Eclispe Chapter Discussion

It’s the Lexicon’s Discussion Friday!  And once again we have two more chapter discussions up for everyone to participate in. 

Chapter 12: Time – summary and discussion prepared for us by December

Chapter 13: Newborn – summary and discussion prepared for us by Echo 1 and Spooncha


  1. first one to post! LOL

  2. xing wang says

    we really need a place for people to talk about the first chapter of breaking dawn

    Perhaps waiting until the first chapter of the book has been released to the public would be the best course of action. Like say…tomorrow.  ~Admin

  3. Christina says

    third post! yay i was waiting for more chapters

  4. NO WAY!! haha. fourth comment. haha

  5. I’m fifth comment! LOL! fun game!

  6. Fifth post. =/. waiting for chap. 14 discussion

  7. understatement says

    6th post!! yay!!!lol….
    cant wait and thirsty 4 more!!! whoo1!!!!

  8. Aviendha says

    OMG!!!!! It’s Saturday in Australia! It’s 7:44am and very soon I’ll be standing out the front of my bookstore where I’ve ordered the special edition of eclipse! OMG!!!!! I can’t wait to read it and FINALLY be able to talk about it all with you. YAY I’m so excited!!!!!

  9. woooo!!! this has been an awesome day!!! leading to an awesome weekend!!!!

    I had the best food fight today at school!!!! wooooooo!!!! i threw pizza at my friend!!! ahhhh such a great way to end the school year!!!
    And the special edition of eclipse is tomorrow and then the sneak peak of twilight!!!! awesomenesssssss!!!!

  10. Just to give you guys a heads up.
    There’s a new update in Stephenie’s site: The first chapter of Breaking Dawn! Well.. a part of the first chapter anyways.

  11. .Vampire.Girl.92. says

    can’t wait untl the sneak peak @ Twilight on sunday! 😀
    i am uber excited! haha

    p.s…. I

  12. You might be interested in this-
    The Special Edition of Eclipse was in WalMart today.

    I can’t wait to hear what the other Twilight fans have to say!

  13. i just checked the walmart website and it says nothing about it selling breaking dawn right now…so idk!!!

    but i am really excited for 2morrow…i checked out the first page or something like that in the entertainment weekly website, and it was ROCKIN!!!!


  14. Jazzmine says


  15. Cassandra says

    2 hours till the day when SE comes out!!!
    I actually already have mine because Walmart had them all the shelves.
    But no worries. I wont post any spoilers.
    I cant wait to discuss it with everyone though.

  16. Sara( Yeah theres many of us) says

    I did the same exact thing Cassandra,lol! xD Yes I agree I won’t post any spoilers :D…

  17. how many people emailed oprah and ellen on tuesday?
    i did, and so did my dad.
    i hope that every single twi-hard/twilighter/twimaniac out there emailed them, so that we can see our favorite actors/coven on tv!!!

  18. TougherThanThat says

    FYI; you guys spelled “Eclipse” wrong.

  19. OMG 23 days, 13 hours, and 10 minutes until breaking dawn, why isn’t anyone discussing the chapters??

  20. La Tua Cantante says

    OMG 7 days 14 hours for the release fo breakign dawn.But it kinda sucks that i live in the caribbean (trinidad)and it is not being released down here till 4th August,we have to wait in anguish for an extra day! oh well….i know it will be worth the wait! but if bella and edward do not end up together i swear i will punch the poor unfirtunate soul standing close to me in the nose…mark my words ..oh and seriously i have made an official announcement that no one is to bother me try to say my name while i am reading

  21. Gah I can’t find any Twilight shirts at the Hot Topic near me :[

  22. Kendra Cole says

    does anyone know, in eclipse, when jasper is telling his story, he mentions that he is ‘rewarded’ and it makes him ‘stronger’. what kind of reward is this?

  23. hoover815 says

    Kendra —
    I assume he was rewarded with more “feedings,” which would make him stronger.

    QUESTION: How did the Denali clan know that Laurent had been killed by the werewolf pack? He was traveling solo, right? He mentions going back to report to Victoria, so we know she wasn’t with him. Clearly Irina was not with him, or he wouldn’t have been hunting humans. It’s a pivital fact in both E and BD, so I’m surprised I can’t find the answer. Unless it’s so obvious that I’m just overlooking it!


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