Red Riding Hood DVD Giveaway

The Red Riding Hood film directed by Catherine Hardwicke and costarring Billy Burke is coming to DVD TODAY! They just launched a cool, interactive website (click above). Check it out and pick your favorite in the love triangle.

Also, we are fortunate enough to be able to give away a DVD to one Lexicon reader (sorry limited to US residents only). Just tell us in the comments what you love most about Catherine Hardwicke and/or Billy Burke and we’ll pick a random winner on Thursday at 11:59pm est.


  1. I REALLY like this movie and can feel the “Twilight” connections in several places! Can’t wait to get my copy and see all of the behind the scenes! Loved the book too!

  2. Marie (Bella) says

    I love Catherine because she made Twilight! She’ll always be a favorite of mine for that. And Billy Burke is so multitalented! He sings too and on top of that he is very friendly with his fans. Love Billy!

  3. i loved the similarities with Twilight, even though it was nothing like it. But you can point out stuff they shared.

  4. Carrie Marie says

    I love Catherine Hardwick cause of her crazy but totally awesome directing skills, it was similar to twilight in some ways but she just makes you know that there is a difference! I can’t wait to watch this movie!!!

  5. FriendofUST says

    I love that she always has a strong vision of what she wants her films to be, from “Thirteen” on. They never feel like just any Hollywood movie.

  6. I liked Billy Burke’s role. I liked how he was the one. I also like how the end wasn’t a real happy ending. At least for me the wolf was a surprise to me.

  7. What I love the most about Catherine Hardwicke is her art direction. I loved how she created the world of Twilight for film. Same goes for Red Riding Hood, during the movie I couldn’t help but look at the set. All the cool little objects in the background adds the right kind of vibe to the movie.

  8. I love Catherine’s directing style. I recognized some of the same shots in Red Riding Hood as in Twilight. Most notably, the “I Know What You Are” shot with Edward standing behind Bella in the forest. Red Riding Hood had a similar shot and I loved it! I also think it’s great that she’s one of the few female directors out there.

  9. Ok, how did I not know this was coming out today?! I loved this movie!!! In October, I was fortunate enough to go on a tour with Catherine, who showed us several Portland locations where scenes from Twilight were filmed (I shared a seat with Shelley from TL). On the tour, she told us of this project and she described it as a Red Riding Hood thriller…that hooked me immediately!

    I knew it would be a visual stunner because of what she did with the outdoor locations in Twilight, like the “I know what you are” scene – awesome. Since the plot was already kinda set in stone, based on the children’s story, she really had to focus on the visuals – and she delivered beautifully! I LOVE the ariel scene when Valerie was walking through the snow in her red cape.

    By the way, Catherine is really great – I felt like I was just hanging with my big sis all day, instead of this amazingly talented woman. Can’t wait to see what else she brings to the big screen.

  10. Alison Pliley says

    I really loved Red Riding Hood. Honestly Catherine Hardwicke is not my favorite director but I will definately be owing this movie, even if I don’t win a copy ๐Ÿ™‚

    LOVE Billy Burke ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Billy Burke Rocks! He is just so good at what he does. He plays his characters so real and believable.

  12. Bridgette Harris says

    Catherine Is an awesome director. Loved her work in Twilight. Billy is a great actor. Loved his role in Drive Angry!!

  13. Jellybellys78 says

    I love Catherine because she is/was the most fan friendly director, she understood our passion and concerns. Billy Burke is a fantastic actor, he brought Charlie to lifes and his facial expressions were priceless! So underrated it’s a shame.

  14. I love the fact that Catherine loved the property and I know it’s not perfect but for some reason you can tell her heart went into it and that’s all I wanted for Twilight. And Billy well his sarcastic humor is needed in this series and I appreciate his honesty !

  15. Twilight has the feel of a serious 70’s horror movie thriller without all the porn aspects haha! I love her take on the book and what Catherine was trying to recreate.

    As for Burke, he’s just a clever actor. From his choice of roles , he’s genuis! Anyone that can go from being on Star Trek to playing a police chief of a small town is ok in my book ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I LOVE Catherine’s personality!!!! The twilight commentery is hilarious!! I think it would be so fun to hang out with her!! She’s totally RAD!! Lol

  17. I LOVED this movie! Not because it was directed by Catherine who did twilight because Red Riding hood as been my favorite childrens story since I was a little girl. My dad used to read me the story every night and also would sing me the song By Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. It was be just awesome to get the DvD! Especially if I got to say I won it from you wonderful people ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I was excited though that Catherine Harwicke was directing it because I really did love twilight and I loved all her interviews. She seemed to be like a lot of fun and really just enjoyed what she does. I am so totally looking forward to more movies she does!

  18. Billy Burke is a great actor..I loved what he brought to Twilight.

  19. Amber-Lea Tant says

    I think Catherine is an awesome director. Her style is all her own, most directors try and be like their idol directors, but Catherine is her own idol director. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Red Riding Hood is a cool dark fairytale / paranormal romance flick, definitely a Company of Wolves meets Twilight vibe. Hopefully it will get the recognition it deserves on DVD.

