Forever Twilight in Forks Announces Schedule #forevertwilightinForks

Forever Twilight in Forks (Formerly Stephenie Meyer Day) has just released their schedule for the 2015, 10th anniversary of Twilight event. According to the group's official Facebook Page:   FOREVER TWILIGHT IN FORKS is proud to present the introductory schedule for our Fall 2015 festival … [Read More...]

Olympic Coven to Attend Stephenie Meyer Day

This just in from the organizers of Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks. It looks like the 10th anniversary celebration of Twilight is shaping up to be quite the event.     Post by Forks Stephenie Meyer Day / Bella's Birthday Weekend. … [Read More...]

Volvo Sweepstakes for Twilight Fans to go With #TwilightStories

As a proud partner, Volvo Cars is presenting the winning Twilight Stories filmmaker with the all new VOLVO XC90 HYBRID SUV and launching the Volvo Cars “The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Series Drive to Dream Sweepstakes,” where by voting in the contest, fans can enter to win a new VOLVO … [Read More...]

Directors needed for #TwilightStories

The next stage of the Twilight Stories contest involves directors making their pitch to direct one or more of the winning entries. According to the official Tongal website this is what is needed of the directors, but see their site for full rules/details: PHASE 4: DIRECTOR PITCH – (Open to Female … [Read More...]

#TwilightStories Winners Announced

EW has the details of those who made it to the top five in the Twilight Stories contest.  Details for directors should release later today. … [Read More...]

Announcement of #TwilightStories Finalists Delayed

According to the official Twilight Saga Twitter account the five winning entries that directors will then bid on is postponed. … [Read More...]

Stephenie Meyer Day 2015 Announces Guests and Details

You can find the the Stephenie Meyer Day official website here on the Forks Washington official page. You can also catch up with the group on various social media sites: Facebook Page: Planning … [Read More...]

Update on #TwilightStories

According to Lionsgate: "Yesterday marked the end of phase 2 of The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga project, and we couldn’t be more excited about the 20 screenplays that were submitted from over 1,200 Story submissions! After thorough review from our esteemed panel of judges over … [Read More...]

Vote for Your Favorite #TwilightStories Now

Supposedly (there seems to be a bug in the link at the moment, but we're betting they will solve it shortly) the 40 finalists from the Twilight Stories contest is posted over at Tongal You have to log in either with an email, Facebook, or Twitter to vote, but at the … [Read More...]

The Twilight Saga: Extended Editions Triple Feature Blu-Ray and DVD

Via the official press release from Lionsgate they are releasing extended versions of the first three Twilight movies. Note at this time there is no extended release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 or Part 2 in this package deal. The Breaking Dawn Extended Edition Part 1 came out as a solo item two years … [Read More...]