Full Name: Heidi

Status:  Vampire

Date of Birth: Before 1550

Date of Transformation: Before 1550

Originally from:  Germany

Hair color: “Long mahogany hair [that is] lustrous” (NM21)

Eye color:  “Strangest shade of violet” from blue tinted contacts over vampire burgundy eyes (NM21)

Height: Statuesque (NM21) 5’10” (OIL)

Physical description: “Gorgeous, statuesque” and “exceptional, unforgettable” beauty (NM21)

Special Abilities: Overwhelmingly physically attractive and nearly impossible to resist especially if she is trying to attract you. (OIL)


Family members: Member of the Volturi Guard.  Once belonged to the same coven as Victoria.

Source of Change: Hilda

Personal history:  Hilda, the vampire who changed Heidi had a rather large coven which included Victoria.  She was accused of drawing too much attention to herself and nearly all of her coven was destroyed.  Heidi was thought to be penitent and was sparred.  (OIL)

Volterra has been their city “since the time of the Etruscans,” and the Volturi are very protective of it.  Since they do not allow hunting, they bring their food in.  (NM19)

After a large group of people pass in the hallway before entering the turret room, Demetri greets Heidi who is dressed to emphasize her beauty.  She is wearing the shortest of miniskirts that exposes her long legs darkened with tights.  Her red vinyl top is high necked, long sleeved, and close fitting.  Heidi responds to Demetri and looks at Edward and Bella.  Demetri then compliments her “nice fishing.”  Bella realizes that Heidi is the bait in her sexy outfit as well as the fisherman for the Volturi.  Heidi thanks Demetri, and he asks her to save a few for him.  (NM21)

Portrayed in the films by:  Noot Seer 

Prepared by: Anny