  21. MandieBea says

    Billy Burke is one hot papa!

    And I like Catherine Hardwick because she is willing to share her directing knowledge (see the Twilight Director’s Notebook). She is very humble.

  22. Ashley Haddock says

    I love Billy Burke! He is an amazing actor. His character’s in Twilight and Red Riding Hood are so completely different and yet he nailed them both. I can’t wait to see him in Breaking Dawn, he’ll have quite an interesting time in part 2 seeing Bella as a vampire.

  23. I love Catherine’s ability to go past the material of a movie and the budget she is given (or not given) to get into the emotional depth of a story. She finds the way to get her vision across onscreen.

  24. I love Billy cause he is just plain awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Angle grothem says

    She made one of my favorite movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I love billy because his acting is so real if that makes any sense. Characters seem to come naturally to him which brings a great feel to his movies.

  27. I love Catherine Hardwick because she is edgy and takes chances on her movies!!!

  28. Billy Burke is a terrific actor, down to earth and so incredibly funny. I totally did not picture Charlie like him at all, but he quickly replaced the Charlie in my head.

  29. I love Billy Burke’s dry, honest sense of humor. It comes across both in interviews and on screen. He has a way of making his characters so real and sincere. He’s fantastic as Charlie Swan, so oblivious half the time, but so genuine about it that you never feel like it compromises the character. Whereas, I’ve also seen him in movies like Fracture, where he plays a more conflicted character. Not quite the bad guy, not quite the good guy, and it was believable. He’s great, and I hope to see him featured in many more films!

  30. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I love Billy Burke and his AMAZING portrayal of Charlie. He completely captures Charlie’s reserve but deep care for Bella. He’s an amazing actor, and I’m so glad that Catherine Hardewicke cast Twilight so well.

  31. This movie was so bad. Too many overly cheezy lines

  32. I adore Billy Burke for his portrayal of Charlie and how he brought that character to life. Then he turned around and played such a diverse character in Red Riding Hood, proving his ability to play both the awkward but loving father and the slightly off-kilter father with a dark secret. Catherine Hardwicke also offers such emtion in her directing that it absolutely draws the viewer in and connects them to the film and the actors in it.

  33. I love the way Catherine captures a film, your just drawn into her films, kinda like your there. Amazing work!

  34. I love Billy Burke because he always manages to steal every scene he’s in. He was hilarious in the Twilight films, as well as in Red Riding Hood. Though, I must say, he was a bit frightening in Red Riding Hood.

  35. i love the way catherine capture the feel of twilight! it was so different then any of the other ones in the saga! i feel she really captured the love! and its like that in red riding hood to! i cant wait to see what else she has to offer!

  36. I love Catherine Hardwicke because she is a quirky, cool woman with an amazing sense of vision. She has an awesome way of taking a picture in writing and creating this world that takes the viewer into the minds and lives of the characters with so many visual details. It’s awesome!
    I love Billy Burke because he’s kind of a “cool” guy. A laid back, fun, actor. It seems so easy for him to fall into his roles. He’s a great actor.

  37. I love her because of her amazing visions in movie making.

  38. I love the depth in Catherine’s work. She creates such lush visual images!

  39. I love Catherine’s crazy energetic personality.

  40. I love Catherine! I abosultly love her ideas in hear mind that she had for twilight that did and didnt get in the film. i just think she does a brilliant job of directing her movies. And wish she had done all of the twilight films.

  41. I love Catherine Hardwicke for being the director behind the love of my life Twilight and Billy for being Charlie. Would love to win this DVD.

  42. CullenCoven says

    I pick all the Peter pics

  43. I love Catherine Hardwicke because of the beauty she brings to movies. I really love the tones of Twilight. I love Billy Burke because he can play any type f role and nail it.


  45. Kimberly says

    I love how great Billy Burke is!! He is a great actor and bring the characters to life!

  46. Catherine Hardwicke has been on my radar since her movie Thirteen came out. My son was thirteen at the time the movie came out and it really opened my eyes. She takes risks as a director and stands behind her decisions. I think one of her greatest traits is her ability to see her movies long before they are on screen..which begs the there a better casting director than Catherine??? Trusting her instincts as well as input from others usually equals a brilliant film. LOVE HER WORK. PERIOD.

  47. Ashley H says

    I like how she makes things dark and magical at the same time.

  48. Jellybellys78 says

    I love Catherine because she is the most fan friendly director (next to Chris) and has fully supported the fans. Also, Billy Burke is so underrated! He brings so much life to Charlie and his facial expressions are priceless.

  49. Elizabeth B. says

    I love Billy because not only is he a great actor, but he is dedicated family man as well. Although he looks nothing like how I had pictured Charlie in my head, no one else could play that role. He brings a very real emotional and humorous aspect to Charlie on-screen. He creates a connection with the audience without even trying, and that’s why I love Billy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. I like Catherine Hardwicke because she will fight for a movie to be filmed as she envisioned and will walk away if she thinks she will not be able to do it the way she believes it should be done.