Site Update – Chapter Discussion

We appologize for the delay in general updates to the site and promise to add more info very soon.  In the mean time, we do have two chapter discussion updates for you to start your weekend off with.

Chapter 24: Snap Decision was prepared by Sprtygal.  Visit the message boards for the discussion.

Chapter 25: Mirror was prepared by Ilovetwilight.  You can find the discussion questions on the message boards.

Reminder of NYC events on Aug. 1

Just a reminder of what’s happening in New York City on Friday.  First the information for the podcast happening at the Columbus Circle Borders.  The show will be streamed live for all those who can not make it.  See the announcement below. 

Twilight Live’s TalkShoe Channel can be found here

TwilightLive is planning 2 live streaming shows!

Show 1(The Pre-Show) is a test of TalkShoe and the capabilities of the site.  This show will be tomorrow (July 30) night at 10 PM Eastern Time with Kallie, Kassie, Linsay, and Becka.  We’re going to be chatting about NYC and Breaking Dawn.

Show 2 (TwilightLive) is the live show, streaming from Borders Columbus Circle in NYC.  The hosts will be Kallie, Kassie, Becka, Jen, Lisa, and Bailey, as noted in the post above.  This show will start at 11:58 am EST on August 1st.  There may be an 11:30 test show from our location, keep watching the site for updates.

**Anyone who attends the show will be entered to win an Autographed Movie Poster.  The poster is signed by Kristen Stewart (Bella), Rob Pattinson (Edward), Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Edi Gathegi (Laurent), Cam Gigandet (James), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria), as well as director Catherine Hardwick and Stephenie Meyer.

You can see the official press release for the event here.

For those of you going to the Breaking Dawn concert at the Nokia, Borders has quite the treat for you!  They will be providing shuttle buses after the concert so you can safely go from the Nokia Theatre to the Borders store in Penn Plaza where they will be hosting a midnight release party for the book.  Alphie, Pel, and Be My Escape will helping out with the trivia and other fun activities at this event.  The shuttles will run from 8:30 – 10:30 and will be right outside the theatre.  Also, MTV will be filming on these shuttles taking reactions from the fans and capturing the excitement surrounding the release.  So no need to hop on the subway or pay for a taxi!  Once again, we offer great thanks to Borders for offering fans this courtesy! 

New York City Borders Release Party!

Are you going to be in New York City for the Breaking Dawn release?  Would you like to party all night with Alphie and Pel before you spend all day reading Breaking Dawn?  Then Borders at Penn Plaza is the place you want to be!  Alphie and Pel, along with Be My Escape, will be at the Penn Plaza Borders store in New York City for their Breaking Dawn release party.

The activities officially begin at 9:30.  We will be arriving as close to that time as possible.  Our arrival will depend on the timing of Breaking Dawn concert at the Nokia theatre and how soon we can get our book plates signed, grab a cab, and get to Borders.  But once we are there, we are going to have some real fun!  We will be hosting the trivia contest as well as getting all of your opinions and thoughts about the series so far.  There will be costume contests and of course the ever important midnight release of the book!  Join us at Borders for all the excitement from Twilight to Breaking Dawn!  You will not want to miss out on this fantastic evening!  We look forward to meeting you there!

Quote of the Day

The Quote of the Day – 7.20. 08 – Reposted with Permission

Alice: "No one will dare to call you plain when I’m through with you."

Bella: "Only because they’re afraid you’ll suck their blood."

Remember to check out the QotD archive if you’ve missed any of the quotes so far.

Eclipse Chapter Discussion Friday

Once again we present to you two more chapters from Eclipse to read up on and discuss.

Chapter Eighteen: Instruction was prepared for us by LizaCullenAZ.  Visit the message boards for the discussion questions.

Chapter Nineteen: Selfish
was prepared for us by December.  Again, be sure to check out the discussion questions and add your own thoughts.

Chapter Discussion Friday

  It’s Friday and we have another set of chapters to discuss.

First up is Chapter Sixteen: Epoch.  Read over the summary and then head over to the message boards for the discussion.

Then do the same for Chapter Seventeen: Alliance by checking out the summary and participating in the forum discussion.

Chapter Discussion Friday

Its time again for the Twilight Lexicon’s discussion Friday! 

Chapter 14: Declaration prepared by TrueLove1.  Read the summary and remind yourself of the chapter content the head over to the the message boards for the discussion.

Chapter 15: Wager prepared by LisaCullenAZ. Read the summary first then head over to the message boards!

Eclispe Chapter Discussion

It’s the Lexicon’s Discussion Friday!  And once again we have two more chapter discussions up for everyone to participate in. 

Chapter 12: Time – summary and discussion prepared for us by December

Chapter 13: Newborn – summary and discussion prepared for us by Echo 1 and Spooncha