’s done; he’s so nice. So I might be a little more involved in it.

Q: You mentioned that your family is a big supporter and helps keep you grounded, and obviously the Clearwaters are a family unit in Breaking Dawn and Eclipse. How did you work with Julia to develop that family bond?

Booboo: It was really easy. She’s really nice, so it was easy to feel like she was part of the family, and also the lady that plays my mom, Alex Rice, she was really awesome too. Being around her, it was really easy to act like we were all a family they were really just nice people.

Q: Speaking of co-stars, here’s a reader question: Did Mackenzie Foy have a nickname for you, and what was it like working with her?

Booboo: Does Mackenzie have a nickname for me? She was so funny, and I got to hang around her a lot. At our hotel we were literally neighbors, so we’d always go to lunch and they took us on a hike that was pretty awesome. Actually I’m cleaning my room today. She loves to draw, and she’s really good at it, and I love to draw too so we would draw each other pictures. She drew me this picture that I found in my room that I’m going to hang up today.

Q: What was it of?

Booboo: A bird; one of the birds outside of our hotel.

Q: You’ve mentioned the fact that you like that Seth gets to play both sides – he gets to spend time with the Cullens and with the werewolves. Did you find that in filming that the dynamic between the wolf pack and then the Cullen family, filming on those sets felt different, and if you can, can you tell us anything about your favorite scene with Jake versus a favorite scene with Edward?

Booboo: I think everyone was pretty much the same . . . obviously not ‘the same’ but as a group everyone just hung out. There wasn’t really any rivalry on set; everyone’s just happy to be there filming the biggest movies. It was awesome to be a part of that. As for favorite scenes, I really wish I could tell you a favorite scene, but I would lose a finger . . . And I want to keep my hand.

Q: This is a fan question . . . A lot of the wolf pack have done other projects together. We were just wondering if there is a particular cast member that you would really like to do another project with at some point?

Booboo: I’d love to work with Bill Condon again . . . our director. Working with him, no matter how stressful the situation was, he always seemed to be smiling. He would get so into every take. He was just a great guy to work with.

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Booboo Stewart Talks About Twilight Secrets and Surprises

This is probably one of the better Booboo Stewart interviews we’ve seen. It’s definitively original.

Booboo Stewart Reveals Abs for a Good Cause

The normally shy Booboo Stewart revealed his abs on TV to raise money for the Perth Telethon.

Remember he is still under age ladies. 🙂 Teens, please commence drooling. 🙂

Booboo Stewart Plays With Local Kids at Perth Telethon

Booboo Stewart made the day of two young musicians by jamming with them. He was back in Australia for the Perth telethon. he has first attended the event last year and was so touched by the money raised, he came back again this year. According to Perth Now

TELETHON’S brightest little stars Savanna Addis and Ben Popham hit a high note when they jammed with Twilight star Booboo Stewart over the weekend.

The courageous pair, aged 10 and 11, who have endured their fare share of setbacks, are budding musicians.

And on Saturday, they were presented with instruments from Perth-based charity Strike a Chord a not-for-profit organisation that gives the gift of music to seriously ill and disadvantaged children.

“It’s is a big score,” Ben, who has been playing the violin for two years, said.

The youngster, who suffers from cerebral palsy and has his legs in orthotic splints, said he was keen to learn how to play the Fremantle Dockers theme song.

And for him, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood movie star Stewart had been “fantastic”.

“Meeting Booboo has been the highlight so far,” Ben said.

“(Telethon’s) just a wonderful experience to be part of.”

A talented musician, Stewart who plays the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, said he was thrilled to be back in Perth for his second Telethon in as many years.

“Hanging out with Ben and Savanna has been great, they’re really awesome,” he said.

Attention Australia: Booboo Stewart Has Landed

Booboo Stewart is back in town for the annual Perth telethon. According to The

“The Hollywood star for Telethon touched down in Perth this afternoon after a long 20 hour trip from LA.

Booboo Stewart, who plays Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga, attended Telethon last year and had his heart set on coming back this year.

Stewart said he really loved “the energy of the people, the good deeds and just what everyone’s here to do.”

“It’s a really nice thing to do and it makes you feel good,” he told _The West Australian. _

“Last time I went to the children’s hospital which was good. It’s nice to know that you can make people happy just by meeting them.”

See more at The West

Booboo Stewart and Melissa Rosenberg in Spain

Booboo Stewart and Melissa Rosenberg were at the Stiges festival in Spain.

Nikki Reed, Booboo Stewart, and Kellan Lutz Sign Scooters for Charity Auction

Radio Flyer is Teaming up with First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight obesity. According to their press release:

Which autographed scooters will get your bid? Nearly 40 celebrities have signed a new Radio Flyer Style ‘N Ride Scooter for an online charity auction. Will you own a scooter signed by Demi Lovato? Cameron Diaz? Mark Wahlberg? Ashton Kutcher? Or one of the Black Eyed Peas?

100% of the proceeds will benefit Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) created in conjunction with – but independent from – Let’s Move!, and is supported by the honorary chair, First Lady Michelle Obama. With this auction Radio Flyer and PHA team up to encourage more active, outdoor playtime in effort to win the fight against childhood obesity. We invite you to participate in this auction and to join Radio Flyer in their pursuit to make every childhood healthy and memorable

Different celebrities item go up on different days. Here is the current schedule (subject to change)

October 3-13
David & Lorenzo Henrie, Nikki Reed, Kat Graham,, Jason Bateman, Tyler Blackburn, Quinton Aaron, Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

October 10-20
Taboo, Maria Canals Barrera, Grey Damon, Cameron Diaz, Charice, Rebecca Black, Chris Hemsworth, Joel McHale

October 17-27
Printz Board, Stefanie Scott, Boo Boo Stewart & sister Fivel, Madison de la Garza, Maggie Q., Lucas Neff, Mark Wahlberg, Tyra Banks

October 24-November 3, Sterling Knight, Francia Raisa, Sean Kingston, Michael “The Miz” Mizanin, Ashton Kutcher

October 31-November 10
Fergie, Demi Lovato, Kellan Lutz, Malese Jow, We Are Th3 Dorks, One Republic

Check it all out at their EBAY store

Booboo Stewart Returns to Annual Australia Telethon and Will Host Free Concerts

Last year Booboo Stewart participated in the annual Perth telethon for the first time. Now he is back again, and you can win tickets to meet him. According to Perth Now:

You and your guest can be meeting the star at The Sunday Times Telethon Phone Room on Sunday, October 16 plus will receive two tickets to the closing of Telethon.

Last year, Booboo attended his very first Telethon here in Perth and was an instant success with everyone that he wanted to return this year.

Besides Telethon, some of his other philanthropic events that he supports include the Muscular Dystrophy Association of which in 2010 he was named the Celebrity Ambassador for the organisation. In his role, Booboo is helping raise awareness in the fight against muscle diseases. Additionally, Booboo, along with his sister, Fivel, will host two Free Concerts to End Child Abuse on behalf of national non-profit organization, Childhelp.

Here is the link to the contest and more details.

This is the video from last year’s telethon. Wonder what’s in story this year?