Jen Yamato Interviews Billy Burke About Drive Angry and More

We’ve been a fan of Jen Yamato for awhile. She’s been with a couple of different entertainment outlets like Rotten Tomatoes and FearNet. She’s now over at Movieline as a writer, but it doesn’t matter to us, because we love her style no matter where she is. Here’s the intro to her latest interview with Billy Burke:

“Twilight fans who flock to see Drive Angry 3D this weekend in support of Billy Burke are in for a bit of a surprise, as the actor — who plays the calm, mustachioed father to Kristen Stewart’s Bella in Summit’s Twilight Saga films — swaggers his way through the South as a sexually-charged Satanic cult leader. To put it plainly, Burke’s Jim Jones-meets-Jim Morrison villain gives co-star Nicolas Cage a run for his money in the anti-subtlety department, and Burke clearly relished every second of the departure from Charlie Swan. “

With an intro like that, how can you resist the rest of the story? Check it out on Movieline.

The photo is one Billy tweeted last year while filming Drive angry of his character’s signature long nails.


  1. Jen Yamato says:

    Oh, you guys. You’re so sweet! Thanks for the love, and keep up the great work!


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