Full Name: Marcus

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: Around 1300 B.C. (OIL)

Originally from: Greece

Hair color: Long “flowing black hair” (NM21)

Eye color: Vampire burgundy but “clouded, milky” (NM21)

Height: 6’0″

Physical description: Perfect facial features with skin that is “translucently white, like onionskin [and] looked just as delicate” and appears to be floating when he moves (NM21)

Special Talents: Can see relationships (NM21) (PC10)


Family members: Volturi Coven with Aro, Sulpicia, Caius, and Athenodora – Didyme was his mate (BD Vampire Index)

Personal history: The Volturi are Aro, Caius, Marcus, and two females [Sulpicia and Athenodora] who never go out.  (PC1)  Marcus sees the ties between people.  He can see how to destroy resistance with an enemy, help in a diplomatic situation, and determine the depth of love, loyalty, or devotion of a relationship.  His talent is quite valuable in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.  (PC10) He is physically the youngest of the Volturi, having been changed before he was even twenty years old.  He lived as a nomad for several years but joined with Aro when the two meet.  (OIL)

Hoping that his sister would have a special talent, Aro changes Didyme to a vampire.  Marcus, Aro’s most trusted partner, and Didyme fall in love and are “tremendously happy.”  Marcus is so happy that he is no longer interested in “Aro’s plans for domination.”  After a few centuries, Marcus and Didyme consider leaving the Volturi.  Aro pretends to be happy and gives his blessing.  However, he does not want to lose Marcus’ talent.  When he knows that he cannot be discovered, Aro murders his sister.  Marcus becomes an “empty man” with Didyme’s death.  Aro uses Chelsea’s talent to keep Marcus loyal even though he has no interest in his quest for power.  Marcus does not find out that Aro is responsible for Didyme’s death (SMW) since it happened in battle (PC10).

The guard is not technically the Volturi though the name loosely applies.  (PC10)  The Volturi choose members of their guard for their special talents.  They rarely leave their city unless duty calls.  “Over the millennia, they have assumed the position of enforcing [the] rules” — keep the existence of vampires secret.  Volterra has been their city “since the time of the Etruscans.”  Since the Volturi do not allow hunting, they bring their food in.  (NM19)  Edward describes the Volturi as a “very old, very powerful family of [vampires]…the closest thing…to a royal family.”  (NM1)  Aro, Caius, and Marcus are also known as the “nighttime patrons of the arts.”  Solimena “often painted them as gods.”  (TW16)  Aro, Caius, and Marcus think of themselves as brothers.  (NM21)

Carlisle meets Aro, Caius, and Marcus while studying in Italy.  He admires “their civility, their refinement.”  However, they try to cure Carlisle of his “vegetarian” ways, and he tries to persuade them to give up their “natural food source” with no luck.  Carlisle leaves after a few decades.  (TW16)

Alice and Bella race to Volterra to save Edward when he wants to die because he thinks Bella is dead.  The Volturi are very protective of their city and would stop Edward if he were to “upset the peace.”  Alice warns Bella that they may not survive.  (NM18)  She sees that the Volturi decide not to destroy Edward and will ask him to join them because of this talent.  (NM19)

Alice tells Bella the story behind “Saint Marcus Day.”  According to legend, Father Marcus, a Christian missionary, drove out all the vampires from Volterra 1500 years ago and was “martyred in Romania still trying to drive away the vampire scourge.”  However, Marcus never left since he is part of the Volturi.  (NM19)

After Edward, Bella, and Alice enter the turret room, Aro asks Felix to bring Caius and Marcus who arrive in long black robes.  Marcus appears “utterly bored” as if he has been around Aro’s enthusiasm for too long.  He touches Aro’s palm briefly to tell him his thoughts.  Marcus is surprised by the intensity of Edward, Bella, and Alice’s relationship.  He joins Caius who is seated in one of the wooden thrones.  Aro lets Edward, Alice, or Bella go in hope that they will join the Volturi in the future.  (NM21)

Alice has a vision that all the Volturi are coming –- Aro, Caius, Marcus, the guard, and the wives.  She says that the decision was made but they are waiting for Irina.  Aro will see that Renesmee is an immortal child through Irina’s thoughts.  Edward says that they will “come to destroy, not to be reasoned with.” (BD28)

The Volturi arrive at the clearing “with pageantry.”  They are in a “rigid, formal formation” that seemed to flow in “perfect synchronicity” — “it was the pace of the invincible.”  The entire guard, the wives, and their witnesses are also present.  After the Volturi stop, Aro and Caius touch hands as they evaluate the scene.  Marcus is touching Aro’s other hand but does not seem to be part of the conversation.  Edward says that Marcus is assessing the strength of their ties and if there are any weak points.  (BD36)


Aro rallies the support of the guard and then goes to counsel with Caius and Marcus.  They join hands “to form a black-shrouded triangle.”  (BD37)  Chelsea tries to break the ties between the Cullens and their witnesses, and Jane tries to attack, but Bella’s shield is protecting them.  Edward tells Tanya that it is normal procedure for the Volturi to incapacitate those on trial so they can’t escape.  Aro, Caius, and Marcus break formation in time to see Alec’s “strange clear haze” hit Bella’s shield.  Marcus does not see any danger with Renesmee and votes to leave in peace.  With the arrival of Alice and her witnesses, Aro casts the deciding vote and announces that he sees no threat from the “half-vampire children.”  He turns to the Volturi guard and tells them that they will not fight today.  The guard resumes their formation and departs along with the wives and their witnesses.  (BD38)

Portrayed in the films by: Christopher Heyerdahl

Prepared by: Anny