Stephenie Meyer’s Production Company Announces Cast For Anna Dressed in Blood

Awhile back we announced that Stephenie Meyer’s production company, Fickle Fish Films, had acquired the rights to several book series for film and/or online.
Down a Dark Hall
Anna Dressed in Blood
Not a Drop to Drink
The Rook

Today, Deadline announced that, “Maddie Hasson (Freeform’s Twisted) and Cameron Monaghan (Showtime’s Shameless) have been set to star in Anna Dressed In Blood, the adaptation of Kendare Blake’s YA novel that Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer acquired and developed via her Fickle Fish Films.”

More details are here at Deadline.

Expect to hear something soon regarding Down a Dark Hall. See the below item from author Lois Duncan’s official Facebook page.

The Twilight10 Illustration Project

Here’s a great contest being run by The Novl, the site that hosted Stephenie Meyer’s Q & A.

illustration project

Full Tumblr Q & A Regarding #Twilight10 and Life and Death

Here is a full runlife and deathdown of what Stephenie Meyer asked and answered during her Tumblr Q & A today.

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Stephenie Meyer to Executive Produce New Series With Lionsgate

lionsgateAccording to Deadline, Stephenie Meyer is set to be the executive producer on a HULU-based series. If you remember, Lionsgate bought out Summit Entertainment (the Studio that produced teh Twilight movies) just as the Breaking dawn films began releasing.

Deadline states:

Lionsgate is developing a new, one-hour series with Twilight novelist Stephenie Meyer titled The Rook that will play on Hulu and on an unnamed, leading British broadcaster, it was revealed today during the studio’s morning call with analysts. The move deepens the relationship between the studio and Meyer, whose Twilight series has been one of the most successful franchises the industry has ever seen with five movies that collectively made over $3.3 billion at the worldwide box office for the studio. The Rook is based on the novel by Daniel O’Malley who has a sequel coming out next year with the second in the series called Stiletto.

Stephenie Meyer to do Tumblr Q & A Tuesday Nov 10

Stephenie Meyer will be talking about the 10th anniversary edition of Twilight and Life and Death on Tumblr [Read more…]

What is the Status of Sequels of the Host and Other Stephenie Meyer Novels?

TheHostPBStephenie Meyer talked to Andrew Sims in a great interview on Hypable (which seriously everyone needs to read because it has the the most detailed information on multiple topics fans are dying to know about). Andrew asked Stephenie about the status of sequels to The Host.

The Host came out in the spring of 2008. It was originally intended to have two sequels and to therefore be a trilogy. The other two installments were to be called The Seeker and the Soul respectively.

Here’s what Andrew found out in his interview (read the full interview here)

Q: So other projects. The Host. There’s been talk of a sequel. Is that —

SM: It’s partially written. This is where I’m dealing with the most frustrating writer’s block, where I just know everything that happens. Maybe I need to do it on my recorder and just have someone else type it up. I don’t know.

Now as to other new works, at New York Comic Con, Stephenie mentioned a new project. Well it may be a lot closer than you thought.

Q: And you also revealed recently you’re working on a separate book right now?

SM: I have one that’s in the editing phase. I wrote the book, I have my edit packet. It’s going to kill me. But it’s a — it’s not YA. It’s not fantasy. It’s a thriller set in today’s — it’s as realistic as the Jason Bourne movies are. It’s in that kind of slightly heightened existence.

Q: It’s for adults?

SM: It’s not gonna be — I mean, a lot of people die — but it’s not super hardcore. It’s not like younger fans couldn’t read it.

[Stephenie later revealed she hopes to have this book out next year.]

Midnight Sun isn’t totally scrapped

Andrew Sims from Hypable was one of the few journalists who was able to interview Stephenie Meyer during her Twilight 10th Anniversary Edition book tour. Andrew once ran the Twilight Source website (now defunct) and hosted the Imprint podcast.

Fortunately, for us, Andrew asked Stephenie to clarify the status of Midnight Sun. Last week Stephenie commented at New York Comic Con that the release of Grey had put somewhat of a damper on her writing plans. Andrew got her to expand her answer which you can see below (You really also want to read the entire interview here)

Q: You said last week at New York Comic Con that E.L. James’ Grey put pause on Midnight Sun. So what I’m wondering now is, what is it going to take at this point for the book to be released?

SM: I’m working on it. I didn’t completely shelve it because of that. It was just that — I was telling this story — it feels like it’s cursed. Because every time I start it, something happens and it’s just like, ‘ugh.’ But… my mother is going to kill me if I don’t do it. It’s more true than you know. This is all she wants from me. Every birthday, every Christmas present I get her, [she goes,] “you know what I really want.” This is my life.

Q: So I wanted to ask you about that. What are some other things your mom does to remind you that she really needs it?

SM: It’s just whenever anything comes up. It’s just a topic of conversation. Life and Death, she didn’t understand why I’d do that instead. I think a lot of people don’t. [laughs]

You really want to check out Andrew’s entire interview here on Hypable.

Fickle Fish Films: What’s Coming Next

As we reported over the last few years, Stephenie Meyer’s production company which is called Fickle Fish Films, has already produced one project entirely on their own, the film adaptation of Shannon Hale’s Austenland.

Fickle Fish has also optioned several other novels. They are as follows:

Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan (which Stephenie refers to as the scariest YA book she read growing up)
Lionsgate along with Temple Hill (AKA the folks who originally realized the potential for Twilight)acquired the rights to Down a Dark Hall and Roberto Cortes is attached to direct.


Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
“From the moment I started reading this book, I knew it would be a beautiful story to tell cinematically. It’s scary, romantic, and grips you from start to finish. Audiences are going to fall in love with ‘Anna’.” Stephenie Meyer

anna dressed in bloof

Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinness
“Mindy’s unique voice made for a truly riveting read; this story seamlessly blends gritty and dangerous dystopian realism with the larger themes of life vs. survival that we feel audiences will really respond to.”


As for what will get moving in what order this is what Stephenie had to say in a recent interview:

Q: How about updates on Fickle Fish productions. Any coming down the pipeline first?

SM: I don’t know. It’s like neck and neck right now. Whether Down the Dark Hall or Anna Dressed in Blood is the first off the starting gate, we’ll see. It could be either one.

New Moon Graphic Novel Volume 2 Update

At one of Stephnie Meyer’s recent book signings, a fan asked about the status of the next installment of the New Moon Graphic Novel which has been delayed quite a bit. Here is the low down:


Video: Stephenie Meyer Speaking About Midnight Sun’s Status

We reported earlier that there was a Midnight Sun and Grey connection. Here is video where you can hear it word for word.

Stephenie talking about Midnight Sun and why she stopped working on it again. UGGHHH damn fifty another reason to hate that shit!!!! Alice Nobel

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