Music As Important As Ever For Robert Pattinson

Rob has said more than once in interviews how much music means to him. He’s even talked jokingly about music being a back-up plan if acting didn’t work out.

According to People magazine, Rob recent stopped by the after party of the Juno Awards, Canada’s equivalent to the Grammy Awards, that took place at Vancouver’s Velvet Room inside the Opus Hotel.

Rob’s also been a huge supporter of his friends’, Sam Bradley and Bobby Long, musical careers. Both are currently touring the US and Canada. In fact some fans ran into Rob and Sam the other night. If you want to catch Sam in a live performance, he is slated to appear at in the near future in Vancouver. See Sam’s MySpace for details.


  1. Maybe if we’re lucky Rob will someday drop a CD out or something. That’d be great!

  2. di*cullen says:

    oooo rob in concert would be cool

  3. for some reason I just can’t picture Rob on a huge stage performing..but it would be sweet!!!

  4. Gradient says:

    Look how ugly that beech looks in the photo.

  5. I think Rob should tour when he’s not making movies…so we can all hear his music! Would’nt it be cool to walk into a little bar sit down for a drink and see him sitting on stage getting ready to play and sing!!!

  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing rob in a small setting or stage performing with his guitar or in the piano. I don’t drink of smoke and I would love to have all of my sharp (as in keenly or acutely) senses to see him.

  7. I wanted to ask about roberts performance on the U.K London,
    maybe you know if rob is performing on August on the U.K London with his songs?
    and if he is,when? where? what’s the cost?

    It is very important to me. please answer me if anyone knows something.
    i’m coming from a long distance to the U.K London and i hoped you could help me.

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