Let It Snow, Let It Snow: Weather Affecting the Breaking Dawn Sets

Well it’s Vancouver in the winter. If the filming crews have learned one thing over the years filming in Vancouver, it’s that you NEVER know what the weather is going to be! Even in the Spring, things can be unpredictable at best.

Notably, Catherine Hardwicke was faced with what had been a lush, green field on one day, suddenly turned into a snowy, muddy mess the next. So much for the meadow scene on location. It ended up reshot in California.

As we have been telling you, the Vancouver shooting is mostly exteriors. Today those exteriors are covered in snow. Supposedly this isn’t exactly according to plan, and crews have been seen trying to move the snow without creating a muddy mess (imagine shoveling grass and you get the idea).

Assuming Vancouver isn’t clobbered by some of the massive storms the Midwest and the Northeast have gotten this year, it probably won’t severely impact schedule.  It’s just down to some creative juggling as to which scenes are shot.

Check out pictures from various exterior locations here.


  1. Kathryn says:

    Bet they’re missing Louisiana now! LOL!

  2. They should make hay and shoot the big “gathering” at the end. lol It snows that day doesn’t it?

  3. They could film where Nessie and Jacob are playing in the snow and Irina is watching in the distance.

  4. lol i bet they do miss Lousiana and i don’t really know what what they’re going to use this for the movie but i hope it turns out good! 206 days left!!!!!!!

  5. did anyone else notice the 87 purple(I think that’s the color) Volvo parked out front of Jacob’s house… Irony?

  6. charlotte says:

    Actually Louisiana got more of a snow dump this winter than Vancouver did, due to extreme weather. Also, Vancouver usually snows in early January and is warm February. Remember last year during the Olympics (February) when snow actually had to be brought to the venues? That is more typical Vancouver, this is just El Nina in action. Also, the post is incorrect as Hardwicke’s Twilight was NOT filmed in Vancouver but USA. The shoot has only been affected in a minor way, today is warm & the snow is melted almost completely.

  7. I’m a Seattle girl and agree with Charlotte about the snow up here. It snows one day and then is completely gone the next. Sometime you don’t even have to wait the day..sometime just a few hours, degrees, and a little rain can take care of it.

  8. They’ve done the prior two movies here in Vancouver (how tempting to refer to it as Vancity, but I digress) and have had to deal with the weather moodswings, so this should be nothing new to them.

    I can tell ya, they definitely weren’t filming outdoors with yesterday morning’s high wind, but by afternoon it was nice and bright 🙂

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