Billy Burke Proud to Be a Part of Hollywood History

Billy Burke has been doing lots of press for his movie Drive Angry. Reporters have been asking him about the Twilight Saga and this is what Billy had to say about the franchise and the end of filming:

“Billy Burke knows he might be the most clueless father in history. As Bella’s pop in the “Twilight” saga, he never really has noticed that his daughter is, oh, dating a vampire.

Hello! The luminous skin? The piercing gaze? The jumping on treetops?

“I know, I know,” says actor Billy Burke. “He doesn’t know. My character Charlie does have to resign himself to being oblivious.”

Especially now. In the two upcoming “Breaking Dawn” movies, Bella and Edward will make it all public. The “Twilight’ers” now are filming the last installment of the hit franchise. “He finds out and his entire world gets cranked upside down,” says Burke.

As for a vampire son-in-law, he opines, “The way Charlie explains it away is that he understands his daughter is her own person. She will do what she wants to do. She will go after what she loves. He respects that.”

Filming will conclude in April. “This is it,” Burke says. “There are no more books. I’m not sad. It’s been a good ride. It can’t go on forever, even though I’m sure in the hearts of the ‘Twi’ fans it will. I’m just proud of be part of Hollywood history.”

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  1. I know what he means. Sad it will end !

  2. oh my gosh I am SO excited for the scene where Charlie first sees Bella and Renesme! Also, I wonder if they will show the part where Jacob morphs into a wolf in front of Charlie… that would be great, and I bet Billy Burke would do a GREAT job with it, as he has done a great job with EVERYTHING twilight thus far. He IS Charlie. I especially liked his awkward scene in eclipse with he and Bella discussing her level of intimacy with edward.

  3. Billy Burke has done a great job at playing Charlie so far. Another scene I’m looking forward to is the one when Bella announces to him her plans of marrying Edward. Gotta be hilarious!

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