Full Name: Aro

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: Around 1300 BC (OIL)

Originally from: Greece (OIL)

Hair color:  “Long, jet black hair” (NM21)

Eye color: Vampire burgundy but “clouded, milky” (NM21)

Height: 5’10” (OIL)

Physical description: Perfect facial features with skin that is “translucently white, like onionskin [and] looked just as delicate” and appears to be floating when he moves (NM21)

Special Talents: Potent mind-reading gift (SMW) — “hears every thought that your mind has ever had” via physical contact (NM21)

Occupation: One of the three leaders of the Volturi – often acts as the spokes person

Family members: Volturi Coven with Sulpicia, Caius, Athenodora, and Marcus – Sulpicia is his mate, and Didyme was his biological sister (BD Vampire Index/SMW)

Personal history: The Volturi are Aro, Caius, Marcus, and two females [Sulpicia and Athenodora] who never go out.  (PC1)  Aro is freakishly curious.  He keeps the histories, and new stories are one of his favorite things. (PC10)  Aro always wants power.  (SMW)  He can honestly love someone and still kill them if it gets in his way.  Aro is very controlling.  He is the pinnacle and has all the power so he calls the shots.  (From Stephenie Meyer Fan Junket The Villainous Volturi on

Born in Greece in the 1300’s, Aro has always been ambitious and power hungry. He was transformed in his mid-twenties and formed a coven with Marcus and Caius by the 1400’s. Even though they agreed to rule jointly, Aro took over much of the decision making based on his ability to read minds. He was the last of the coven members to form a romantic attachment, opting to find a human and turn her rather than mate with an already existing vampire. He found what he was looking for in an young orphan named Sulpicia, who remains devoted to Aro to this day. (OIL)

Hoping that his sister would have a special talent, Aro changed Didyme to a vampire.  However, her talent wass not what he had hoped for.  Marcus, Aro’s most trusted partner, and Didyme fell in love.  Marcus was so happy that he was no longer interested in “Aro’s plans for domination.”  After a few centuries, Marcus and Didyme considered leaving the Volturi.  Aro pretended to be happy and gave his blessing.  However, he did not want to lose Marcus’ talent.  When he knew that he could not be discovered, Aro murdered his sister.  Marcus did not find out that Aro was responsible for Didyme’s death (SMW) since it happened in battle (PC10).  Aro used Chelsea’s talent to keep Marcus loyal even though he had no interest in his quest for power.  (SMW) Because the loss of Didyme left Marcus nearly debilitated, Aro has taken supreme precaution with his own wife and with Caius’ wife to insure their safety, lest one of the wives die and leave Aro and Caius in a similar state. (OIL)

The guard is not technically the Volturi, though the name loosely applies.  (PC10)  The Volturi choose members of their guard for their special talents.  They rarely leave their city unless duty calls.  “Over the millennia, they have assumed the position of enforcing [the] rules” — keep the existence of vampires secret.  Volterra has been their city “since the time of the Etruscans.”  Since the Volturi do not allow hunting, they bring their food in.  (NM19)  Edward describes them as a “very old, very powerful family of [vampires]…the closest thing…to a royal family.”  (NM1)  Aro, Caius, and Marcus are also known as the “nighttime patrons of the arts.”  Solimena “often painted them as gods.”  (TW16)  Aro, Caius, and Marcus think of themselves as brothers.  (NM21)

Carlisle met Aro, Caius, and Marcus while studying in Italy.  He admired “their civility, their refinement.”  However, they try to cure Carlisle of his “vegetarian” ways, and he tries to persuade them to give up their “natural food source” with no luck.  Aro even went so far as to have a profusely bleeding body delivered to Carlisle just to see what Carlisle would do.  (OIL)  Carlisle left after a few decades.  (TW16)

Alice and Bella raced to Volterra to save Edward when he wanted to die because he thought Bella was dead.  The Volturi are very protective of their city and would stop Edward if he were to “upset the peace.”  Alice warned Bella that they might not survive.  (NM18)  She saw that the Volturi decided not to destroy Edward and asked him to join them because of this talent.  Aro thought it was “wasteful” to destroy Edward.  (NM19)

