Personal Correspondence #11

As we update the Lexicon, we find out that there are still little bits and pieces we don’t understand or know about.  This section of the PCs will be used for all the little questions we have to ask along the way and will be updated frequently.

Q.  Why are the wolves so warm? 

A.  The high temperature is one of their unique features.  It has nothing to do with the temperature of real wolves (who I assume run on a normal mammalian temp). 
Q.   Jacob mentions the pain of the transformation.  How painful is it? 

 A.  Jacob is not talking about physical pain.  The transformation into the wolf form is not a painful process, only disorienting and mentally uncomfortable.  (The only comparison I could think of was my lasik surgery, ha ha.  It didn’t hurt at all, but it still freaked me out.  I passed out twice under the laser.)  The pain he’s talking about here stems from his rather rude awakening to his surprising heritage–guess what?  You’re a monster!–coupled with the fact that he can’t see Bella for fear of hurting her and the knowledge that Bella is knowingly in love with an evil vampire.
Q.  How aware are the wolves of their human side when transformed?  Do they think rationally and logically the same way we do? 

A.  The wolves entirely retain their human minds while in their wolf forms.  They are still themselves—not at all the feral, mindless werewolves of other mythologies.  The danger of being around werewolves (in my mythology) does not stem from the idea that they would attack someone because they can’t control themselves in their wolf forms.  It comes from the fact that they can’t control that transformation.  In the beginning, they pretty much explode into their wolf forms whenever they lose their tempers.  It’s a very…I’m not sure of the right word…expansive (?) change.  They blow out into a body many times larger in mass than their other form, with claws and teeth blowing out in the same expansion.  Standing close to someone during this process, you could either get raked like Emily, or possibly crushed.  For example, when Bella was with Jacob in the Rabbit in his garage–if their conversation had caused him to lose his temper and phase, she would have been smashed into the metal frame of the car, and probably have died.

Q: Can you tell me anything more about Ben Cheney as well as someone named Conner, Samantha, and Lee Stephens.  Lee is the kid Mike carries into the Nurses office, right?  Anything else you have time to give me about these other random people would be nice!

A: Ben Cheney is of Asian descent, with black hair and dark brown eyes.  He is 5’7" and wears glasses.  He loves graphic novels, action movies with good special effects, and Angela. Even though Angela lives close enough to walk to school, Ben picks her up after they start dating seriously. He drives a dodge neon.

I don’t really have specific ideas of the others.  They aren’t important people in my little world.  Imagine them how you will.