Big Update!

Now that real life has settled down a bit for the admins, we are able to get some much needed updating done! 

We’ve finished up posting the chapter discussions for Twilight and will move on to the New Moon section sometime later this week.  You can read Epilogue: An Occasion now and then log into the boards to reply to the Q&A. 

In regards to this, I found out I had yet to post a bio for Ben Cheney and that most of the information I have for him comes from unpublished sources.  I have an e-mail out to Stephenie for information about Ben and will update his information as soon as I have it. 

Imogen sent in the physiology description for the Werewolf Mythology section.  She had to ask Stephenie a few questions in order to do this and thus we have added PC#11 to go with the in coming e-mails of little bits of information I’m sure we will have. 

Finally, I got word from Stephenie that the August 7th release date for Eclipse is the real deal, and that all book stores should have the book on that day and not before.  This is a big deal, folks.  Books normally don’t get a one day lay down, as many of you know from the New Moon release.  So we will not have any Eclipse discussion at the Lexicon until August 7th excluding the speculation that will come with chapter one once it is released.




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