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We appologize for the delay in general updates to the site and promise to add more info very soon.  In the mean time, we do have two chapter discussion updates for you to start your weekend off with.

Chapter 24: Snap Decision was prepared by Sprtygal.  Visit the message boards for the discussion.

Chapter 25: Mirror was prepared by Ilovetwilight.  You can find the discussion questions on the message boards.


  1. Thanks lexi! No probs about the delay in info, we still love you lol.

    But lately Ive posted something and my message never appears, is something wrong on my side or is my message getting stuck like Ive heard other peeps has?

    Thanks xo

  2. Thanx for posting these chapter updates.Ive been dying for these to go up!!yay

  3. thank you!! and don’t worry about the updates. we still love you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. THANK YOU! I was working on trivia for a BD release event and using the chapter discussions to jog my memory… And got stuck. Fortunately I had all the books on my MP3 player so I could listen to the last few chapters!

  5. I may sound retarded but I have one question:what ARE chapter updates?
    I’ve never participated in any discussion.

  6. can some1 help me ??
    whats “twilight”
    and whos “Stephenie meyer”??

  7. “twilight” is THE BEST BOOK ever written!!
    search her (and the books) and u will have a revilation

  8. u have 2 read them .. there r 4
    twilight, mew moon, eclipces, and breaking dawn

  9. 2nd Bella Cullen says

    hey guys, this is for “clueless”

    how do u not no wat twilight is???????

    it is the best book ever!!!!

    READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and STephanie Meyer is the author. she is really kool!!!!

    So dont forget to read the book if u havent!

  10. 2nd Bella Cullen says

    And ya i forgot to rite wat i was donig to.

    U dont really need to worry bout the update delay because u guys roc

    Lexicon is the best!!!!!!!!!

  11. edwardoholic11 says

    “clueless” I have to agree with the others!!! Twilight i the besy book ever and you have to read it asap!!!!

  12. yes, “clueless,” please, PLEASE go read twilight! its no normal book, let me tell ya. it changed my life. literally. like seriously, i did not like reading before this book.

    bottom line: read it, or else you will never have a complete life. trust me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Frerard Addict says

    It’s pretty sad how everyone has been delaying on everything on the internet. Everyone has school, work, etc. But it’s totally understandable, and you guys know we still have love for the lex! n_n


    ๐Ÿ˜€ new photo!!!!!!!

    Im kinda dying at the moment, from the hotness.


  15. OH


    Rob won best actor at film festival, for his performance as Art in How To Be, Rob has won the best actor award at the Strasbourg International Film Festival in France.

    Well done Rob :]]]]

  16. Thanks for the links, Maddy!I love the picture.

  17. i love edward cullen says



    Oh, and we still love you lexicon!

    Maddy, I LOVE the picture!

  18. runswithvampires says

    seriously cluless?

    its not possible 2 live
    w/out reading twilight.

  19. so, clueless, how did you happen to stumble upon a twilight fan website without knowing a thing about twilight?
    and i think it IS impossible to never have heard of it before

  20. Okay, a very random question, i know, but i wanted to know what steph’s myspace address?

  21. OH… MY… GOD..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i read it last night (i read fast)
    i LOVE it
    oh.. and 2 “pollie”… my friend told me 2 go here and ask around
    her screename is edward1_0_1
    she told me this morning.. you could have told me earlier ed!

  22. hehe!!
    i thought it was funny
    O btw.. do u have new moon
    if not call later and ill meet u some where so u can borrow it

  23. That’s great for you ,clueless!

  24. Does Edward throw the “crystal” from Bella’s bracelet at Victoria? If so, why doesn’t Edward or Bella try to find it once the fight is over? I thought that maybe at the end of the book, when Bella decided to have a formal wedding, Edward would have presented it to her again.

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