Aro was wearing a long, black robe when Bella saw him in the turret room.  He was pleased that Jane brought back Edward and was ecstatic to see Bella and Alice, too.  He was curious about the story behind Edward and Bella’s “happy ending.”  Aro asked Felix to bring Caius and Marcus.  Aro was envious of Edward’s ability to read thoughts from a distance.  When Marcus arrived, he touched Aro’s palm briefly to tell him his thoughts.  Aro was amazed that Marcus was surprised by the intensity of Edward, Bella, and Alice’s relationship.  He couldn’t believe how Edward can resist the call of Bella’s blood.  Aro said that Edward reminds him of Carlisle and was pleased that he has succeeded with the “unorthodox path he’s chosen.”  When Aro found out that Bella was immune to his talent, he asked Jane to try her talent on her, too.  Edward lunged towards Jane to protect Bella.  Even though no one touched him, Edward was on the ground in agony as Jane smiled at him.  When Aro called to Jane, she looked away, and Edward relaxed.  Aro then motioned to Bella, and Jane smiled at her with no reaction.  Jane was so frustrated that she prepared to spring, but Aro calmed her down.  Aro told Edward that he was brave to endure Jane’s torture in silence.  He understood since he was curious and asked Jane to test her talent on him.  In turn, Aro asked Edward then Alice if they would join the Volturi.  Both politely refused.  When Aro asked Bella, Caius questioned him.  He explained that Bella has a lot of potential when she becomes a vampire.  Bella also refused Aro’s offer.  After Caius claimed that Bella needs to be destroyed, Aro intervened.  He told Edward that they would be allowed to leave if they intend to change Bella into a vampire.  Alice steped forward so Aro can touch her hand and read her thoughts.  Alice’s vision of Bella’s future convinced Aro.  He was amazed with Alice’s talent.  When Caius complained, Aro told him that there is hope that Edward, Bella, or Alice will join them in the future.  Aro took Felix’s cloak and gave it to Edward so they could safely leave.  (NM21)

Edward tolds the Cullens and Bella that Aro wants him and Alice – the power of the present and future.   He also told them that Aro is jealous of Carlisle since he has the things that he wants and wouldn’t mind “rooting out the competition.”  (EC13)

Because of Alice’s talent, Aro deviated from the pattern and let Jane make the decisions [about how to deal with the newborns in Seattle].  ( The Villainous Volturi)  Jane passed on Aro’s regards to Carlisle when she arrived after the fight with the newborn army.  (EC25)

Aro studied the immortal children to see if they could be tamed.  He came to the same conclusion as Caius and agreed that they could not exist.  The Denali sisters did not know their mother [Sasha] created an immortal child until they saw him burning in their mother’s arms.  Because Aro knew the sisters were innocent, the Volturi pardoned them.  (BD2)

Alice sees a vision that Caius sends a hunting party that includes Jane and Alec to see if Bella is human.  She sends a wedding announcement to delay them.  In response, Aro sends an ornate box with a diamond necklace inside along with a note that said he was looking forward to seeing Bella.  Bella believes Aro is a collector and his prized possessions are his “living pieces” since they are extraordinarily talented and rare.  She is worried about what would happen if Aro saw Renesmee.  (BD27)

Alice has a vision that all the Volturi are coming –- Aro, Caius, Marcus, the guard, and the wives.  She says that the decision was made but they are waiting for Irina.  Aro will see the proof in Irina’s thoughts that Renesmee is an immortal child.  Edward says that they will “come to destroy, not to be reasoned with.”  (BD28)

Eleazar is able to tell Aro if any vampires had special talents that could give the Volturi trouble in battle or could be useful to them.  Aro would have Eleazar test humans that wanted to join the Volturi to see if they had potential talents.  (BD30)

Renata is Aro’s personal bodyguard.  However, she will also protect Caius and Marcus when needed.  Aro sent Eleazar all over the world to find rare talents.  Edward says that Aro wants Alice and her talent.  (BD31)

