Billy Burke on What He Likes About Charlie and Twilight

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Billy Burke and More Talk Uncomfortable Breaking Dawn Wedding

Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli expanded on the discomfort to Access Hollywood. Looks like the Pacific Northwest weather went four-for-for and zapped every production.

““I wish that I could say it was this magical beautiful day, but we had a lot of rain and it was kind of muddy and there [were] tarps all over,” Peter Facinelli, who plays Robert Pattinson’s on screen father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, said.

“Literally, there was a couple of extras where water just poured down and dumped on top of them,” Peter told Shaun. “So, it was kind of a nightmare shooting it, but [the set] was so beautifully dressed and I know that you’ll never see any of that behind the scenes stuff and it will look beautiful.”

Elizabeth Reaser – RPattz’s onscreen mom Esme – told Shaun the nuptials felt otherworldly.

“Very beautiful, it’s supposed to be a dream wedding. They spent months and months and months putting this thing together. It’s everything you’d want when getting married,” she explained, acknowledging the harsh weather.

“It was raining and freezing and everybody was uncomfortable, but when we were rolling, it was the most beautiful moment,” she continued.”

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Billy Burke Talks About the End of Twilight Saga

Twilightish has a great interview with Billy Burke about his feelings on working with the Twilight Saga over the years.

Twilightish: How does it feel to see the end of the Twilight Saga? Are you happy to move on?

Billy: It’s weird you know? Cause it’s kinda like being on a television show for the last three years. It was a steady gig for me you know? I can’t say that I’m heart broken about it but it was a good gig for me. I’m a little on the fence about how I feel. I think that it has run its course, and we as artists and audiences have gotten everything we can possibly get out of it. Always happy to be moving on. I have no idea what is next for me.

Twilightish: Do you wish for more movies?

Billy: No, no I don’t wish for more Twilight movies. Anything beyond this would be pushing cartoon level.

Twilightish: When you look back on Twilight, would you do it all over again or pass?

Billy: Of Course! Absolutely! Actually, I enjoyed playing Charlie. I liked him!”

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Twilight Connected Movies Dominate Weekend Box Office

According to Gossip Cop Battle Los Angeles, Rango, and Red Riding Hood should place 1, 2, and 3 this weekend:

Battle Los Angeles co-starring Noel Fisher is predicated to take in 40 million

Rango, co-starring Gil Birmingham (his character is the bird with the red and grey striped poncho seen above) is predicated to take in 25 million

Red Riding Hood, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and co-starring Billy Burke, is predicated to take in 15 million

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Check out the trailers under the cut. Have you seen any of the three movies? What did you think? [Read more…]

Billy Burke Proud to Be a Part of Hollywood History

Billy Burke has been doing lots of press for his movie Drive Angry. Reporters have been asking him about the Twilight Saga and this is what Billy had to say about the franchise and the end of filming:

“Billy Burke knows he might be the most clueless father in history. As Bella’s pop in the “Twilight” saga, he never really has noticed that his daughter is, oh, dating a vampire.

Hello! The luminous skin? The piercing gaze? The jumping on treetops?

“I know, I know,” says actor Billy Burke. “He doesn’t know. My character Charlie does have to resign himself to being oblivious.”

Especially now. In the two upcoming “Breaking Dawn” movies, Bella and Edward will make it all public. The “Twilight’ers” now are filming the last installment of the hit franchise. “He finds out and his entire world gets cranked upside down,” says Burke.

As for a vampire son-in-law, he opines, “The way Charlie explains it away is that he understands his daughter is her own person. She will do what she wants to do. She will go after what she loves. He respects that.”

Filming will conclude in April. “This is it,” Burke says. “There are no more books. I’m not sad. It’s been a good ride. It can’t go on forever, even though I’m sure in the hearts of the ‘Twi’ fans it will. I’m just proud of be part of Hollywood history.”

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Jen Yamato Interviews Billy Burke About Drive Angry and More

We’ve been a fan of Jen Yamato for awhile. She’s been with a couple of different entertainment outlets like Rotten Tomatoes and FearNet. She’s now over at Movieline as a writer, but it doesn’t matter to us, because we love her style no matter where she is. Here’s the intro to her latest interview with Billy Burke:

“Twilight fans who flock to see Drive Angry 3D this weekend in support of Billy Burke are in for a bit of a surprise, as the actor — who plays the calm, mustachioed father to Kristen Stewart’s Bella in Summit’s Twilight Saga films — swaggers his way through the South as a sexually-charged Satanic cult leader. To put it plainly, Burke’s Jim Jones-meets-Jim Morrison villain gives co-star Nicolas Cage a run for his money in the anti-subtlety department, and Burke clearly relished every second of the departure from Charlie Swan. “

With an intro like that, how can you resist the rest of the story? Check it out on Movieline.

The photo is one Billy tweeted last year while filming Drive angry of his character’s signature long nails.

Billy Burke Talks What Music He’d Drive Angry to, and What’s on His Playlist

Got to love the classic rock!

Video: Hit Fix Talks With Billy Burke About Drive Angry and Breaking Dawn

So are you going to see Drive Angry?

MTV: Video Billy Burke on Breaking Dawn and Drive Angry