Chapter Discussion Friday

Its time again for the Twilight Lexicon’s discussion Friday! 

Chapter 14: Declaration prepared by TrueLove1.  Read the summary and remind yourself of the chapter content the head over to the the message boards for the discussion.

Chapter 15: Wager prepared by LisaCullenAZ. Read the summary first then head over to the message boards!


  1. tusmørke says


  2. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says

    twilighters- we have until july to vote!!!
    we need to dominate!!!!!
    go to potrait magazine and vote for
    the twilight cast!!!

    please take the minute you took to watch the trailer to vote!

  3. MeyaRose says

    I wish you went a little farther on the “Hate is a passionate emotion” quote, because I love when Bella says “Murder, the ultimate crime of passion!”

  4. i have been on the lexicon boards so much today!!
    curse you and your AMAZINGNESS lexicon!

  5. Hey guys, I know you are excited about the Portraits Magazine poll. However spamming the front page with messages does nothing but force our hand to unapprove your comments. We havn’t linked to the site (and neither have many other sites) because they have a tendancy to have inappropriate pop up ads. We can not support that type of publication. Now, if you wouldn’t mind, please stop spamming the front page with off topic comments. ~Cocoa

  6. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says

    but it’s the only way to get people to listen! 🙁
    cocoa you guys don’t have to post the link just something saying to vote for the cast…im sure that would help a lot since this is the #1 twilight fan site
    ~but ok, i will stop posting comments like this one.

  7. to lexicon

    ReelzChannel – Twilight vs Harry Potter


    love from sana x

  8. yippee

  9. Harryfan says

    Slow news day, eh?

  10. Twilighter Fanpire says

    I love when Edward threatens to break Jacob’s jaw!! 😀 Today’s kinda a boring day…

  11. haahaaa yea… this is when i really started to despise jacob…

  12. Im going to have my first chapter discussion!

  13. icky vicky says

    SWEETNESS!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 ;D ;D ;D

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