The Volturi arrive at the clearing “with pageantry.”  They are in a “rigid, formal formation” that seemed to flow in “perfect synchronicity” – “it was the pace of the invincible.”  The entire guard, the wives, and their witnesses are also present.  Edward confirms that Alistair’s theories were right about Aro and Caius’ goal to “destroy and acquire” and tells the others that they have “many layers of strategy” in place.  After the Volturi stop, Aro and Caius touch hands as they evaluate the scene.  Marcus is touching Aro’s other hand but does not seem to be part of the conversation.  Aro searches and is disappointed when he does not see Alice.  Carlisle greets Aro who steps out of formation with Renata following close by.  Aro accuses Carlisle of assembling an army to kill them.  Carlisle encourages Aro to touch his hand to know that “no one has broken the law.”  Caius joins Aro in accusing Carlisle of creating his own rules.  Caius questions Irina about Renesmee, and Irina says that she has grown.  Aro intervenes and takes Irina’s hand.  He admits that there is a mystery, and Carlisle again offers to explain.  However, Aro wants to “have the evidence directly from” Edward.  He is “delighted” with Edward’s attitude.  Aro takes Edward’s hand and learns about everything over the past month.  He asks to meet Renesmee.  When Caius asks what is going on, Aro tells him “the justice we intended to deliver no longer applies.”  Edward suggests that Aro bring a few others to make the guard more comfortable.  Aro has Felix and Demetri accompany him along with Renata.  Aro compliments Bella on her immortality and sees that she is wearing the necklace that he gave her.  Bella thanks him for his generosity.  Aro greets Renesmee and tells Caius that she is “half mortal, half immortal.”  Renesmee touches Aro to give her explanation then asks “please.”  Aro tells her that he will not harm her loved ones.  Maggie hisses at Aro’s lie.  Aro thinks about having the wolves as guard dogs, but Edward tells him that it would never work since the wolves protect human life.  When the wolves snarl, Aro says that it is clear which side they have picked.  (BD36)

Aro then waves the guard forward.  Caius starts to argue with Aro immediately.  Aro responds calmly that it is true and mentions Carlisle’s witnesses.  This prompts Caius to look at the Volturi witnesses who are confused about the situation.  Then Caius asks about the wolves and the alliance with the Cullens.  Edward responds that they are shape-shifters and not the “Children of the Moon.”  As if embarrassed, Aro tells Caius that he would have warned him about this if he shared his thoughts with him.  Caius continues to press that the wolves know about vampires, but Aro quickly tells them that they are also a part of the supernatural world and have their secret to keep.  He encourages Caius to move on.  It appears that maintaining their pristine reputation is more important to Aro than Caius.  Caius then questions Irina.  Based on her response, Caius signals the Volturi guard to destroy Irina for her false accusation.  Carlisle and Garrett are able to stop Tanya and Kate in time.  The guard prepares to fight while their witnesses become suspicious.  Aro’s need for an audience is backfiring.  To be thorough, Aro decides to question some of Carlisle’s witnesses.  He talks with Amun who gives his witness and then asks if Renesmee “should be allowed to live.”  Amun says that he does not see any danger and requests to leave.  Aro agrees but with a veiled threat to see him soon.  He then moves on to Siobhan.  She believes that Renesmee blends well with other humans and will not expose the vampire world.  However, Aro responds that Renesmee is still a danger since “only the known is safe…the unknown is a vulnerability.”  He compliments Garrett for his impassioned speech about how the Volturi are determined to destroy the Cullens and Denali clan.  Aro then asks some of their witnesses what they think.  Makenna and Charles agree with Garrett that the Cullens are innocent.  Aro rallies the support of the guard and then goes to counsel with Caius and Marcus.  They join hands “to form a black-shrouded triangle.”  (BD37)

Chelsea tries to break the ties between the Cullens and their witnesses, and Jane tries to attack, but Bella’s shield is protecting them.  Edward tells Tanya that it is normal procedure for the Volturi to incapacitate those on trial so they can’t escape.  Aro, Caius, and Marcus break formation in time to see Alec’s “strange clear haze” hit Bella’s shield.  Aro then offers Edward, Bella, Benjamin, Zafrina, and Kate a chance to join them, but there is no response.  Before Aro can cast the deciding vote, Edward clarifies the issue -– there would be no need to counsel if it can be certain that Renesmee could keep the existence of vampires secret as she grows.  Aro agrees if they could be “absolutely sure.”  Edward calls to Alice to bring her witnesses.  After Huilen tells her story, Aro asks Nahuel questions about when he reached maturity, what he eats, and about creating an immortal.  He is surprised to hear that Nahuel’s sisters are also half-vampires.  Nahuel tells the story about his father Joham creating a “new super-race.”  Aro stares at Bella then announces that he sees no threat from these “half-vampire children.”  When Caius and Aro consider talking with Joham, Nahuel asks them to leave his sisters alone since they are innocent.  Aro turns to the Volturi guard and tells them that they will not fight today.  The guard resumes their formation and departs along with the wives and their witnesses.  Aro tells Carlisle that he is glad that there was a peaceful solution and hopes that he will forgive him in time.  Carlisle replies if he can prove to be a friend again in time.  Aro bows his head in remorse then disappears.  (BD38)

Edward says that Alice gave Aro the excuse to avoid a fight since he was terrified of Bella’s shield.  Aro knew that there was a possibility that the Volturi could lose.  (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: Michael Sheen

Prepared by: Anny