MTV: Video Billy Burke on Breaking Dawn and Drive Angry


  1. Um interviewer – that was 2 more follow up twilight questions, not just 1. I always feel so bad for the actors that are just trying to talk about their current project and the reporters assault them w/ twi questions.

    • I don’t feel bad for the actors. He’s lucky he has two movies to talk about. If the whole interview was about BD, then That would be too much. I could tell he was kind of irritated.

  2. Yeah,it was like he had to remind her that he was trying to promote his “current” film Drive Angry. I know everyone is chomping at the bit for any news on Breaking Dawn,but some of the reporters could show a little courtesy and try to keep the interview on the focus of the film the actors are working on at the moment. I wanted to at least hear a little bit about his character in Drive Angry,because it’s such a huge departure from Charlie Swan. There’s no need to as in every interview about Breaking Dawn filming. I can wait until the first teaser trailer hits.

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