Robert Pattinson’s Music Roots Run Deep

It seems like you can’t turn around lately without hearing something else about Robert Pattinson, his taste in music, his fellow musician friends from the UK, and his music ambitions. Here’s the latest run down:

It seems that Robert gave an interview to a Czech publication where he states he likes the group Tokio Hotel, and wouldn’t mind seeing them on the soundtrack.

The LA Times ponders if Rob’s ambitions extend to Grammy or Oscar dreams.

The Examiner has dubbed Rob’s group of musician friends: Bobby Long (pictured left via EW), Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley ‘The Brit Pack”. Let Me Sign, sung by Rob in the Twilight movie was co-written by Bobby and Marcus. Rob also performs Never Think written by Sam Bradley in the Twilight movie. Entertainment Weekly just did a big article on Bobby Long who just played to a packed crowd in New York last night.

Now they certainly owe their exposure to Rob singing their material in a blockbuster movie, but the person who was actually instrumental in getting this all to happen in the first place was the seldom mentioned Nikki Reed. If Nikki hadn’t shown Catherine Hardwicke Rob’s music, and Catherine hadn’t insisted that it be put on the soundtrack, probably none of this new found exposure would be happening to the degree it is.


  1. *cough* Uhm, it’s spelt T-O-K-I-O. *cough*

  2. Just had to point it out.

  3. Yeah, Tok-I-o.

    I’m only saying that because I’m OCD, I don’t really like Tokio Hotel anyways.

  4. Sigh. The TH thing is probably a fabrication. The website took it down. (I have a Twilight opinion rant blog, and this was an interesting rumor for me since I’m newly obsessed with the band.)

    It would certainly be interesting to find out, though… Maybe he could hook a sistah up. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. well thank goodness for that Nikki Reed ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Twilight Nymph says:

    I hope it’s a fabrication because I personally can’t stand Tokio Hotel. I’ve tried listening to their music but found it impossible. Yet, that’s just my opinion.
    Yet, I have to agree that thank goodness for Nikki Reed revealing Rob’s music.

  7. ahhh is it just me, or does he get more delicious every day??? oh and tokio hotel’s not bad, whether the story is real or not…i would never have picked him out as a fan of their’s though regardles…he seems a little bit more indie than that, you know? not really a mainstream music kinda guy…i dunno, i’m just sayin…

  8. Nah, sorry. No way will i ever thank nikki reed for anything. rob and and his friends would have eventually been discovered anyway.

    • Can I ask why you, or anyone, hates her so much? I mean, she hasn’t done anything that I’ve heard to deserve it?

    • Julie M. says:

      Everything I’ve ever heard and seen about Nikki is that she is a very sweet and friendly person.

  9. umm tokio hotel? really?? i hope not cuz no offense to their fans but their music is not music!!
    Rob doesn’t seem like the type who would be a fan

  10. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Tokio Hotel Creeps me out.

    @Davida: Nikki Reed is a sweet person and there will never be a reason to be rude to her.

  11. Katie_Coven says:

    I can’t really imagine that he’s a fan… I mean everyone has a right to exist, but you wouldn’t want to mix the Twilighters with those fans. The whole thing would go right through the ceiling. I’m German, so I know, what I’m talking about.

  12. Profit2829 says:

    Like I said before… what has gotten to Robert Pattinson?! Tokio Hotel?!?!
    I think he was just kidding… right ?? HAHAHA

  13. Yeh.. exactly what I was thinking.. Tokio Hotel??

    Their music is okay… but really????? -.-

  14. Profit2829 says:

    What do you guys think of Kings Of Leon?? Their song ‘Closer’ ( for sure I know Rob likes this band)
    Check out the lyrics and listen to the song:

    Stranded in the spooky town
    Stop lights are swaying and the phone lines are down
    The floor is crackling cold
    She took my heart, [i think] she took my soul
    With the moon I run, far from the carnage of the fiery sun

    Driven by the strangle of veins
    Showing me no mercy, I’d do it again
    Open up your eyes, you keep on crying baby I’ll bleed you dry
    The skies they blink at me, I see a storm bubbling up from the sea
    And it’s coming closer
    And it’s coming closer

    Your shimmy shook my bones,
    leaving me stranded all in love on my own
    Do you think of me?
    where am I now baby, where do I sleep?
    It feels so good but I am old
    200 years of chasing taking its toll
    And it’s coming closer
    And it’s coming closer
    And it’s coming closer
    And it’s coming closer

    • I love that song =D my friend introduced me to them awhile back, and they’re so good!

    • I was never introduced to their music by anyone. I just happened to stumble upon it while watching Youtube inspired Twilight fan made music videos. Gotta lover youtube! The song is absolutely awesome, I bought their album off of Itunes and haven’t stopped listening to it since. I really didn’t listen to Sam Bradley till I heard about his version of “Never Think” and fell in love with it. I’m having a bit of trouble getting into Bobby Long. I have to agree Rob’s exposure has somewhat given the boys an uplift of fans but I don’t agree that Rob is the entire result of their fan base. However I agree with Davida, they would have been discovered eventually.

  15. AHHH!!!!!! tokio hotel AND twilight?!?!?!? *sigh* i think i just died a little :]

  16. I’m sorry, Rob, but Tokio Hotel!? I don’t think so. I love you, Rob, but not the band Tokio Hotel. They’re too teenybopper for my taste (although Twilight is a bit tennybopper….but still….)

  17. Daydreamer says:

    Tokio Hotel, just to mention, is a great band. I don’t think they’d work too well for Twilight, though – too…sweet, I guess. (Do you like fish? Do you like milk? Do you like fish milkshakes?) Edward is more dashing, and I can’t really connect Jake with them. I don’t know why.
    Ah well…still good music…

  18. I agree with Profit. I am a huge Kings of Leon fan and I’m surprised someone didn’t vouch for them earlier. Maybe Kings of Leon would fit somewhere on one of the upcoming soundtracks.

  19. OME!! I love Tokio Hotel and am would be thrilled to have them on the soundtrack. Yay Rob!!

  20. Honestly, I LOVE Tokio Hotel. They have a great song–and Bill isn’t too hard on the eyes either.

    If one of their songs were to be on the soundtrack, I have to say that “Don’t Jump” would be good. And, I’m pretty sure you know why and what scene. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It would be a good song to play when she’s under the water, struggling to breath and thinking of Edward… Oh, I’m getting chills just thinking about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. It’s becoming official then.Tokio Hotel might really be on the New Moon soundtrack.

    • Oh, I wouldn’t be too quick to run to assumptions! NM is still taking baby steps. Besides, just because Rob likes the band doesn’t mean that their involvement in the soundtrack is now set in stone. I will keep my eyes open for more information…

  22. Omg
    It sounds kind of fake to me about the whole TH thing because like many people have stated, he doesn’t seem the type that would like that but who knows really? Anyway I really do hope they consider TH. They’re effin awesome!

  23. chrissie says:

    finally, somebody gives nikki reed the mamma jamma respect she deserves. can’t wait to see more of her writing. now let’s see if we can get someone to give melissa rosenberg her 15 minutes. the next screenplay’s will be even better….let’s hope the editing is too.

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